Hunter Biden incriminates himself

Hunter Biden incriminates himself

The True Defender,

2 April, 2021


President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden made some incriminating remarks when discussing his past drug use in an interview with CBS News.

The focus of the interview was on the Biden family and Hunter Biden’s drug use, as well as how it applies to his latest novel, “Beautiful Stuff.” Hunter Biden was using drugs at the same time he bought a gun, according to the book. This is completely against the law.

“During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden described an emotional intervention his family staged at his father’s home in Wilmington,” CBS News said. “Biden charged out of the house after a heated altercation, only to be pursued down the street by the future president.”

Hunter Biden had the following conversation during the interview at one stage

CBS NEWS: Is it true that your father pursued you?

HUNTER BIDEN: Yeah, because when I tried to get into my car, my daughters literally locked the door and said, ‘dad, dad, no, you can’t, no, no.’ This was the most difficult section of the book to compose. And he snatched me up, holding me tightly. He hugged me like a bear. And he said, as he sobbed, “I don’t know what to do.” I’m at a loss for what to do. “Please help me.”

NEWS ON CBS: What were your first thoughts when you heard that?

HUNTER BIDEN: I knew I needed to find out a way to let him know I was going to do something so I could go take another blow. That was the only thing that came to mind. That is how powerful it is. But for addiction, I can’t think of a force stronger than my family’s affection.

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