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26 April, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree calling for military duty of Russians in reserve.

The document was posted on the official Internet portal of legal information. It comes into force from the date of publication.

In accordance with the decree, the government and regional authorities must ensure the implementation of activities related to the collection of such people.

This action is IN ADDITION TO the normal spring conscription for military service which  also began in Russia on April 1. The military plans to recruit 134 thousand people for the Spring conscription.

Given the ongoing troubles brewing in Ukraine, with NATO intentionally adding fuel to that fire by supplying advanced weaponry to Ukraine, this call-up of Russian reserve military is a gigantic bad sign.

The world breathed a collective sigh of relief last week, when Russia announced the end of its military “exercises” along the Ukraine border, and said troops would be returning to their bases.  

Well, the TROOPS started returning, but the military hardware (tanks, APC’s, Planes, Artillery, etc.) stayed right where it is.   So if things get hot between Ukraine and Russia, the Russian Army can return troops to that hardware within hours, and be “invasion-ready” in less than a day.

As such, I pointed out in my ongoing coverage that Russia was not “withdrawing” but was merely making a strategic relocation of troops.  They did this exact thing back in August, 2008, with the former Soviet state of Georgia.   When troubles there erupted, the Russian Army was able to return to their equipment and invade Georgia within 6 HOURS.  

I pointed out to readers the exact same thing can happen with Ukraine, and if it does, and NATO makes the foolish decision to involve itself, we would have a massive war in eastern Europe within hours.

That war could very well go nuclear because Russia would face overwhelming NATO forces and technology, and could decide that using nukes early would halt NATO in its tracks, rather than go through a war of attrition which Russia might lose.

If Russia were to use nukes, they could recover from it far better than we could, because they have spent the past twenty years building nuclear shelters for their population, in which they have stored food, water, medicines, vehicles and machine tools to rebuild afterward, whereas we in the West, have NONE of those things.

If this thing with Ukraine “goes hot” it can happen with lightning speed.




Turkey is apparently now forbidding NATO military aircraft from flying through Turkish air space to/from the Black Sea and Ukraine!  This despite the fact that Turkey is (supposedly) a NATO member!

Military flights are showing a distinct pattern of evading Turk air space today:

and here:

With shifting alliances now overtly taking place, this situation grows more dangerous by the day.

Did Zelensky fall into the trap? – 43 Ukrainian tanks deployed to Donetsk – B. Putin signs decree classifying reservists (video)

Ukrainian forces are strengthened – Concerns about the movements of the Russians

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

There are signs of further escalation in the Russian-Ukrainian issue as Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree calling on all reservists to classify at a time when the withdrawal of Russian forces from the border with Ukraine is almost non-existent.

In fact, few Russian forces have withdrawn from the Ukrainian border, leading to concerns in several European and non-European capitals.

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Implementing the naval blockade of Ukraine

In addition, the six-month naval blockade of Ukraine was implemented, as WarNews247 had long ago revealed.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has rejected Putin’s offer of talks with Donetsk and Lugansk, saying he “does not talk to terrorists.”

He also called for either the Minsk Accords to be amended or revised and for the US-British-Canadian talks to be extended to Normandy.

Observers say the Northern Fleet landing craft remain in the Black Sea. The fact of their non-departure was also confirmed by the Command of the Northern Fleet.

Ukrainian sources note that all Russian landing craft are in Sevastopol divided into two groups.

43 Ukrainian tanks were launched 

The Lugansk administration announced that 43 Ukrainian T-72 and T-80 tanks had been launched at the Donbas contact line.

Ukrainian tanks are located in the Podlesnoye region.

It is a fact that everyone is talking about the “withdrawal of Russian forces” at a time when neither Ukrainian forces have withdrawn. And in fact they are promoted!

We wonder if V. Zelensky has fallen into some Russian trap.

Earlier, the Lugansk administration reported that Kiev had deployed OSA anti-aircraft gunships in residential areas controlled by Kiev very close to the contact line.

“In the area of ​​the 92nd Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces we located the arrival of 43 tanks and 3 TOMAs in the Podlesnoye area as well as five TOMBs and TOMAs in the Loskutovka area.

At the same time, Kiev developed 9K33 “Osa” anti-aircraft systems in the Raygorodok region.

Lukashenko decree: Transfers his powers in case of emergency

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has revealed that he has signed a decree delegating his powers to the Security Council if for some reason he is unable to carry out his duties.

“With this executive decree, if the president is shot and dies, the next day the security council takes power.

