With the taking of Ugledar has the war in Ukraine turned decisively?

With the taking of Ugledar has the war in Ukraine turned decisively?

Hal Turner has had another turn with his heart and had technical difficulties. 

I have read some of the text from WarNews 24/7 and taken a transcript

Unthinkable defeat of the Ukrainians brings a new domino collapse.:The Russians with a lightning attack take Ugledar. The fortress town has fallen.

The Russian army with a lightning general attack managed to enter the Ukrainian force fortress city of Ugledar from two axes and sweep the Ukrainian defenses. The Ukrainians have effectively lost the city.

The Russians have taken over the old police station of Ugledar, the old aqueducts of the city and also put under control the road access 00532. The road access port crops Pokrovsk- Ugledar was cut off with the consequences that the Ukrainians lost the possibility of resupply from Pokorvsky and Velikaya Novoselka.

The only available supply route remains the road from Kurakhovo. But Russian troops control most of Maryinka’s territory from where they can exercise fire control on the Karakhova- Ugledar roads section.

Battles are taking place in the southern and eastern districts. Russian Marines of the Russian Pacific Fleet attack from the direction of Pavlovka towards the western suburbs of Ugledar are trying to enter the side of the defending Ukrainian group.

It should be noted that Oaklander has an extensive underground infrastructure and hills with successive lines of defense. The general attack of the Russians began on the 24th of the month.

It is clear that the Ukrainian forces are collapsing at the speed of light on all the fronts of Donbass second fastest collapse after Soledar for the Russian Ukrainian army.

The Russian Marines of the 150/5 Brigade of the Pacific Fleet Forces of the VDF paratroopers as well as forces of the Donetsk Somalia battalion are fighting in the city. As can be seen. The Russians gathered their elite forces for this attack.

The 72nd and 79th brigades of the Ukrainians have suffered heavy losses.

Development is pivotal to the fighting in Donbass by capturing the city.

The Russians are moving the front and the danger away from Crimea

Ugledar is a heavily fortified fortress, and a strong key stronghold and the area protecting the flanks of the Ukrainian line on the muddy Maryinka-Kurakhova line from the south. That is why it has huge consequences, and its fall will inevitably lead to the fall of Maryinka and Kurakhovo

Russian troops are fighting serious battles for Vuhledar, DPR says

Pushilin’s adviser Gagin said that Russian troops are fighting serious battles for Ugledar in the DPR

DONETSK, January 28 – RIA Novosti. Heavy fighting is going on near Vuhledar, Russian troops have already occupied the eastern and southeastern parts of the outskirts of the city, Yan Gagin, adviser to the acting head of the DPR, told RIA Novosti.
“Our forces have entrenched themselves in the east and south-east of the outskirts of the city. Now we are occupying summer cottages that adjoin directly to the city, there is a battle going on,” he said.
Gagin added that the assault on Vuhledar is complicated by the presence of a large industrial zone, which Ukrainian troops use by analogy with the salt mines of Soledar and the dungeons of Azovstal in Mariupol .
According to the adviser to the head of the DPR, there are positive factors in the current situation. “The entire enemy personnel there is a ‘motley patchwork quilt’, that is, representatives of different units, and often there is no communication and some kind of interaction between them, which, in principle, is to our advantage,” he said.
Earlier, the acting head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, said that the liberation of this city would solve many problems, provide access to the Krasnoarmeyskoye and Kurakhovskoye directions.
Since February 24, Russia has been conducting a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine . Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” The Armed Forces are faced with the task of liberating the Donbass and guaranteeing the security of Russia.

Ukraine, Tanks & Putin – w/ Scott Ritter

Russia Close to Capture Vuhledar, Launches Big Missile Attack; Blinken, Nuland Floats Peace Offer

This is not a top Russian propagandist, but Vladimir Soloviev, TV anchor and journalist





“Recently, the Ukrainian government approved new rules for military registration of conscripts, conscripts and reservists. One of the clauses of the resolution obliges foreign embassies too inform Ukrainian citizens abroad about the start of a new conscription and too facilitate their return home if mobilization is taking place in the Motherland.” (When

@_____ tried too copy it using iPhone a message popped out, it told @_____ that the information is copy righted. You should try too copy something from that sit on you’re mobile phone, @_____ legit e didn’t know such functionality existed)

Trans lives matters

But generally it’s a life fuel for men in Europe since every cute Ukrainian girl @_____ seen always had a bf near her. He should go defend Zelenskyy 

Edit: seems like link too that “visitukraine”site doesn’t work on r-drama, but you can enter that Ukrainian site through this twitt https://twitter.com/bleispucker_tv/status/1618540054242263041


From TruNews

WHO: Governments Should Prepare for Nuclear Emergencies

Reported only by TruNews as far as I can see, Zelensky, in addition to tanks, long-range missiles and God-knows-what-else, has demanded submarines from the West.

This is Dmitry Medvedev’s comment

They say that appetite comes with eating. For those who suffer from an eating disorder in the form of bulimia or compulsive overeating, the feeling of hunger is endless. Constantly want to eat!

So the worthless bosses of Little Russia all the time want more and more. More tanks, cars, guns. Now some schmuck has said they need planes and…submarines. Okay, the planes are somehow understandable. True, there are practically no normal runways left, and the Ukrainian sky is closed by us. But submarines are very strong. Especially considering that soon the Kyiv regime will have no sea at all. Then you will have to sit in a boat right in the middle of the Dnieper, learning the immortal We All Live in a Yellow Submarine with musical curators.

Although the submarine will, apparently, be yellow-black (ed. referring to the Germans?)


Not very healthy people have such a property – to endow others with their phobias and problems.

A sort of psychological projection, when one’s own fear is perceived as created from outside, inherent in someone else. Here, let’s say, the obvious: a ridiculous operetta figure in a greasy green T-shirt depends 1000% on NATO weapons and Western money. Without them, neither Ukraine nor he and his camarilla will survive even a day. This creature is not even a clown anymore, but just a circus dog, a poodle at the trainer’s feet, who yaps at his hand clap. Everyone understands this. However, the creature utters in an important, hoarse tone: I have nothing to talk about and no one to talk to, and it is generally not clear who makes decisions in Russia. And here, like, everyone can see who, admire: only I am a powerful commander, hardened in battles, a major statesman, head of the country (chamber) 404, almost a hetman, a figure of the world, one might say, universal scale.

Obviously, this is a real psychological problem, which may soon become psychiatric. But the outwardly meaningless statements of the patient in green also have a specific goal. They serve as justification for new handouts. “Come on, make your decisions now. I’m still alive and I control everyone around. Give me more weapons and money, and more, because our enemy is incomprehensible, insidious and dangerous. But I will not surrender to the enemy, I am very, very strong, no negotiations, no contacts. And generally speaking. The enemy is already almost afraid of me.” And such a mantra every white day. And every sick night. It is likely that the hallucinating creature in the green shirt already believes in his paranoid delusions.

Moreover, the delirium is strongly supported by Western doctors, who regularly visit the patient at the place of residence. They also give the patient from ward 404 money, weapons and verbal injections that stimulate his delusional state.

And what? After all, the legendary Pug was famous for centuries for its remarkable strength and desperate courage, primarily due to the hormones boiling in it, street onlookers and the patience of an elephant


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