What is with the “omicron variant” of covid-19

What is with the “omicron variant” of covid-19

This Englishman living in South Africa makes no bones about his contempt for the worldwide narrative of a dangerous, new variant in South Africa.

Knowing that people can express opinions that are not always borne out I decided to check for myself and…indeed, he’s right.

Total Coronavirus Cases in South Africa


This made me want to listen to Dr. Shankara Chetty who is credited with treating covid patients with unconventional methods without a single death.

My own opinion is that Dr. Chetty is a genuine physician in the traditional sense.

It would be impossible in New Zealand for a Dr. Chetty to operate with a bureaucratic Ministry of “Health” that dictates to NZ doctors how they can (and usually, how they cannot) treat their patients.

In my mind (and his results talk for themselves) Dr.Chetty’s position is unassailable.

It is all common sense. 

But then a majority of people, through inculcation of fear and endless propaganda have been deprived of common sense.

Courageous Convos with Dr Shankara Chetty: Observations Of A Successful Frontline Covid GP

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