Until now this was not the case. The prime minister took office until a new president was sworn in.



Greece is the last frontier of the West – Erdogan will suspend the US-Turkey Defense Agreement! 

Erdogan: “Biden decision destructive for our relations”

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

The main photo of the article shows Erdogan speaking from Washington. Such photos will be a little distant memories.

RT is ready to suspend an important “key” defense agreement for US-Turkish relations. Erdogan according to information from Bloomberg. 

It is essentially a middle ground in which Turkey does not withdraw from NATO but distances itself until others decide to oust it.

A landmark date is the last meeting of the two leaders Biden-Erdogan in June at the NATO Summit. If then there is no bridging the gap, then, as Erdogan said today, “Biden’s decision will prove destructive.”

It seems that the decisions have been made and that is exactly why Erdogan’s advisor I. Kalin spoke of a “response in the coming days and months”.

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What Bloomberg reveals

“Erdogan is (still) far from escalating with his NATO ally, the United States, a sign that he is careful not to completely derail his country’s fragile economic situation.

Speaking for the first time, Erdogan accused the US president of sacrificing ties between two NATO allies over internal pressure.

Erdogan is reportedly considering “freezing” a major deal with the United States.

This is a “key” defense agreement .

The Turkish move is likely to come after the Biden-Erdogan meeting in June and if the latest diplomatic efforts fail.

Erdogan’s move, according to well-informed sources, concerns the “freezing” of US-Turkish Defense and Economic Cooperation.

The agreement gives Washington the right to co-operate with Turkey in regional conflicts such as Syria and Iraq.

It was signed in 1980 according to a high-ranking Turkish source who is well aware of Erdogan’s moves.

This treaty is the “heart” of defense cooperation that provides security assistance, intelligence cooperation, joint exercises, and increased US military access to Turkish air bases in both Turkey and the United States.

The deal directly affects US military assistance to Turkey, the use of US military installations and Turkey’s military infrastructure.

Let us not forget that Turkey has in the past threatened to ban access to the radar of the Kurecik base, a radar critical to NATO’s ballistic missile defense, as well as the Incirlik base. The latter is located very close to Syria and has nuclear bomb storage facilities.

“We will answer in the coming days and months”

“There will be a reaction of different form and type and degree in the coming days and months,” said Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman and adviser to President Tayyip Erdogan, in an interview with Reuters.

“At a time and place we deem appropriate, we will continue to respond to this very unfortunate and unjust statement,” he said.

“Everything we do with the United States will be affected by this very unfortunate statement,” he said.

“To reduce all this to one word and try to imply that the Turks were involved, our Ottoman ancestors were involved in genocide is simply outrageous, ” Kalin said. “It is not supported by historical facts.”

Erdogan’s speech in strong tone: “Biden decision destructive for our relations”

“Investigating the facts and revealing the truth is the job of historians, not politicians.

“Biden’s decision is destructive to our relations,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, following the end of his cabinet, according to Anadolu Agency.

Speaking after the end of the cabinet meeting, after declaring Biden’s allegations unfounded, he said that ” Turkey has not yet received a response to its proposal to set up a joint history committee to investigate the allegations of Armenia” regarding the events of 1915. , announced yesterday by his spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin.

Elsewhere, he routinely attacked the Armenians, saying that “they attacked and killed more than 150,000 Turks and Kurds before the events of 1915 and allied with the Russian enemies.”

Armenian gangs also killed Greeks and Jews. “They only attacked citizens to push them to emigrate.”

Erdogan claimed that the Armenians slaughtered the Turks and claimed that there were mass graves of Turks that were slaughtered by the Armenians.

The President of Turkey also disputed various numbers and claimed that 150,000 Armenians had died since the events of 1915.

“They only attacked the citizens to push them to emigrate. Those who support the lies of the Armenians are trying to cover up the shame of their own history,” he said.

“There are mass graves of Turks that were slaughtered by Armenians in many places, but nowhere can you find mass graves belonging to Armenians,” he said.

“Mr. Biden, we have documents that prove this, what do you have,” said Mr. Erdogan. He also said that “ what happened to the Indians is obvious”.

“With this decision, our relations with the United States have deteriorated, “ the Turkish president stressed, adding:

“I hope the United States reverses its course.”

“After talking about genocide, look in the mirror,” he added.

“Mr Biden and I have known each other for a long time. He visited me at home when I was sick. How, while we are members of NATO, do you succumb to an Armenian lobby? “

“Unless something changes, we may have to make various moves,” Erdogan said.



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