Depopulation in the West from the figures

Depopulation in the West from the figures

Analysis of Forecasts
By Craig Paardekooper provided the 2025 forecast for population of each country. I obtained their forecast data before it was taken down in April of this year. However, the data had been safely archived and was still available for analysis.

I calculated the % population reductions for each country based on the difference between the current population and the 2025 forecast, and rank sorted each country in order of largest population reduction.

My hypothesis was that the cull would have an epicentre, centred in the countries/ powers who were running the pandemic – namely the G7.

I also hypothesised that those countries making the vaccines would right at the heart of the slaughter.

Here are the results of my calculations –






1. The G7 countries are clustered near the top of the list – their % population reductions are:

a. UK 78.5%
b. USA 70.2%
c. Germany 65%
d. France 41.8%
e. Italy 30.6%
f. Canada 29.7%
g. Japan 17.6%

2. Three countries dominate the top positions :

a. UK
b. USA
c. Germany
These are the very 3 countries involved in the production of the vaccines – Astrazeneca, Moderna
and Pfizer vaccines


If Deagel is an accurate forecast then –

1. It is extremely dangerous to stay in UK, USA or Germany – the epicentres of this slaughter –
the places where they make the vaccines (4 in 5 will die here)
2. G7 countries in general are a bad idea (1 in 3 will die at best)
3. European countries in general are unsafe.
4. The Eastern European countries, appear to be the safer –
Romania, Belize, Chechia, Lithuania, Finland, Hungry, Latvia
5. There are quite a number of countries where there is no culling

In Summary

It is advised that people temporarily distance themselves from UK, USA and Germany. These governments are planning the utter destruction of their own populations. And most are complying – it is almost like a suicide cult.

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