Mainstream media statistics in context

Mainstream media statistics in context

This is what mainstream media is reporting.

India’s total COVID-19 caseload surged past 25 million on Tuesday as a powerful cyclone complicated the health crisis in one of the states where the disease is spreading most quickly.

There have been 263,533 confirmed new infections over the past 24 hours, while fatalities rose by a record 4329. The official total death toll is 278,719.

The government said about 98 percent of India’s population of 1.3 billion remained susceptible to infections.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approval ratings have fallen to a new low, a survey showed on Tuesday. Modi’s overall ratings this week stand at 63 percent, his lowest.

Just to put it into context, if my maths is correct, 278000 deaths translates into .0008% of the population.

And yet, from that tiny figure they say 98% of the population is “susceptible to infection”

They really must think we are all so stupid we are bamboozled by statistics!

Here are more statistics:

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