20 Russian fighters against a British destroyer

20 Russian fighters against a British destroyer

“Go, we will sink you”: 20 Russian fighters against a British destroyer – Video from the war episode in the Mediterranean

Broadcast by British correspondent from the destroyer – Russia-NATO episode and in BALTOPS 2021 

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

Not one or two but 20 (!) Su-24 and Su-30 fighters took off in Moscow against the British HMS Defender Type 45 destroyer, according to a BBC reporter on board, recording the dramatic moments.

“Go away, we will sink you”

The video of the broadcast of the British journalist Jonathan Beale sounds warning shots with the Russian fighters launching virtual attacks against the destroyer while the Russians threatened to sink the HMS Defender

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The British journalist reveals that more than 20 fighter jets and two patrol boats took part in the Russian attack. According to WarNews, there was at least one submarine and several FSB Raptors in the area.

In fact, the Russian Raptor patrol boats carrying armed men of the FSB approached the British destroyer under 100 m (328ft).

It seems, however, that the British provocation against Russia was planned. The destroyer sailed from Odessa to southern Ukraine to head for Georgia. Thus, it passed through the territorial waters of the Crimea, which, however, Britain does not recognize as Russian territory.




What the British correspondent Jonathan Beale broadcasts on the BBC

“I am on the ship in the Black Sea.

The crew went into battle as we approached the southern part of occupied Crimea. The weapon systems were activated.

This is a deliberate move against Russia. The HMS Defender is going to pass within 12 p.m. from the territorial waters of the Crimea.

The captain insisted that he was only looking for a safe passage through an internationally recognized naval corridor.

Two Russian Coast Guard vessels approached the Royal Navy warship and tried to force it to change course.

At one point, one of the Russian ships, probably the 22160 class “Pavel Derzhavin”, approached it at 100 meters.

More and more hostile warnings were heard on the radio – including one saying “if you do not change course I will sink you” .

We heard some shots in the background, but it is believed that it was very out of range.

HMS Defender captain Vincent Owen said the ship had spotted more than 20 aircraft nearby. Commander Owen said his mission was certain but non-confrontational.

Russia says the incident happened shortly after noon local time (09:00 GMT) in the Black Sea near Cape Fiolent in southern Crimea.

Another Russia-NATO episode in BALTOPS 2021 

However, another incident occurred between Russia and NATO during the NATO exercise BALTOPS 2021 in the Baltic Sea.

Again a Russian Su-24 bomber made a virtual attack on a NATO ship.

Incidentally (?) The video was released today as you can see.

The Russian Su-24 bomber was equipped with Kh-25ML anti-ship missiles as it passed very close to the USS Roosevelt (DDG 80)

Watch video




Russian Navy Fires Warning Shot at British Ship in Black Sea

Vessels of the Russia Navy Black Sea Fleet intercepted and fired at the British destroyer Defender at Cape Fiolent in the Black Sea.

Precautionary warning shots were fired, and an Su-24M military aircraft carried out warning bombing.

As noted by the Russian military, at 11:52 the British ship crossed the Russian border and entered the territorial sea at Cape Fiolent for three kilometers. The British ship was warned he would be fired upon in the event of a border violation, but the destroyer crew did not react.

At 12:06 and 12:08 the Russian ship fired warning shots. 

“At 12:23 pm, by joint actions of the Black Sea Fleet and the Border Service of the FSB of Russia, the destroyer URO Defender left the borders of the territorial sea of ​​the Russian Federation,” the department concluded.

Cape Fiolent is on the Black Sea at the southern tip of . . .  CRIMEA, as shown on the scalable map below:


The British have said they will never recognize Crimea returning as part of Russia.

IT was the British who encouraged Ukraine to commence a military build up near the eastern Ukraine break-away provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk, both of which want to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Ukraine massed about 100,000 troops, along with tanks, artillery and armored personnel carriers in what looked like a planned invasion of those two provinces.  The PResident of Ukraine also issued a public statement saying he approved of a military plan to re-take Crimea from Russia!

In response, Russia also massed about 100,000 troops, tanks, planes and artillery, while also mobilizing its entire Black Sea naval fleet.

When it became clear that Russia would use the full might of the Russian Army to defend Crimea, Britain and the west (USA) backed down.

Now, it appears, the British are stirring the pot again.  This time, they may actually get the war they seem to want so desperately.

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