For me there is no doubt that George Webb got there first, along with Bulgarian journalist, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

However,  his mode of delivery (usually by video) means I need someone else to unpack what he has to say.

Russia Confirms Much Of The George Webb Timeline And Ukrainian Biolab Findings

The April 2022 disclosures by the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding Ukraine Biolabs, If True, Provide A Resounding Validation Of George Webb’s Work.

George Webb

George Webb,

3 March, 2021


My reporting on Ukrainian biolabs started in April of 2017 with my first visit to Fort Belvoir, Virginia. I have been investigating a spy ring in the US Congress that I had suspected of diverting weapons to Ukraine from the Afghanistan War for brokering on the world market. There were also the nuclear and biological weapons from the old Soviet Union that were being brokered through Pakistan to Ukraine along with nuclear and biological materials. That’s why I was at Ft. Belvoir.

A George Webb YouTube video screenshot from July 2018.

Ft. Belvoir is home to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency which was created to track the nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of the old Soviet Union.

George Webb on one of many visits to Ft. Belvoir in Virginia which began in April of 2017.

The US State Department had control over the arms reduction programs for the old Soviet Union, so the folks at DTRA at Ft. Belvoir didn’t point to the normal chain of command. The biological materials, for instance, were moved by US State Department Armed Diplomatic Security Services couriers, and early on, the online research community I lead tracked the US State Department encrypted Blackberry messaging devices to track and verify the movements of these biological materials.

For a complete audiovisual tour of this Ukrainian bioweapons odyssey, you can purchase Blackberrys From Hell and World War DARPA at Short two minute, videos are used to explain the history of the US State Department’s Armed Diplomatic Security Services and their role in the movement of biological weapons.

As you can see from the above involvement in Hunter Biden’s company Metabiota in the ongoing biosurveillance of the US biological labs in Ukraine, the DTRA and Ft. Belvoir are in the news in a big way right now. Since meeting a key Biden informant in May of 2017, George Webb has long maintained that Hunter Biden is the patsy in the Ukraine Biolab operations for one Cofer Black of the CIA.

We also tracked the movements of biological weapons couriers from Ukraine since the members of Ukrainian Intelligence units knew where the nuclear and biological materials were, and they could speak Russian to manage the movements of the materials from Russia to Ukraine, and then on to a NATO facility. Of the handful of Ukrainian Intelligence operatives turned into Defense Intelligence Agency informants we focused on, two became rather famous for their makeover roles as Trump supporters, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

By examining something known as metadata, the footprints left behind by electronic devices, I, with the help of some old friends in California and a tech-savvy Army vet from the same state was able to put together a true picture of the movement of some of these movements of biological weapons.

Internet Protocol addresses or IP addresses are used by computers and mobile devices like US State Department Blackberrys use to communicate on the Internet, and they leave valuable footprints for investigators.

With the help of the tech-savvy Army Vet, Kris Hunter, we localized the address of the Blackberry server to house almost at the front doorstep of Ft. Belvoir. The house, which we believed was a safe house involved in the diversion of weapons from the Afghan War to mercenary armies in Ukraine, was ominously on Sprayer Street, not a good moniker for a suspected diversion point biological weapons from the Afghan War to Ukraine.

Andy Dybala above interviews Kris “The IP Hunter” Hunter on

We also identified over twenty different houses and about the same numerous of front companies associated with the owner of the house who was the accused Pakistani spy in the US Congress, Imran Awan. President Trump called him the “Pakistani Mystery Man”. Much less known was his Ukrainian cohort, Nataliia Sova with the unmistakable back-to-back i’s in her name.

Imran Awan’s father had been involved in the weapons factories of Pakistan called Pakistani Ordnance Factories. My investigative team felt sure that the Imran Awan connection to Nataliia Sova, the supposed wife of Imran Awan, was being used to backchannel Afghan War weapons to Ukraine. Imran Awan’s Facebook certainly bore the metadata of the son of an armed manufacturer with both terrorist groups and Pakistani police groups highlighted.

Imran Awan’s Facebook page had terrorists and police groups alike posing with weapons.

Even more ominously, Imran Awan’s father had procured land with DNC stalwart Rahm Emanuel in Pakistan which contained a large chemical and biological manufacturing plant. Were members of Congress selling not only the recipe to biological weapons to Ukraine but making the biological agents as well?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz aide Imran Awan’s father owned a chemical and biological manufacturing plant in Faisalabad, Pakistan with DNC stalwart Rahm Emanuel.

