Global dimming documentary

Global dimming documentary

I had this video on my Vimeo account until someone destroyed it. it does not exist anymore so months and years of material has vaporised.

I strongly suggest you download this onto your Hard Drive.

It is being disappeared all over the internet and it is easy to see why


The BBC documentory on Global Dimming



BBC TV-report “Global Dimming” from the year 2007. How the air
pollution generated by industry and airplanes effect the impact of
sunlight and the condensation cycles here on earth.


climate scientists, like David Travis have created a hypothesis that
the condensation trails created by airplanes lead to global dimming.
The ongoing global air traffic never allowed the thesis to be proved,
but after the 9/11 “terror attacks” no plane took off for three
days. That allowed climate scientists to measure that the temperature
difference was +1,1 degree higher than at the day before the flights
were grounded. Such a high difference in temperature was not measured
at that spot in over 30 years.


interviews of the german climatologist Beate Liepert, the
climate-scientist David Travis, the israeli scientist Gerald Stanhill
and Dr. Atsumu Ohmura (ETH Zürich), who researches the field of
Global Dimming.

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