2021 Year of the Vaccine

2021 Year of the Vaccine

This is what they are saying

Auckland has just hosted a large conference and a part of that conference was called “2021 Year of the Vaccine”.
In this interview, panelists are Helen Petousis Harris from University of Auckland; Stephan Crausaz CEO Tamaki Health; and Fiona Michel MOH charged with staff recruitment and organisation of vaccinators.
Here are the key points from the video:
*the success of our vaccination program will be key to the opening of our borders
*If we vaccinate down to age 12 this will still leave 25% of the population unvaccinated (under age 12), therefore we need VERY high uptake of the vaccine in everyone else.
*We are a fortunate country vaccinating without the pressure of an active outbreak
*We need 6 – 6.5 thousand vaccinators
*We will have many hundreds of vaccination sites across the country, from GPs, Pharmacies to mass vaccination events
*The plan is for everyone who wants a vaccination to be completed by the end of the year
*In terms of people’s feelings about the vaccinations, there are 4 categories:
  • Keen
  • Go with the Flow
  • Hesitant (watch and wait…and this is a legitimate choice!!)
  • Absolutely NO (these people are difficult)
*Employers have the obligation to share good sound science and facts; and facilitate the vaccination.
*In most jobs in NZ you cannot DEMAND your employee is vaccinated.
*stick to facts and ALLOW EMPLOYEES TO DECIDE
*What do we know about the vaccine’s ability to PREVENT TRANSMISSION (Helen P Harris answers)…Pfizer is looking remarkable. “We have enough data to know this vaccine prevents onward transmission” (this is certainly news to me!!).
*Mutations “as we damped down the number of cases the risk of mutations will decrease. We may still need another round of vaccinations but i dont think it will be an annual thing…maybe every 3 years?”
*The Covid campaign is 5 times bigger than annual flu vax
*We will deliver 10 million vaccines over 180 days…. 40,000 VACCINES A DAY.
*People’s apprehensions will disappear when they see that their neighbour has had the vaccine and is walking around fine. (Helen PH)
*We have a small group who are an active coordinated megaphone for misinformation (Helen PH)
*PM made clear (in this conference) that the vaccinated will enjoy more freedoms than the unvaccinated.
*If you are unvaccinated and you come to NZ you will likely need isolation, whereas vaccinated will come in quarantine free (potentially)
*In New Zealand we do not have any natural population immunity, so we have to aim high with our vaccination rate…probably around 95% of the eligible population.
*Our freedoms are inextricably linked to our ability to get deep penetration of the vaccination throughout the population

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