One thought on “40% Of NZ Jobs For VAXXED ONLY: Ardern Announces New Zealand Gov’s Next Wave Of Evil Incrementalism

  1. Hi Robin, have you seen what the Weston A. Price Foundation, London Chapter wrote re the NZ law?
    “Art.29 Magna Carta (1297) is law in NZ, it elevates laws like the Bill of Rights 1688 and 1990 that provide civil rights above ordinary laws that impose obligations:
    “we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.””
    If this is the case then it is time for someone to sue the govt rather than discussing exemptions etc? The same laws raised by the Heterodoxies Society Inc, who sued the NZ govt re the 2020 lockdown also all still apply and .. they won. This would be most efficient, no?

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