Potentially blood contaminated with spike proteins in the NZ blood banks

Potentially blood contaminated with spike proteins in the NZ blood banks

Having seen two videos of blood of the vaxxed under a microscope I doubt if anyone in this country does this, still less at the blood labs. My latest impression on getting blood tests they are routine – designed not to show anything and are automated – and certainly not dependent on a human being with a microscope.

Did you know the NZ blood service has Zero stand down period for people who have undergone the Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca experimental mRNA gene therapy?


There is potentially blood contaminated with spike proteins in the national blood banks and this is approved by the Ministry of Health.

COVID-19 Vaccines

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) has implemented criteria for donors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination to ensure the safe collection and transfusion of blood and blood products.

  • Make a note of the vaccine type and when you received it or bring a record if possible. We need to know this information before your donation.
  • For vaccines that require no stand down we recommend waiting 12 hours before donating, as long as there is no inflammation or infection at the vaccination site.
  • Check out the COVID-19 Vaccine table to see if you need to stand down or can donate straight away.
  • If you do not know or you’re unsure, a 28-day stand down period will automatically be applied.
  • If you experience ANY side effects eg. rash, headache, muscle fatigue, fever please postpone and reschedule your donation until you are in good health.
  • The below FAQ’s will help answer most questions, but if you need more information please contact us.

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