What is happening to CAMS data on methane?

What is happening to CAMS data on methane?

I don’t foray so frequently into observations of the Arctic ice but Margo has just alerted me to this.

This is today’s surface methane readings from today. 

There have been no readings since the 1 December.

Here is a comparison with Margo’s last analysis

However, it was the view at 500 hPa that blew my mind. A couple of years ago CAMS made an adjustment to the colour ledger to make it appear things appeared better than what they were.

That brown is at the MAXIMUM level of the colour ledger.

This is a view of total column, which is something I usually pay little attention to.

One has to wonder exactly what is happening.

With the delay in releasing data one has to wonder at what this means – are they revealing something that was there before but hidden. 

“Reality” dictated by EU bureaucrats?

Here is Margo’s latest video.

I look forward to Margo’s commentary.

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