Max Igan explains why he left Australia

Max Igan explains why he left Australia

Here is an interview recorded with Max Igan in Mexico.


I really don’t think most people in this part of the world get it.

People are soft, cosseted and until now have never experienced a totalitarian government, have never experienced any hardships and think they are safe behind their keyboards.

I have always said such people will comply in the end. 

It is getting serious Down-Under and the very people thought they were living in “Godzone” or “the Lucky Country” have been singled out for the New World Order.

I suggest that people in Australia and New Zealand take the words of Max Igan seriously. I can’t think that he would have made the decision he did just out of whim or paranoia.

People in Australia need to think (not so long) and hard.

From Aussie Cossack.

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk issues a threat to the People!

Someone gets it!

Qld Premier Admits Camps For Unvaccinated, Victoria Premier Admits No Life For Unvaccinated

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