Remember how we were told every death (from covid-19) was ONE DEATH TOO MANY.

Now it seems any number of people can die and it doesn’t matter.

I had to pinch myself to confirm this headline was true.

With millions of people in Los Angeles County now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, public health officials said Thursday evidence is becoming clearer that the shots provide exceptional protection against sickness and death from the virus.

Data on “breakthrough cases,” or people who test positive for coronavirus despite being vaccinated, shows that only 0.00036% of fully vaccinated people went on to die from the virus, Barbara Ferrer, the county’s public health director, said in a news briefing

Of the nearly 3.3 million fully vaccinated people included in the data, 12 contracted COVID-19 and died, and four of them had severely weakened immune systems, Ferrer said.

“We do already know that people with weak immune systems may not generate adequate protection in response to the vaccine,” she said. “So this finding is a signal to us that people whose immune systems are suppressed may need to continue to take additional steps to protect themselves in seasons and in situations where COVID and other respiratory viruses are spreading more easily.”

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