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Day: December 10, 2023

What are the Outcomes of Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand?   Dr Matthew Sheldon a primary care and integrative physician in New Zealand, who felt compelled to speak out when the decision to vaccinate children was made. It came with a tremendous cost of losing his ability to practice medicine with 38 years of clinical experience. Listen to his journey and thoughts about the current whistleblowing issue with Barry Young. Or watch HERE

New Zealand: Our Hospitals are about to Fail

New Zealand: Our Hospitals are about to Fail

Last week I went to my medical centre for the first time in just under 3 years because I have been suffering constant chest pains and suspected angina. I am used, from my experience over the last 10 years to be gaslighted and ‘insinuated’ by condoscending doctors that there is nothing wrong with me and it’s in my mind. You can read my biography which sets out this whole saga HERE. I was fully expecting that I would have the…

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