Mayhem In Kazakhstan

Mayhem In Kazakhstan

There is a whole lot that COULD be said about this

Mayhem In Kazakhstan As 18 Police Reported Killed, Banks Offline, Shooting & Explosions Heard

update(2:52eastern): Kazakhstan’s state broadcaster has reported at least a dozen police killed among security forces, and an additional over 350 police injured, according to Khabar 24. Casualties among protesters and rioters are as yet unknown and unclear. Shooting and loud explosions were reported by eyewitnesses throughout the night in some major cities like Almaty, where the bulk of violent scenes have emerged.

And the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs said a total of 18 security personnel had been killed, and nearly 800 people wounded. The Associated Press, meanwhile, has cited state authorities to say that at least one police officer was found beheaded. Here’s more via Newsweek:

Citing the state-run outlet Khabar-24, the Insider’s live blog said the decapitated body of a police officer had been discovered. This was also reported by the Associated Press. Agence France Press reported that two officers had been beheaded.

The Insider reported on Thursday that at least 30 protesters had been killed in clashes with security officials in Republic Square.

Below: aftermath of the mayor’s office and city central government building in Almaty having been torched the prior day…

Image source: Reuters

According to an update based on regional sources, “ATM machines are out of service across Kazakhstan amid the ongoing riots, the local online publication reports, citing the country’s National Bank. They are out of service due to a lack of internet connection in many Kazakh regions, the report noted.”

* * *

Security officials in Kazakhstan admitted they’ve killed dozens of anti-government rioters in the large main city of Almaty, after alleging the protesters attempted to storm and take control of several police stations. Authorities have labeled the massive fuel protests which have brought the country to the brink of collapse as fueled by “terrorists” and manipulated by “outside interference”. Now with Russian support, it’s looking like Kazakh authorities will intensify their crackdown.

WATCH: video montage showing various locations where running battles and large protests are continuing…

Russian troops are en route to help restore order after an urgent decision by the Russian-led regional security bloc Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). “The CSTO confirmed Russian paratroopers were being dispatched as peacekeepers, with advance units already deployed,” BBC reports Thursday.

Scenes from Almaty and other city streets in Kazakhstan are beginning to resemble a war zone, with state military forces seen in central squares, including armored personnel carriers, the day following embattled President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev vowed the state would not fall, and that he would stay at his post no matter what. 

Widely circulating but unverified social media videos show running street battles with security forces, as police appear to be unleashing live fire, and as some unconfirmed footage seems to show rioters breaching police armories to access weapons.

Unverified footage: state sources are alleging rioters have breached and ransacked police stations…

Also as banks are being attacked and looted…

According to BBC citing state sources, “Twelve members of the security forces have been killed and 353 injured in the unrest, sparked by a doubling in the cost of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).”

Meanwhile Russia is getting increasingly vocal. According to the newswires:

Russian Foreign Ministry says they see events in Kazakhstan as a foreign-inspired attempt to undermine state security using force.  

And more mayhem is unfolding as Kazakh troops deploy to city streets amid the martial law ‘state of emergency’ in effect over the whole country: 


In addition to Russia the other members of the CSTO expected to send “peacekeeping” forces include Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Without doubt the move is hugely controversial in the West, with a number of pundits already charging Putin with helping to expand ‘authoritarian’ rule in the Central Asian former Soviet Republic. 

Mission is now being deemed ‘counterterrorism’…

Things are likely to escalate before they get calmer, given that with state security services dubbing their mission to halt the unrest as part of “counter-terror” operations, it in effect greenlights the use of major force.

Already in Russian media there are “Reports of firefights in central Almaty as law enforcement authorities are conducting mop up operations to quell the protests.” 

Below: unverified video purporting to show weapons being passed out to protesters…

Further one regional analyst observed: “It is not surprising that this is happening in Almaty because that’s where some protesters ransacked at least one gun store.”

As of early Thursday, Russian peacekeeping forces have begun departing, however, there’s nothing so far to suggest that the Kremlin is deploying a very large force – also as it likely has its eyes still focused on the Ukraine crisis 2.0 and NATO eastward expansion…

Map source: VOA


I think there is a lot to be said for this

What is “actually” happening in Kazakhstan? Nobody seems to know.

But we have a very uneasy feeling about things. We are worried people are falling back into their antiquated horse race way of viewing the world. “Muh NATO”; “Muh multi-polar world order.”

People are actually cheering for various governments and military alliances while being cattle-tagged by these same governments and military alliances. It’s astounding. We are astounded.

“My QR code is more anti-NATO than yours

Are we really going to do this? Please no.

Tagged by the Good Guys!

What is “actually” happening in Kazakhstan? Nobody seems to know.

But we have a very uneasy feeling about things. We are worried people are falling back into their antiquated horse race way of viewing the world. “Muh NATO”; “Muh multi-polar world order.”

People are actually cheering for various governments and military alliances while being cattle-tagged by these same governments and military alliances. It’s astounding. We are astounded.

You don’t have a horse in this race. Your horse died from hospital-transmitted sepsis after being diagnosed with a positive PCR test. He’s mega-dead. You should probably stop cheering and leave the racetrack immediately. Run.

