The most telling part of what I heard here is that not only has the media not been willing to engage with the most important and revolutionary Bill to generate a public discussion (that has always been the role of the Fourth Estate) but pseudo-alternative media, such as Sean Plunket’s the Platform has as well.

The aim was always to introduce this on the quiet and to announce it during New Zealand’s summer break and not allowing adequate time for people to respond to a Bill that most people (even in the health industry) will never have heard about.

That way they can keep the figleaf of “public consultation” and “democracy”.

Do I have to remind you that even the USSR had “elections”?

Now, submissions have closed and I have my doubts that anything will stop this Bill like on previous occasions.

Prepare to lose access to important medicines and for the prices for what IS available to go through the roof.

Experience the shocking revelations of Mark, a pharmacist, as he uncovers alarming data that has the potential to undermine the effectiveness of all therapeutics and therapies. This thought-provoking series is the latest creation from William, produced in collaboration with the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre (

With only a few hours remaining to voice your objections to the bill, it is crucial that this information is shared far and wide. Join us as we shed light on this critical issue and raise awareness of the potential threats to the future of medical treatments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a movement that could shape the future of healthcare.

Watch the video HERE

Here is the submission made to Parliament by a very dear friend of mine.

If anything her situation is worse than my own.

I identify with most of what she writes. There will be tens of thousands like me and my friend

( I also depend on natural medicines for all the help I can get.


I have had M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 42 years. It’s the result of agent orange: 245T pesticide spray poisoning on Wellington hills.

There are at least 45,000 of us in New Zealand and counting. now long COVID sufferers are adding to our numbers.

I am too ill to read all 400 pages of your document. I’m just telling my own personal experience.

I am devastated and distressed. And fearful. Will I still be able to continue take the things that keep me as healthy as I can be?

Standard medicine has had no help to offer for my health condition. I rely totally on natural medicines and homeopathy. I’m quite sure I would be dead by now without those.

Any standard medicines I’ve taken have terrible side effects so most of them I can’t even tolerate. I nearly became a statistic died of sleeping pill. Kidney troubles now are a result of that. Natural medicines never had side effects.

The latest is, after a knee replacement, I ended up with tramadol addiction. (nobody warned me.) I am spending thousands of dollars on natural medicines just to help me get off this drug, which is destroying two years of my life.

Health benefits of foods

I don’t understand how you can distinguish foods that help us be healthy and other foods. Food is for health. Natural food is what we need.

We need to encourage people to grow healthy food in our gardens, not make it illegal.

Especially with climate emergency. We’ve just lost our supply of fruit and vegetables in cyclone Gabrielle. People need to grow local food resources.

Please employ naturopaths

If you must do some examining to ‘give New Zealanders peace-of-mind about the safety, quality and efficacy of the medicines,’ please at least employ naturopaths to do the assessments, because they know about these ingredients and if they might be dangerous in what quantities.

And please don’t impose such enormous fees.

Cost will rise. I’ve been on disability pensions for 40 years. That means I don’t have money. Natural medicines are already expensive enough. I find it very hard to afford them, I don’t dare spend money on nothing else. if you raise the price that will be very hard for me.

Also it will put many small companies out of business if people can’t afford them.


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