I knew the key to unlocking the truth about the Afghan War “dark weapons” (nuclear and biological weapons) being diverted to Ukraine would be to find the US State Department Blackberrys that Hillary Clinton and her US State Department had made so famous.

The metadata from these devices would tell the true story of backchanneling weapons from the Afghan War to Ukrainian mercenary armies. Fortunately, I had a little inside knowledge of who had ported the encryption software to the Blackberry from my days in Silicon Valley. I knew Dmitri Alperovich, the same man in charge of investigating the DNC “hack”, was the man who ported the PGP encryption software to the Blackberry. I knew the metadata footprints to look for.

Dmitri Alperovich (middle) was key to getting encrypted Blackberrys to Fiona Hill (left) for Russian and Ukrainian weapons runners. Ambassador William Taylor (right) appeared to be the key recipient and distribution point for the weapons going to Ukraine.

I had the good fortune of several knowledgeable sources that led me to the key Blackberrys in remarkably short order on my arrival in Washington, DC in April of 2017 with a lot of help from good ole fashioned, burn the shoe leather journalism – knock on every door associated with Imran Awan.

After going to and knocking on the doors of all twenty houses associated with Imran Awan and an equal number of businesses in the Washington, DC, and Virginia area, I hit paydirt on my last door, late at night in Lorton, Virginia. I made videos of the door-knocking tour, and I have had to produce the evidence again and again for reporters taking credit for having done the legwork like Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller.

I met a Marine named Andre Taggart who said Imran Awan had stashed government-marked, official Blackberrys in the garage of the house in Lorton, Virginia. This occurred immediately after Trump had won the Presidency, and it looked like Imran Awan was stashing the evidence of the weapons transactions in the house of his renter.

Ex-Marine Andre Taggart confirmed the essential elements of my finding the encrypted Blackberrys from Imran Awan in his garage in Lorton, Virginia.

Taggart, an ex-military man, immediately recognized the Blackberrys as government-issued and reported the suspected stolen equipment to the Fairfax County police. Taggart told me then the investigation triggered three separate law enforcement agencies going to the Congressional aide’s Lorton, Virginia house. Taggart first said the FBI showed up, then the Navy investigative service NCIS because his wife had a Top Secret Clearance, and then the Capitol Police showed up to confiscate the equipment.

After uncovering the suspected US State Department Blackberrys, George Webb called Luke Rosiak and gave him Taggart’s story and phone number. Rosiak later took credit for uncovering Rosiak, forcing George Webb to publish his text messages that evening with Rosiak. Unfortunately, Andre Taggart’s phone number was exposed inadvertently in the messages.

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller later told a group of followers at a book signing party in Washington, DC that this was only a “car radio”. Would four investigative agencies come out of the home of a Congressional aide for a car radio? I lost all respect for Luke Rosiak as an investigative journalist that evening as I left the book signing.

In a nasty interchange, Luke and I had earlier, Luke Rosiak had totally written me out of the story, even though I had text messages from that evening with him from the evening I met Taggart, giving him the Taggart’s phone number. He waited weeks to call Taggart, and I had to prod him to call. I felt my credibility was being attacked, so I hastily published the text messages to prove I had given Luke the Taggart Blackberry story. I even said, “What if we found Hillary’s Blackberrys?” in the text messages. However, I inadvertently published Andre Taggart’s phone number which I regret.

George Webb’s first book, “Awan Minutes Past Midnight”, describes the thoughts and feeling Webb had after meeting Taggart and possibly discovering the US State Department Blackberry that did the DTRA, Ft. Belvoir bioweapons, and uranium deals.

One unexpected twist that resulted from the inadvertent publishing of Taggart’s number was an ex-cop from Califonia ran Taggart’s number in her fact-finder databases she was familiar with from her investigative work. I gave this female, California ex-cop the cover name Task Force to protect her identity. She told me Taggart didn’t just rent the house in 2016 and 2017. Jenny Moore, unfortunately, passed away in August 2018, the same day Peter Strzok was fired from the FBI.

Task Force told Taggart had been in the house since 2009 while he was still a Marine. She told me Taggart’s wife had a house at Ft. Belvoir and had two names associated with her, Tenaye Taggart, a Navy cryptologist, and Venaye Taggart, a Navy Corpsman (medic). She also told me that Taggart’s wife had transferred from Ft. Belvoir to Walter Reed Army/Bethesda Naval Hospital. Task Force felt very strongly that Tenaye was involved in testing vaccines at DTRA at Ft. Belvoir for bioweapons or attenuated bioweapons called bioagents. More seriously, she felt some of the testing on soldiers and Veterans Administration patients was uninformed testing.

