Videos from New Delhi that contradict mainstream media narrative

Videos from New Delhi that contradict mainstream media narrative

In my reflections on what is happening in India I made it clear that I do not adhere to any particular fixed view of what is happening in India and yet I am being approached by people from two widely different viewpoints, each trying to win my over to their points-of-view. Both are absolutely confident in what they have to say.


In science (as in life) there are widely-different views. That is the stuff of life. For instance, we have the views of Geert vanden Bossche and we have those of Judy Mikovits or Michael Yeadon that may contradict each other but which are equally logical and compelling. They are all THEORIES.

I do not try these days to put forward a single point-of-view but to present different points-of-view and to counter western media propaganda, which is largely false on this issue at least. It is, of course, POSSIBLE that the footage in the footage below is just as fake as what the New York Post is putting out. It it is taken from Twitter.

Those who do not like this policy are quite free to go elsewhere. WARNING: this is from OpIndia, which can be best described as right-wing and is close to the position of the Indian government

NYPost uses old image to claim people are dying on streets from COVID-19 in India, replaces it with funeral pyre after being called out: Details

The scribes at the New York Post are so woefully incompetent that when their lies about the misleading image were called out, it did not occur to them that they also need to change the headline of the article.


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