200 bodies being stored in Baltimore garage

200 bodies being stored in Baltimore garage

Baltimore’s Overflowing Parking Garage Morgue Is Just The Start

Did you spot the recent, eye-popping news item about the overflowing morgue in Baltimore, with 200 decomposing, bagged and tagged corpses being stashed in a parking garage?

So many people are dying, of all causes, that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Maryland cannot keep up with the demand for autopsies, due to a staffing shortage. According to officials, the backlog of corpses was 150 in late January, and is predicted to be 300 this month.

Finally, some hard numbers from a public agency. The rate of increase is projected to be exactly double, from last month to this. If Maryland cannot keep up with the autopsy load with these numbers, the situation is guaranteed to only worsen in coming months. If the numbers of stashed corpses that the coroners cannot get to continue to double on a monthly basis then here’s what will happen in Maryland:

Jan 150
Feb 300
Mar 600
Apr 1,200
May 2,400
Jun 4,800
Jul 9,600
Aug 19,200
Sep 38,400
Oct 76,800
Nov 153,600
Dec 307,200

Wowser! You can see that in a very short time things could — will?? — get very serious.

And this is February, winter time, freezing weather. What happens when there are many more bodies — say, 19,200 bodies in August? Do they just get laid out in parking garages?

I’m from that region of the USSA. I have traveled, visited, lived and worked in Maryland in August. Maryland is an oven in the summer time, a pressure cooker — 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with stifling relative humidity. If the dead bodies continue to pile up beyond the capacity of the coroners and morgue(s) to process, things could be downright ghoulish in just several months from now. Will there be rotten, decomposing bodies laying around in the streets, for want of anyone to collect and bury them? Forget about autopsies, the government can’t keep up now, and is stashing hundreds of cadavers in a parking garage. So what happens when there are even more bodies? What then?

What happens when the coroners, morgue, funeral home and cemetery employees sicken and/or die off? Who deals with all the dead bodies?

Well, you say, I am being overly dramatic, Sauder is blowing hot air again, things will never get that bad; and anyway, you don’t live in Baltimore! — you live in New Orleans, or St. Louis, or Cleveland, or New York City, or Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh, or Memphis, or Little Rock, or San Antonio, or Albuquerque, or Los Angeles, or Chicago, or Las Vegas, or Houston, or El Paso, or Atlanta, or Birmingham, or Nashville, or Louisville, or Richmond, or Charlotte, or Oklahoma City, or Phoenix … and things are so much better where you live. Your city is not plagued with that pesky Baltimore problem of an ever growing pile of rotting corpses that the local and state agencies cannot process in a timely manner.

Alright, then, just you wait. I am telling you that things are going to get worse, a lot worse, really ghastly.

The “jabs” wreak havoc with the human body’s natural immune defenses. That is the fact of the matter. Extremely large numbers of people, in Latin America, the Middle East, North America, Europe, etc., will be getting very sick and dying.

Listen, I know a woman, a nurse in the public health system here in Ecuador, who has been “jabbed” three times with the “Fizzer” poison. She wears two masks, a sort of space suit-like, jump suit and is constantly nagging about cleansing with alcohol, etc. Two weeks ago she fell ill with the CV plague and had to quarantine at home for 10 days. Now she’s back on the job, hacking, coughing and spreading spike proteins all over the place with every wheeze.

Jabbed three times, two masks, a protective jump suit, constantly sanitizing — and none of that protected her. None of it.

Multiply her example by myriad millions, in Latin America and elsewhere. The Fizzer jab and the others don’t work. They’re less than useless. Not only do they not protect, they destroy the body’s own defenses and leave their victims open to any opportunistic virus or bacterium that happens along — including the very virus against which they supposedly protect.

The first two years of this genocidal, global, medico-pharmaceutical, horror film psy-op have been as nothing compared to what is now in the pipeline and barreling headlong toward us.

With each passing month, the grim reality will be clearer and clearer.

Here’s a post on Twitter yesterday:

**puts on critical thinking hat@CriticalWeapon
Replying to @DrHachi3

I’m a paramedic right now. I can see things are starting to accelerate, younger people, weird infections, new cardiac issues everywhere, I don’t think I can take the carnage if this plays out. I’m packing it in soon 🙈🌎🔥 6:44 AM · Feb 14, 2022· Twitter for iPhone

What happens when the paramedics reach their limits and walk off the job, because they are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the death wave that is occurring?

I’m telling you that a terrible wave of mortality is coming; that it will accelerate with each passing month as this year plays out; and that it will balloon and carry over into 2023 and 22024. My recently deceased friend, Greg Caton, was shown the hard, unpleasant truth by ayahuasca and he told me about it– there will be so many dead bodies everywhere that there will be no funerals, no coroner’s inquests, no mortuary preparation of cadavers, none of that. There will be burial brigades, tasked with the collection of dead bodies by trucks and front-end loaders, and mass burials of cadavers — by the millions! It’s going to be that bad.

This upcoming weekend is the time of Pluto’s return to the position that it had in the USSA’s mundane astrological chart at the time of the outbreak of the so-called Revolutionary War in the mid-1770s. And once again, the USSA is poised at the brink of war — this time with Russia — a planned war against Russia that the massively corrupt USSA is ginning up virtually out of whole cloth, spun out of lies, propaganda and false evidence. 

I put nothing past Mordor-on-the-Potomac. Red-white-and-blue false flag operations have a long history — the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor to start the war with Spain in 1898, the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 leading to the USSA’s entry into WW-II, the Pearl Harbor attack that led to the USSA’s entry into WW-II, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag that led to the USSA’s entry into the Southeast Asia conflict, the infamous 9-11 false flag attacks that have been followed by 20 years of wars by the USSA in a whole list of Muslim countries, etc. If there is a notorious false flag attack in the next week or so that is (falsely) promoted as a casus belli against Russia — well, that is what the USSA does, and has been doing for a very long time, to fraudulently justify entry into one war after another. It’s vile.

Mid-April is equally as violently negative and combustible for the USSA, from an astrological point of view. As I have mentioned in previous posts, my friend, Greg Caton was also shown by ayahuasca, and informed me, that WW-III is in the offing, and that it seemed to him that it begins in April or thereabouts. That is apart from the mega-earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, famine and starvation, USSA petro-dollar failure, rampant violent crime, government failure, economic crash, military invasion of the Lower 48 by foreign armies, floods, tsunamis, asteroid strikes, v-jab deaths, and more, that will be occurring in the next few years, in the run up to 2025.

The USSA is going down, very, very hard, and few there be who will mourn its passing.

I’m sure that there will be major impacts on Ecuador by the coming events. If I’m still alive and the Internet is still up and running, I’ll blog about it. We’ll all see what happens, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s coming like a hurricane.


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