1 April marks the 10th anniversary of Seemorerocks

1 April marks the 10th anniversary of Seemorerocks


April 1 marks the 10th anniversary of this blog. With a few gaps I have been at this 24/7 throughout that period, even on Christmas and New Year.

See my very first post here, from 1 April, 2011:

Reflections on Peak Oil, climate change and resource depletion

I have been hard at work going through the material I have brought over from my old blog. 

It was taking up so much space that I had to do a purge to make more space available; a long and arduous task. 

I decided to remove any material that was “news”, that usually related to politics and geopolitics and to leave important articles and interviews and material that relates to an existential question of the decline of human civilisation.

I may take this policy into the future and devote more time to the themes that matter most – if I was to continue to cover those things that the mainstream media won’t cover that would be almost everything and I would be at this 24/7, something I have no energy.

I am no longer trying to convince anyone of anything as I was 10 years ago when I started this blog.

To that end I think I will slightly change my modus operandi and do news digests and leave the analysis to others like TruNews so I can devote more time to the most pressing issue, the covid pLandemic and mass vaccination – which is likely to be with us for some time – as well as abrupt climate change and the destruction of the Living Planet,  and other existential threats that face us

I am also devoting more time to make it easier for people to find things – through categories, meta tags and a search function that seems to work very well. 

This is all a work-in-progress, so the changes will be gradual.

P.S. It’s interesting, upon looking at the visitor stats that people are in capable of pressing on a link to another site and may have gone elsewhere. No skin off my nose. I have always said that I would speak to those who care to listen. I’m not here for fame or notoriety. I continue to do what I have always done.

These are End Times, and few care to see it.

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