If you don’t believe us, just look at Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh government uses a color-coded digital cattle tag system to control all aspects of normal life

Guess who loves cattle tags? Kazakhstan:

Starting from Jan. 5, only citizens who can prove recent recovery from COVID-19 or provide proof of a full vaccination course will be able to access trade malls and karaoke bars. The country uses its own Ashyq system that connects with the database of the Ministry of Health to display the status of citizens when they scan a QR code at a venue entrance. The color-coded system can show green (recent recovery, recent PCR test, or full vaccination), blue (neutral), yellow (contact with an infected person), or red status (positive PCR test). 

Malls and karaoke bars are just the latest businesses to fall under the digital cattle tag yoke. It’s now required for basically all businesses:

The app was initially designed to allow spas, fitness centers, and cinemas to resume their work, but now the system comprises many other businesses as well, including cafes and restaurants, computer clubs, bowling clubs, theaters, and concert halls.

According to the Astana Times, soon these “health IDs” might even be mandatory to visit the post office or the bank.

Just to reiterate: this isn’t just your garden variety vaccine caste system. The Kazakh government can restrict the movement of people solely based on who they’ve been in contact with:

Each person seeking to access the facility will first have to scan this code upon entering the premises. The screen will display the immunity status of the customer. Only the individuals who are not listed as “having been in contact with infected people” or “Covid-19 positive” will be able to access the facility.

Surely, the Kazakhs should be grateful for being blessed with such an amazing anti-NATO tagging system?

[T]his project is causing online uproar in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh media outlet reported outraged comments on 17 February, with some users denouncing a violation of constitutional rights., another Kazakhstani media outlet, also reports very negative reviews on Apple’s app store.

Yes, this very cool (and very anti-Empire) color-coded livestock identification method is available on Apple’s app store.

Come on, now.

Kazakhstan has de facto compulsory vaccination

This is sort of self-explanatory, given the information we just reviewed. Any system that makes unvaccinated people second-class citizens represents de facto compulsory vaccination.

But Kazakhstan also has actual compulsory vaccination decrees. As of July 2021, businesses in Kazakhstan are required to vaccinate their employees. The rule applies to service organizations (banking, financial, insurance, consulting and hotel organizations), wholesale and retail trade facilities, passenger transportations, airports, and communication and telecommunication facilities.

Yes, you can decline the vaccine and take a PCR test every few days—but you aren’t doing that for the rest of your life. Even if you wanted to, this loophole will almost certainly be closed in the very near future.

Kazakhstan? More like Schwabstan

Schwab approves.

In many respects, Kazakhstan is a model of World Economic Forum terribleness.

For example, in his September 2020 state of the nation address President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev called for the mass adoption of biometrics:

To simplify the interaction of the population with electronic services, biometrics should be widely used at the level of public services and in private business.

Working with “data” must reach a new level. Provision of a unified database system, their further development is one of the main tasks of the Government. 

They really like collecting biometric data in Kazakhstan. It’s just their thing.

Pfizer clot-shots: It’s what Kazakhstan craves!

We mentioned in a previous blog post that George Soros pays Kazakh fact checkers to defend the honor of Russia’s flagship genetic injection. There’s an important lesson here: if you disparage Sputnik V, you’ll be hearing from George Soros. Leave Sputnik V alone!

As it turns out, Kazakhstan also started deploying Pfizer’s clot-shot:

The first batch includes 379,000 doses of the vaccine, while under the new agreement with the Pfizer company, Kazakhstan purchased a total of 4,230,000 doses of the vaccine.

Kazakhstan will offer shots to children aged 12 and older, and to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Children aged 12 to 18 years can get a vaccine shot at their educational organizations as well as at medical organizations at the request of parents or legal representatives.

Yes, just the people who need Big Pharma clot-shots: children… pregnant and breastfeeding women. What a joyous, anti-NATO development for national sovereignty and multi-polarism.

Who are you rooting for and why?

Is Kazakhstan under attack from The Empire? Are Western diplomats handing out muffins and AR-15s to armed goons in the streets of Almaty? Will NATO install a transgender puppet regime that will block the construction of China’s multi-polar highway across Eurasia?

Here’s another important question: why should you care? We’re honestly curious: If you care, why?

Kazakhs are currently being treated like factory farm animals by their depraved and insane government. They’re being forced to take unproven and dangerous experimental injections. The very concept of basic human dignity: gone. Erased. It’s over. Finished. They are mere bugs now.

There’s a very good chance that you—our reader—are being treated like a factory farm animal by your own depraved and insane government. Probably you are even being forced to take unproven and dangerous experimental injections. Probably your own government views you as an irritating bug.

Do you see what we’re getting at?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t be interested in what is happening in Kazakhstan. Because who knows? What happens in Kazakhstan could trigger all sorts of strange things. Maybe even things in Russia. That’s a good reason to care.

We’re just suggesting that maybe you shouldn’t view this as a sporting event where you root for “your team.” Because…. who is your team?

In our humble opinion, there is only one team worth supporting: “ordinary people who just want to live quiet lives without being cattle-tagged and treated like livestock.”

There is not a single national government on earth that is actively fighting for such a seemingly simple concept. Not a single one. Sorry.

In November, your humble Moscow correspondent reported on the insane “smart city” blueprint for the Russian capital. If mayor Sergey Sobyanin has his way, by 2030 Moscow will offer digital implants for calculating how much you need to pay for healthcare.

We observed:

Guys, chill. The digital implant for calculating your health insurance premium will be extremely anti-NATO. You will feel so morally superior, with your anti-NATO health insurance chip. Think of all those suckers in the West, with their pro-NATO health insurance chip.

The End.


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