News from the Ukraine front lines

News from the Ukraine front lines

Russia evacuates Kherson: Women, children and thousands of students leave – Countdown to nuclear use 

State of emergency in the area

The Russians began the evacuation of the Kherson area, ordering the women and children and thousands of students to leave first. Schools are closing and everyone is preparing for some very dramatic moments.

The Russians are taking emergency measures as Ukrainians are expected to move even closer to the city next week. If this happens, the city will turn into a battlefield as it will come under the range of Ukrainian artillery.

This fact brings even closer to a use of nuclear weapons in the rear of the Ukrainian forces or on some critical military base. Under no circumstances will Russia allow the Ukrainians to get so close because if that happens, then the way to Crimea opens.

What came before

This morning, the Russian governor of Kherson region appealed to residents to leave the area amid fighting between Russian and advancing Ukrainian forces.

In a video statement on the Telegram app, Vladimir Saldo, the head of the Kherson administration, publicly asked for Moscow’s help in transporting civilians to Russia.

“We suggested to all the residents of the Chersona area to leave, if they wish, to other areas to protect themselves from rocket strikes. Addressing the leadership of the country (Russia), I ask you to help organize this project.”

“We, the inhabitants of the Kherson region, know that Russia does not abandon its people.”

“Every day, cities in the Kherson region come under rocket attacks, ” Saldo said . “These attacks cause serious damage, first and foremost, to the residents,” he added, while Ukraine categorically denies hitting civilian areas.

Saldo added that those who choose to leave the region will go to the southern Russian regions of Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol, as well as Crimea

Later the information about the evacuation was denied by the Russian Administration to be officially confirmed a while ago.

Russia: The evacuation of Kherson begins!

Moscow will help evacuate Kherson residents to Ukraine, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulin said.

This comes after the head of the region, Vladimir Saldo, who has been installed by Russia, appealed for help.

Khushnulin stated on Russian television that:

“In connection with the appeal of the head of Kherson, Vladimir Vasilyevich Saldo, the government decided to organize assistance for the departure of the residents of the region to other regions of the country.

 We will provide everyone with free accommodation and everything necessary , “Kushnulin said.

The next week is very critical – Women and children are leaving 

The Russian evacuation call comes just a day after Kyiv announced it had recaptured five settlements in Kherson.

We remind you that Ukrainian forces declared last week that they captured more than 400 square kilometers in less than seven days.

Western military officials estimate that Ukrainian forces could reach the Dnipro River in Kherson next week. 

Vladimir Saldo, the head of the Kherson administration, revealed that the evacuations were intended to protect people from shelling and added that the focus was on families with children, who would leave for “rest and study”.

The areas to which the residents could be relocated are Crimea and the southern regions such as Rostov and Krasnodar.

Saldo said Crimea had agreed to take 5,000 children from Kherson “for rest” this fall.

Krasnodar and Stavropol offered to take 10,000 parents and children each.

Officials from the area say schools will remain closed.

The appeal for help to evacuate the families shows that Russia is “preparing for a decisive battle” for the region’s capital of the same name, Stanislav Belkovsky, a former Kremlin doctor turned Putin critic, wrote on the Telegram.


What do the British agencies say?

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue a successful offensive on the southern front. The occupying administration is evacuating civilians from Kherson, fearing the occupation of the city, ” the British Ministry of Defense said on Twitter.

The update notes that having retreated about 20 kilometers north of the Kherson sector in early October, Russian troops are trying to secure a new front line.

According to British intelligence, heavy fighting is taking place along this line, especially at the western end, where the Ukrainian offensive means the Russian side is no longer protected by the Inhulets River.

Most of the Russian troops on this front line remain airborne units.

“In the last few days, the Russian occupation authorities probably ordered preparation for the evacuation of some civilians from Kherson. It is likely that they foresee the battle extending into the city of Kherson itself, ” the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement.



Putin to Erdogan: “They tried to blow up TurkStream but we caught them – I want you to become an energy hub for the EU”

Official announcement of the Kremlin and Gazprom

The Russia-West energy war is dangerously escalating with Moscow officially announcing the arrest of saboteurs who attempted to blow up the TurkStream pipeline.

We remind you that natural gas comes to Greece through Turkish Stream. The TurkStream pipeline, GTS and Druzhba pipelines are the three main pipelines supplying Europe, with two of the three being gradually closed down in one way or another… (GTS and Druzhba).

We remind you that recently B. Putin had revealed that the Ukrainians tried to blow up TurkStream Today the Kremlin followed up by revealing new information.

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Saboteurs Arrested – Tried To Blow Up TurkStream”

In particular, on Monday, October 10, in an operational meeting with members of the Security Council, B. Putin said that Kyiv tried to blow up one of the sections of the Turkish Stream natural gas transmission system.

Today, V. Putin also spoke about this in a meeting with his Turkish counterpart, R.T.Erdogan.

