1,200,000 reservists are being prepared for military involvement outside Ukraine as well

1,200,000 reservists are being prepared for military involvement outside Ukraine as well

“Bombshell” Russian analyst: 1,200,000 reservists are being prepared for military involvement outside Ukraine as well – Recruiting offices were opened in Serbia…

“Serbs will fight for Orthodox values ​​together with Russia”

Russian analysts and military experts confirm that the number of citizens who will be recruited in the first phase will even reach 1,200,000! The same sources say they hope that number will not rise further as Moscow prepares for battles on multiple fronts.

The scenario of the unification of the Russian world seems to be in the back of B. Putin’s mind. Russian analysts directly talk about military involvement outside of Ukraine in Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Transnistria for 2-3 years.

A necessary condition is that the Ukraine case should be finished first and that Kharkiv, Nikolaev and Odesa should also be taken after the Donbass case is finished.

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Russia plans to enlist 1,200,000 reservists

Russian authorities plan to recruit 1.2 million people for their “partial mobilization”.

Additionally, a source close to Moscow’s leadership told Russian media outlet Meduza that up to 16,000 people from the capital are to be recruited. This was confirmed by a source close to one of Russia’s federal ministries.

Authorities in St. Petersburg plan to summon about 3,200 people, according to a source close to the Presidential Envoy to Russia’s Northwestern Federal District.

A source close to one of the country’s federal ministries noted that the authorities “recommended that hiring be kept to a minimum” in regional capitals.

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After Vladimir Putin’s mobilization announcement on Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said a total of 300,000 reserve troops would be called up. The official number of people to be drafted is indicated in the classified seventh paragraph of Putin’s official decree.

On September 22, Novaya Gazeta Europe, citing a source in the Putin government, reported that the classified paragraph allows for up to one million entrants.

Today another source confirmed the number of reserves which, as everything shows, will be much higher…

There will be involvement outside of Ukraine!

A Russian analyst makes a bombshell revelation as he reported on Russian radio that the conscription is not only about Ukraine. Russian forces will also be sent to areas outside of Ukraine, photographing Eurasia…

The geostrategist Andrey Shkolnikov may have spoken about Eurasia, it is certain that other regions are important. He specifically said:

“The people recruited in the framework of the announced mobilization will not only be involved in Ukraine, but also in other regions of Eurasia.

Many will go to Transcaucasia and Central Asia.

Let’s be clear: in the next 2-3 years Russia will take control here and there. If they voluntarily pursue a pro-Russian policy, it will be a wonderful thing. If they indulge in Russophobia then forgive me.

Both China and Iran will play along with Russia in Central Asia and Transcaucasia, because no one needs a Turkish Khaganate supported by Britain. It will be cleaned .

In the conditions of the world crisis, Russia is doomed to expand its control.

Watch video from Moscow – “YES” in the referendums

Strelkov: It is not enough to mobilize 300,000 for a quick victory over Ukraine

“For a quick victory over Ukraine, it is necessary to send up to one million soldiers to the front and several hundred thousand more people to military production,” former Donetsk Defense Minister Igor Strelkov told a press conference in Moscow

“The enemy has the strategic initiative at the moment and is preparing one or more attacks against our positions in the Kherson or Zaporizhia regions, and possibly, in the south of the Donetsk region, and perhaps also in Luhansk…

I believe that the enemy in the coming days will seek to disrupt the referendums with all his might. He had a few days or weeks to strike our troops. Therefore, I believe that at this time our fighters at the front, the fighters of the Donbas mobilized corps and the personnel department will be hit by reinforced attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ” Strelkov said.

The reinforcement of the Russian army as part of the partial mobilization to the front will reach the front in a month or two.

“Someone who is more ready can get in in two weeks while most reservists will get in in a month and a half or two months. Until then, the enemy will have both a numerical advantage and an advantage in the number of units and formations, ” the former commander explained.

The number of 300,000 people planned to be called up as part of the partial mobilization is not enough to quickly defeat Ukraine.

“To defeat Ukraine, we don’t need to mobilize 20 million people in the Armed Forces, the internal troops, the National Guard or industry. This is unnecessary and extremely difficult for the economy.

But to send up to a million soldiers to the front and at least a few hundred thousand people in military production, in transportation facilities, for a decisive and quick victory in this war, without delaying for years, will still be necessary.

In this regard, I consider that the mobilizing measures that have been initiated – the presidential decree and the clarifications of the Ministry of Defense – are a completely logical step,” Strelkov summarized.

Serbia has announced the start of recruiting volunteers to help Russia

The Serbian parliamentary party Zavetniki has announced the start of recruiting volunteers to be sent to Ukraine to fight alongside Russian and allied forces.

The head of the party, Milica Dzhurdzhevich, announced that from September 24, all local sections of Zavetniki will start compiling lists of those who, on a voluntary basis, decide to fight with weapons in their hands for the liberation of Donbas from the Ukrainians.

“Serbs will fight for Orthodox values,” Djordjevic said in a statement.

At the same time, 116 named citizens of Serbia signed a charter to support Russia in today’s difficult situation. Among the participants were Emir Kusturica, generals Vladimir Lazarevich and Bozidar Delic, academics Matia Bechkovic and Vasily Krestich and others…

The document noted the importance of supporting the Serbian-Russian brotherhood, based on the spiritual unity of the peoples.

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