NZ electricity companies drained water off the hydro lakes to keep prices high

NZ electricity companies drained water off the hydro lakes to keep prices high

Government will BURN COAL for electric cars or collapse the economy.

Jacinda Adern likes to play pretend that we are all going to be driving electric cars (or at least those who have not been eliminated or forced into poverty) without once asking the question where all this electricity is going to come from.

The answer is either COAL or the economy will be collapsed (and NOT ONLY from attacks on the farming industry).


NZ government wants us all to drive electric cars but will they use coal to produce the electricity?

I produced this video some weeks ago

It was pointed out to me that the NZ electricity industry (in which the government has a stake) has drained the lakes to keep electricity prices up.

Turns out the story is true.

Electricity firms accuse hydro-generators of high prices after dumping water

Independent electricity retailers have accused big hydro generators Contact and Meridian of price gouging by spilling water from their dams instead of using it to generate power.

Meridian Energy Wellington.

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Radio New Zealand,

18 December, 2018

The seven small retailers say that lets the two companies charge for more costly generation, earning them “excess profits” of more than $60 million in one month.

Haast Energy Trading, Ecotricity, Electric Kiwi, Flick Energy, Oji Fibre, Pulse Energy Alliance and Vocus are calling on the Electricity Authority (EA) to reset wholesale prices to reflect the “fair use of water and reduced use of fossil fuels”.

Meridian and Contact reject the claim and say they spill water only when they have to.

Both say they would be happy to supply details of their operations to the Electricity Authority if requested.

Electric Kiwi chief executive Luke Blincoe told Morning Report Contact and Meridian were spilling water while generating “well below capacity” resulting in higher wholesale prices.

Had they used the water for electricity generation instead, the more costly coal-fired Huntly power station would have been used much less, he said.

“If you hold back hydro generation and then get the hydro generation that you do dispatch at the marginal price, which will be the fossil-fuel price, then you get significantly higher margins.”

“These prices flow through into the futures prices which basically inform retail prices over time. I think it’s the conduct we’re really concerned about.”

It also results in an increase in carbon emissions while water is being wasted, he said.

Electric Kiwi said heavy rainfall in South Island made some spill inevitable, but Contact and Meridian were not running their hydro generation at maximum capacity, so they didn’t need to release as much water from the dams.

In a statement Meridian said the company released water from dams only if it had to.

“Meridian rejects the allegations of an Undesirable Trading Situation and breach of the Code requirement to observe a High Standard of Trading Conduct,” the statement said.

“We will engage fully in any process initiated by the Electricity Authority in response to the allegations.

“A range of factors including plant availability and transmission constraints restrict the volumes we can generate. We don’t spill unless we have to, for example when required by environmental rules or to manage our dams safely during high inflow events.”

Blinco said the Electricity Authority should proactively monitor behaviour in the market rather than waiting for a complaint.

“We’ve got the minister [Energy Minister Megan Woods] saying she wants to offer lower prices to the market – here’s a really simple example that the EA can use their existing regime to achieve that outcome.

“From our point of view that’s a no-brainer.

“Part of the issue is nothing happens unless we lay a complaint.”

In the meantime there has been the issue of attacks on the farming community with landgrabs etc. as part of Agenda 21. This has little, or no connection to “saving the planet”, which is beyond saving – closing the gate after the horse has bolted is insane.


This is what the ideological Left is saying

“I’m happy to see farmers taking protest action as part of having their say in a democracy.

‘But the saddest thing about Friday’s farmer protest is that while farmer complaints are unjustified, the government will bend over backwards yet again, will water down planned environmental protections further and extend the timelines for compliance. We’ve seen this too many times before. Gutless governments refusing the challenge farmer ignorance and arrogance head on.”

—John Minto

Farmers and banks – the deadly duo destroying our country

 I take a more nuanced view-
As part of the divide-and- conquer this massively hypocritical government has done diddly-squat to reverse water pollution or the release of nitrates into our waterways – caused by dairy farming.
The farmers and growers are feeding this nation, like it or not, and may be the only sector keeping the economy from collapsing.
It is a systemic problem and I don’t see any solution coming down the pipeline.
What Jacinda (and ALL the politicians) can do is keep us in our feuding tribes, angrily bickering at each other.

Howl of a Protest: Thousands of tractors, utes descend on cities as farmers rally against Government regulations

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