We now know ex-cop Jenny Moore’s sources in the military were correct about the DTRA developing biological agents and vaccines, and experimental testing on soldiers in the Ukrainian Army from the Donbas area.

The California ex-cop, Jenny Moore, would later come to Washington, DC to help me with this Afghan War weapons diversion story on a daily basis. Interestingly, Task Force had also told me Tenaye/Venaye Taggart was involved in recruiting Pakistani college students to come to the United States for training at Ft. Belvoir at DTRA in the vaccine testing area.

Ex-cop Jenny Moore believed Tafsheen Malik was a Pakistani pharmacist involved in trialing experiment drugs for the Veterans Administration hospitals in California.

I was never able to verify these claims, but I did see the investigative databases that she used, and they backed up her claims. I later met one of two doctors from Ft. Belvoir at CPAC who confirmed that vaccine development claims at DTRA. I separately met another individual from Ft. Belvoir at nearby Mount Vernon who confirmed the Awans and Nataliia Sova were involved in the Defense Logistics Agency dissemination of these battlefield vaccines. Unfortunately, one of the doctors that may have been Task Force’s contact there at Ft. Belvoir was murdered recently in a robbery attempt. I wrote a book about the “Black Doctor Murders” on the topic.

Despite the setbacks with premature deaths and murders in my investigation, I have been very lucky to have great sources that now confirm many of Task Force’s reports from here friends in the military Special Forces (JSOC). While many of Task Force’s working theories seemed to be tinged with conspiracy theory, many of her assertions from JSOC individuals turned out to be true. For instance, I have never heard of Congo-Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever before, but apparently, it had been used against livestock supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. If had also been used in a line between China and Pakistan that traced a line straight to the Baku oil fields.

Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever may have been used against Taliban livestock in the Afghan War as an experimental bioagent.

The extent of vaccine development and bioagent testing has now come to light with recent disclosures by the Russian Ministry of Defense including Congo-Crimea Hemorrhagic Fever and CoronaVirus. Indeed, it looks like the two may have been combined experimentally.

One key source that I dubbed “Deep Uranium” supported a lot of the investigations I was doing and may have thrown me off the track at the same time. Deep Uranium purportedly led a group of six individuals that had more than “100 years” of military experience in various roles in Asia. According to Deep Uranium, the Pakistan ISI which he called “Mousa” after their first leader, was trading US arms intended for the Afghan War for uranium from the old Soviet Republics like Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakstan. He described a series of CIA airbases in the “Stans” meant to clear a pipeline corridor to the Indian Ocean and to the Caspian Sea to China.

George Webb found out that “Deep Uranium”, Marshall Oakey Richards, was an FBI Informant a year after believing information that Pakistan was trading “Ghost Army” weapons from the war in Afghanistan for old Soviet uranium in Ukraine. Webb now believes the FBI and DTRA wanted to throw him off the bioweapons trail his research partner Task Force wanted to pursue.

Task Force felt very strongly this was not the whole story, but rather the bioagent and vaccines developed for the battlefield in Afghanistan were being brokered to the Ukrainians as well through Imran Awan and Natalia Sova. Task Force pointed out that Imran Awan’s “wife” lived in Fredrick, Maryland, the home of Ft. Detrick, bioagents ground zero in America. She pointed to the key trucking company moving the “uranium” had moved from the Piketon, Ohio uranium reserve to Frederick, Maryland as well where the bioagents were.

George Webb is pictured here near Ft. Detrick and the Transport Logistics loading docks for the “Dragon Distillery”. Many key family members were either Russian or Iranian in the company, seemingly suggesting a movement of weapons from the old Soviet Union to Iran.

Another informant in the US Congress also supported the idea that Afghan War weapons were being brokered to Ukraine. I called this whistleblower who worked directly for John Conyers on the Finance Committee “Deep Finance”. Her financial audits were showing “ghost soldiers” too, and weapons serial numbers showing up at hot spots all over the world. Again, the Imran Awan-Nataliia Sova connection seemed like an obvious operative connection between Pakistan and Ukraine. Would bioweapons be part of the package? That question I will answer in future posts.

(End of Part One – to be continued)

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