14 Israelis have caught COVID-19 despite receiving booster shot

14 Israelis have caught COVID-19 despite receiving booster shot

From Mike Yeadon

Is this the start of something important? Report: 14 Israelis have caught COVID-19 despite receiving booster shot

The Times of Israel

This is the first clinical report I’ve heard of relating to actual boosters.

I knew they were coming but to be truthful I had not understood that any regulatory body had yet authorised their use.

Have you previously written about what the regulatory path had been or is to be in Europe & USA for boosters?

I recall last year seeing (if I recall correctly) a memo or declaration from FDA, EMA & the Japanese medical agencies that “because the boosters are judged to be so similar to the original products that they would not require clinical safety studies prior to authorisation”.

I recall at the time being horrified by this, for two reasons:

1. The original products at the time were not shown to be safe & effective, so it was an irrational & wholly unreasonable approach to take, and

2. I fear it might make it possible almost to smuggle into a billion arms materials insufficiently disclosed, let alone formally evaluated.

I would like to ask you to consider digging into this matter.

You’ll probably be aware of my fears for the intent of boosters, especially a schedule of boosters?

I worry they might be used to bring about the deaths of an enormous number of people, by including in the gene sequences, some property leading to illnesses that look like that which they’re notionally intended to prevent. 

It takes just a media storm of fearful stories about “breakthrough variants” to provide both the expectations of more deaths & plausible deniability should that come to pass.

Obviously I do very much hope to be way wrong on this, but know this: no one has published data showing that immunity gained by the first generation ‘vaccines’ has waned such that a booster can be justified. 

Even if such a claim is manufactured from admissions & deaths data in the vaccinated, that alone does not provide the required mechanistic rationale for a specific booster.

In other words, I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that it’s understood there’s a problem that these boosters are reasonably expected to fix.

It’s furthermore not normal clinical immunology that immunity against a relatively stable respiratory virus like SARS-COV-2, which has undergone “antigenic drift” only to the extent of 0.5% in 18mo that there’d be a need for boosters at all. This is NOT like influenza, where recombination gives rise to “antigenic shift” over short periods of time, giving rise to the familiar practise of new flu vaccines annually.

If you should unearth information, I’d be happy to work with you to evaluate it.

Best wishes,


Report: 14 Israelis have caught COVID-19 despite receiving booster shot

Internal Health Ministry data shows that 14 Israelis have been infected with COVID-19 a week after receiving a booster shot, Channel 12 news reports.

The network says 11 of those infected are over the age of 60 — two of whom have now been hospitalized — while the other three got their third dose because they are immunocompromised.

If confirmed in larger samples, the figures could cast doubt on the effectiveness of the booster shot, which Israel has started administering before major health bodies around the world have approved it.

Looking back to the end of May

Israel to end COVID-19 restrictions after vaccine success

JERUSALEM, May 23 (Reuters) – Israel will end local COVID-19 restrictions following a successful vaccine rollout that has nearly stamped out new infections, the country’s Health Ministry said on Sunday.

With the majority of the population having received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and about 92% of those 50 and older inoculated or recovered, Israel has been gradually reopening its economy after three lockdowns.

The country reported just 12 new virus cases on Saturday, down from a daily peak of more than 10,000 in January.

Curbs on higher-risk activities and limits on how many people can gather in a specific area remain, with a government-issued “Green Pass” that indicates immunity post-vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 allowing greater freedom.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Sunday that he will not be extending the arrangement, meaning the restrictions and the Green Pass system will be revoked from the start of June.

“The economy and the citizens of Israel will get extra room to breathe,” he said, but also warned that they could be reimposed should the situation take a turn.

Israel will still keep its borders closed to most incoming travel, though it has started to let in small groups of vaccinated tourists. The Health Ministry will also reexamine the requirement to wear face masks in closed spaces.

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