Aussie Cossack seeks refuge with Russian consulate

Aussie Cossack seeks refuge with Russian consulate

This fact drew the attention of a well-known Russian compatriot in Australia, the ataman of local Cossacks Semyon Boykov. As the ataman told EADaily, the guards who were on duty at the entrance were given memos, which depicted a series of symbols prohibited from being brought in.

“Among them are not only the flag of the Russian Empire and the double-headed eagle, but also the image of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II,” Boikov said. – For Russian and Serbian Orthodox fans, Nikolai is a martyr.

Where is the logic here, I don’t understand? I want to ask the director of the Australian Tennis Championship Jane Grdlicka about this: you spend millions of dollars on PR, are you really that stupid?

A fan at the Australian Open has been seen displaying Russia’s ‘Z’ war symbol 

The spectator was in attendance during Novak Djokovic’s quarter final match 

Four people are being questioned by police after a Russia flag with Vladimir Putin’s face on was displayed at the Australian Open.

A huge group of people gathered outside Rod Laver Arena following Novak Djokovic’s quarter-final victory over Russian Andrey Rublev and were heard chanting ‘Serbia, Russia’.

A man wearing a T-shirt bearing the pro-war Z symbol held up the Putin flag. A different man had been pictured with a Z T-shirt inside the stadium during the match.

A statement from Tennis Australia read: ‘Four people in the crowd leaving the stadium revealed inappropriate flags and symbols and threatened security guards.

‘Victoria Police intervened and are continuing to question them. The comfort and safety of everyone is our priority and we work closely with security and authorities.’

Organisers last week banned Russian and Belarusian flags from the venue for the duration of the tournament after one was held up at a match between Russian and Ukrainian players.

The letter ‘Z’ has become a symbol of ultra-nationalist obeisance to Russian president Vladimir Putin as he wages his war on Ukraine. It has been seen sprayed in white on the side of Russian tanks as they have invaded their neighbouring country.

Items of clothing that showcase a white letter ‘Z’ is among a list of prohibited items at the Australian Open. 

And Ukrainian tennis star Alex Dolgopolov has called for the spectator to be ‘banned for life’ after he removed a white T-shirt to display the war symbol in Melbourne.

Outside the venue, footage emerged of fans waving flags plastered with Putin’s face, despite tournament organisers banning Russian Federation and Belarusian flags at the event. 

The group were heard chanting songs in support of Russia, according to bystanders.

Straight out of the media disinformation playbook

Aussie Cossack paid a visit by A Current Affair

It appears a range of financial issues hasn’t impacted a Russian patriot’s willingness to splash the cash. An impromptu stunt by Simeon Boikov, aka the “Aussie Cossack”, saw him claim to have bribed Channel 9 when he shoved a fistful of hundred dollar bills into the top pocket of A Current Affair reporter Steve Marshall. The boisterous Vladimir Putin supporter reacted angrily when Marshall and his camera crew approached him to discuss Russian propaganda behind the invasion of Ukraine, as well as his personal court dramas and unpaid debts. (Broadcast March 28, 2022)

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