The FSB reportedly reported preventing a terrorist attack on oil and gas facilities on September 22.

Russian security forces arrested a man born in 1978 who had been recruited by the SBU in Ukraine.

The saboteur was “carrying” two improvised explosive devices.

Correspondence with the Ukrainian official was also found, which provided him with instructions for assembling the bomb and the coordinates of the detonation site.

Statements by D. Peskov

Saboteurs were arrested while trying to undermine the Turkish Stream pipeline, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, Interfax reports.

“Some forces, the possible origin of these forces was hinted by Putin, (…) have already attempted to strike the Turkish Stream. Saboteurs were arrested, many people were arrested. They wanted to blow him up. On our territory, on land ,” Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Ukrainian forces tried to blow up one of the sections of the Turkish Stream.

According to Peskov, Europe actually lacks the ability, even if it needs to, to buy Russian gas, Turkish Stream is the only reliable route, so Putin proposed to his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan to build a gas hub.

“ The gas hub is really a very interesting topic. Look, there have been terrorist attacks and indeed Europe is actually deprived of the ability, even if it needs to, to buy our natural gas ,” Peskov told reporters, according to RIA Novosti.

Gazprom: We are immediately starting discussions with Turkey on the creation of a hub on the border with the EU

At the same time, Gazprom agreed with Turkey to hold “within a short period of time” a dialogue on Vladimir Putin’s proposal to channel the quantities of natural gas lost in Nord Stream through Turkish Stream.

The two sides will also discuss the issue of creating a hub on Turkey’s border with the European Union, which could become an indicator for natural gas prices, the head of the natural gas company, Alexei Miller, said in a televised interview. .

“The Turkish side, of course, has shown a lot of interest, especially at the corporate level, and we agreed with the Turkish energy minister to start the dialogue very, very quickly, from the beginning of next week. And we’re going to have a very specific discussion about the volume and the timing of the project, ” Miller said in response to a question about how Turkey reacted to Russia’s proposal to send lost Nord Stream natural gas volumes through Turkish Stream. .

“Furthermore, we will discuss the creation of a border hub between Turkey and the EU – a trading platform that could become a price indicator for natural gas supplies in the markets of consumer countries,” he added.

German media: Putin “sees” Turkey as… a hub to the EU

For the fourth time in four months, Erdogan and Putin shook hands and pledged to tighten their energy ties without even touching on the Ukrainian crisis.

For the German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, the “agenda” of the two politicians included the hot topics of international current affairs: grain, natural gas and Syria.

Before leaving Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had reiterated his desire to bring the leaders of Russia and Ukraine together by hosting them in Turkey for talks.

However, 24 hours before the Astana conference, the Russian president said Turkey could be a hub for Russian gas destined for Europe.

For his part, Putin presented to Erdogan his proposal for the creation of a large natural gas hub in Turkey, which he even described as “the most reliable route for Russian gas to Europe.”

He said the creation of such a hub in Turkey to divert natural gas flows from the two Nord Stream pipelines there via the Black Sea would help regulate natural gas prices from skyrocketing.

“During the work on this hub, which we could create together, of course, it could also be a platform not only for procurement, but also for determining the price, because this is a very important issue – the a matter of pricing ,” Putin emphasized.

“Gas prices, which are now high, could through such a hub be determined without being influenced by political decisions ,” the Russian president explained, pointing out that natural gas deliveries to Turkey continue unhindered.

The Russian president’s proposal is to make Turkey a transit hub for Russian natural gas to the European Union as Putin tries to gain an upper hand in energy vis-à-vis Europe.

“You and I, despite all the difficulties, find opportunities to meet regularly, to communicate. This brings good results, I must note that all our agreements, which were reached during your visit to Sochi in August this year, are being implemented, ” Putin said.

The Russian president also informed his Turkish counterpart that work on the nuclear power plant in Akuyu, southwest of the port of Tasuju, continues according to schedule and that 22,000 people are currently working in the area.

He also informed him that hydrocarbon supplies from Russia to Turkey are continuing as normal.

“TurkStream is operating successfully, even though there have been attempts to blow it up,” he emphasized and added:

“As you’ve heard, there was an attempt to blow it up but, thank God, that didn’t happen, it’s working successfully.”

He also added that it is possible to repair the damage to the Russian Nord Stream natural pipelines but that Russia and Europe will have to decide their fate.

“We could transfer the lost volumes along the Nord Stream from the bottom of the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea region and in this way make the main routes for the supply of our fuel, our natural gas to Europe through Turkey , creating the largest gas hub for Europe in Turkey, ” Putin said.

“This, of course, if our partners are interested. And if there is the financial possibility to implement it, of course”, he added.

Suddenly the Russian president decided to highlight Turkey as an energy hub for Europe, forcing Brussels and Berlin to reconsider their attitude towards Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the German media comment.

