This happened this morning.

Via Facebook

YouTube just REMOVED BOTH of my channels!
10 million views.
6000 videos.
20,000 hours of content.
60,000 subscribers.
13 years of work.
My livelihood,
my life’s work. 😞

I need your help NOW!
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Both channels had 1 strike each out of a possible 3 last night and this morning both were removed for “violating community guidelines”.

Vinny Eastwood supports his family on donations from you, now with the main 2 outlets for the show closed down he needs your support and automatic payments now more than ever!

Well, what can I say?

The first thing is that we have been here before – in 2014 – 

From Vinny’s Facebook page

Well ladies and gentlemen,
It turns out my John Key video struck a nerve.
Now everything I’ve done since 2007 on my youtube channel,
3000 videos, 16,000+ subscribers, 3.5 Million Views,
New Zealand’s largest online video library of protests & public meetings,
Interviews with activists and researchers from across the globe.
All Gone. RIP Guerilla MEDIAMR News
Vinny Eastwood
Vinny’s approach is to bleet about how he has been censored and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.
I warned Mr. Eastwood some months ago that he should be looking for alternative channels to Facebook and You Tube due to the censorship, which, there is no doubt comes courtesy of the New Zealand state.   
But the answer was always rather arrogant and testy, along the lines that no other outlets work for him, despite the fact that Max Igan and others like him have migrated over to Bitchute and other channels.
Not good enough for Mr.Vinny Eastwood.
During this period (and I don’t make a single cent from what I do, apart from the odd donation) I have I have seen the way things were going and parked my videos elsewhere other than You Tube and migrated my blog to a new site hosted in Iceland (even the domain name – they CAN be seized, as we have seen in recent days).
It has been a matter of some relief that other people and groups have come forward whereas before there were only Billy te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood. We have Voices for Freedom, the Health Forum, the wonderful Sue Grey and Dr. Sam Bailey – all of whom speak out without any ego or sense of wanting anything for themselves and that has taken some of the attention away from te Kahika and Eastwood. 
The way in which these people are being treated is mostly due to the NZ State – but also has been made easy because of the controversy surrounding Billy te Kahika. There were always rumours around Billy te Kahika’s business (and other dealings) – something I swept aside because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
However, other things helped me modify my position:
  • The combining of the main message with all sorts of irrelevant conspiracy theories with the truth as in the “intel” that the NZ navy was going to sail to the UK leading up to a lockdown that never happened in quite that way.
  • Seeing both characters in the flesh in Wellington was a let down. Vinny had an ego as big as his bodily bulk and the “kind” Billy te Kahika was not the same as I had seen him in the videos. In fact he reminded me of Brian Tamaki!
  • I went to a miniscule rally outside the Wellington Railway Station.  The word was that Billy and/or Vinny had been warning people away because, they said, Antifa were going to be there.  Untrue, of course! Now, looking back over the past few months I now see that the te Kahika/Eastwood circus have been the large part of why no united movement could ever take hold and the Government can get their own way. 

Thankfully there are others to step up.

Although the censoring of Vinny Eastwood is the result of government totalitarian moves my sympathy for Vinny Eastwood has practically exhausted itself due to his failure to do anything to help himself and the divisive role he has played in the response to the ongoing public response to attacks on our freedoms

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  1. Sad that these big tech platforms run by gazillionnaires think they can ruin people’s livelihoods and still portray themselves as the victims. Community guidelines, my ****.
    I didn’t agree with him on the climate, but he tried to be independent. And I think he gave Pauline’s husband a fairer hearing than did RNZ.

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