New Zealand Medsafe releases its (fraudulent) figures on vaccine injuries

New Zealand Medsafe releases its (fraudulent) figures on vaccine injuries

A few days ago I did the following report,


Now, I can turn my attention to New Zealand where reliable information is even more difficult to obtain than it is in Australia.

The following video which I recommend to anyone who wants to know the true situation, highlights the problem 

Chantelle Baker On How The New Zealand Covid Numbers Don’t Add Up

Now, the NZ medical authorities, Medsafe, have come out with some statistics, although, once again I cannot find the graph below.

According to this, the first death from the covid-19 vaccine occured in May and as of 14 August, the cumulative death count is 31.

Doctors who are following this reported that 100 had died from the vaccine (about 2 a day), which is widely divergent from the 31 in the official statistics. (Once again I cannot find the primary source for this information). We do know that it is very, very difficult for doctors to report these incidents and no doubt they are being discouraged from doing so.

Whichever data set you want to believe the “rare” side-effect of DEATH exceeds the reported deaths WITH covid-19 which are largely fraudulent.

Here are the statistics that are, at least, presented in an honest way.

First, the number of “cases”, based on the fraudulent PCR test


So far, the toll still stands at 26 deaths (a figure that is also totally fraudulent.

Back then, when people were dying of the conditions connected to old age, we were being told that “every death matters”.

Now, we are being old not to worry about the deaths – they are just a “rare” side-effect and (bizarrely) a “sign” the vaccines are working.

I challenge anyone to take these statistics and build up a case for locking down the population of the country.

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