The USA is losing the Middle East: Biden broke off relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE & sends them a “package” to the BRICS – N/S withdrawal of 5,000 Americans, Patriot & THAAD!

Confirmation WarNews247

The USA is losing the Middle East: Biden broke off relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE & sends them a "package" to the BRICS - N/S withdrawal of 5,000 Americans, Patriot & THAAD!

Rapid developments are taking place in Washington as the National Security Council of the White House has announced that relations with Saudi Arabia will be completely reviewed. In this context, a bill was submitted to withdraw the American anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems Patriot and THAAD from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The cause of the major crisis, which is causing turmoil in the relations of the USA with its traditional allies in the Middle East, is the decision of OPEC+ to proceed from next month to reduce oil production by two million barrels per day, in order for its member countries to keep the price of “black gold” high.

Since Washington, in order to convince the Europeans of its determination to help them wean themselves off Russian fossil fuels, “laid hands” on American strategic oil reserves, the decision of OPEC+ members was seen as a “stab in the back” as it appeared to go along with the Russian proposal to reduce production and, at the same time, it does not make the fight against inflation that the Biden administration is fighting, with one eye on the midterm elections in November, any easier.

Biden seems to be achieving something that until now seemed impossible: To dissolve the relations of the USA with both Saudi Arabia and the UAE by sending the two countries “package” to the BRICS.

It is no coincidence that after the rupture in US-S.Arabian relations, the Emir of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, went to St. Petersburg to meet the president of Russia, B.Putin.. We remind you that Biden also banned the sale of F- 35 in the UAE, an agreement signed by N. Trump.

The rapid deterioration of relations was expected after the resounding failure of Biden’s visit to Riyadh. The US shows that it is losing the Middle East…

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See in the video the statements of Putin and the Emir of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed

National Security Council: The US is reviewing its relationship with Saudi Arabia

President J.Biden is reassessing the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, said the spokesman for the National Security Council, the body that manages defense and diplomacy issues in the White House, John Francis Kirby.

The aforementioned statement comes on the heels of last week’s OPEC+ announcement that it will cut oil production, with Kirby adding that Biden is willing to work with Congress on the future of relations with Saudi Arabia.

President Joe Biden is reassessing the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia after OPEC+ announced last week it would cut oil production, said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

“I think the president has been very clear that this is a relationship that we have to continue to re-evaluate, that we have to be willing to re-examine, ” Kirby said in an interview with CNN.

Biden was disappointed by the OPEC+ decision, Kirby said, and “is willing to work with Congress on what that relationship should look like going forward.”

“I think he will be willing to start those talks right away. I don’t think it’s something that should wait or should wait much longer ,” Kirby said.

The issue is not just about the war in Ukraine, but is a matter of US national security interests, Kirby added.

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The Senate Foreign Relations Committee requested a “freeze” of cooperation with S.Arabia

For his part, Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called for a “freeze” on cooperation with Saudi Arabia, including most weapons sales, while accusing the kingdom of helping to cover up of Russian war in Ukraine, after OPEC+ announced last week that it would cut oil production.

“The US must immediately freeze all dimensions of our cooperation with Saudi Arabia, including arms sales, but also security cooperation, except for absolutely necessary systems to defend US personnel and US interests,” he said in a statement. a statement by Bob Menendez.

“As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I will not give the green light to any cooperation with Riyadh until the kingdom reevaluates its position regarding the war in Ukraine. Enough so far”, emphasized Menendez.

Menendez said he was horrified by attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine.

“There is simply no room for supporting both sides in this dispute. You either support the rest of the world in trying to end a criminal war that is trying to wipe an entire country off the map, or you support them,” Menendez explained, making an apparent reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia chose the latter, in a terrifying decision driven by its interests.”

The Saudi embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

US: Wants to withdraw Patriot and THAAD in ‘response’ to oil production cuts

Meanwhile, three House Democrats have introduced legislation calling for the removal of critical US military assets located in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The introduction of the law comes as Riyadh and Abu Dhabi backed OPEC+’s decision to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day from November.

There are currently about 5,000 troops stationed in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the legislation proposed by Sean Casten, Tom Malinowski and Susan Wild would withdraw them from the countries along with removing critical air defense systems such as the Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems and THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) systems, in 90 days after the approval of the bill.

“They openly support Moscow”

The THAAD and Patriot systems would be relocated “to another location in the Middle East, with priority given to the protection of the United States Armed Forces,” the bill states.

The US lawmakers said that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates “have long relied on the US military presence in the Gulf to protect their security and oil fields” and that after supporting the OPEC+ action, “they do not we see no reason why American troops should continue to provide this service to countries that are actively working against us.”

“If Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates want to help Putin, they should look to their defense,” Casten, Malinowski and Wild said in a joint statement.

“This decision is a turning point in our relationship with our Gulf partners.”

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