Dmitry Medvedev excoriates western narrative on Nordstream sabotage

Dmitry Medvedev excoriates western narrative on Nordstream sabotage

Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!

Wednesday evening here on the east coast of the United States, word began coming in at about 8:30 PM EST that an utterly massive missile attack by Russia had begun hitting Ukraine. All reports are now confirmed.  Russia appears to have launched the largest missile attack to date since hostilities began a year ago.

It began with Air Raid alerts in much of central Ukraine, as seen in the alert map below:

Minutes later, confirmation that 6-7 Tu-22M Strategic Bombers reported Airborne over the Sea of Azov.  Air launched cruise missiles became the worry.

It quickly became clear that Russia was using  Shahid drones first to overwhelm the Air Defenses and then cruise missiles would follow.

Word then came in confirming:

– 15 Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Airborne

– 6-7 Tu-22 Strategic Bombers Airborne

– At least 3 Russian Missile Carriers in the Black Sea – Multiple Shahed-136 Drone launches

Within minutes Air Raid Sirens began sounding over all of Ukraine.

Here is how the reports came in — while I was on the air broadcasting . . . .

Dnipro. Unmanned aerial vehicle of the Shahed type. Air Defenses Activated.

Then Cruise Missiles confirmed to have been launched from the Black Sea towards Ukraine.

Explosions are heard in Odessa subscribers report.

Missiles seen moving in the direction of Vinnitsa and Kropivnitsky.

Missile(s) reported over Mykolaiv oblast.

Missiles then seen over the Vinnytsia Region heading towards Western Ukraine, confirmed to be Caliber cruise missile.

Reports of missile(s) heading towards Vinnytsia oblast. Explosions noted in Mykolaiv oblast.

Cruise missiles reported over the Kherson region towards Kiev.

Ukrainian Air Defense along the Black Sea are working hard to Intercept as many Cruise Missiles as they can.

Air defense activity reported in Mykolaiv oblast. Reports of missiles being shot down.


Explosions in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

 “Due to the threat of a missile attack in Odessa and the region, emergency electricity shutdowns were introduced”

More explosions in Dnipro and Mykolaiv over the last few moments.

Initial reports of Russian Cruise Missiles fired from the Black Sea spotted over Moldova heading towards Western Ukraine.

Missiles from the Black Sea towards Ukraine.

Air raid sirens sounding in Kyiv and surrounding regions. Reports of Shahed drones airborne in addition to 10x Tu-95 bombers. Missile launches are possible.

Ukrainian jets have taken off in Kyiv. This is usually done to intercept missiles.

Reports of up to 15 Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers possibly carrying air-launched cruise missiles heading to launch points. If confirmed could be largest cruise missile attack of the war.

More missiles now in the direction of Zaporizhia and Vinnytsia.

Repeated explosions, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev regions.

Missile towards Kryvyi Rih reported.

Missile reported in the direction of Cherkasy Oblast, central Ukraine.

Now missiles in the direction of Odeshchyna.

Explosions reported in Zaporozhye.

Missiles now reported over the City of Kryvyi Rih in Southern Central Ukraine.

I went on like this for over an hour.   

At least 6 waves of missile launches hit Ukraine.   Concensus is that tonight was the largest missile strike by Russia against Ukraine since hostilities began.



More waves of Russian missiles hit Ukraine overnight.  Iskander ballistic missiles were reportedly fired from several areas inside Russia, into Ukraine.

Dnipro. Kharkiv. Khmelnytsky. Ivano-Frankivsk. Lviv. Odesa. Poltava. Ternopil. Zaporizhzhia. Zhytomyr. Massive Russian attacks – planes, drones, missiles. Explosions for Four hours long already.

Dmitry Medvedev has a wicked (and brutal) sense of humour

For the third day, another epic drama from Hollywood is unfolding before our eyes. The sequel to the film, which was dedicated to Saddam’s chemical weapons with a demonstration of test tubes at the UN.

The world, opening its mouth and experiencing a slight gag reflex, looks at the numerous bowel movements of the Western media about “who did blow up the Nord Streams after all.” And really: who framed Roger Rabbit?

It turns out that the whole thing is in some unknown “pro-Ukrainian group”. Which (it is especially emphasized) is in no way, well, absolutely, absolutely, not a single wire and switch is connected either with Bandera Kiev, or with Europe zombified by gynecologists, or with America plunged into senile insanity, or with the other Western world that has fallen ill with Russophobic hysteria. Just lone heroes who have come to grips with the damned Muscovites! The new salvation of the world by some inglorious bastards.

It turns out so-so – the actors are mediocre. Obviously not at the level of Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz. And the director is not the level of Quentin Tarantino. Very poor casting and camera. The script is just boring shit. Stupid American propaganda. Nobody likes it. Even the European inhabitants poisoned by it do not believe. They feel sick, as if they ate pork knuckle with beer.

As the American beacons of freedom of speech and the vassal German mass media who joined them write, the mysterious divers (no other than in black balaclavas over wetsuits) were “citizens of Ukraine or Russia.” At the same time, they have nothing to do with the Kyiv regime. Especially with the free world.

In general, from no state, here! Citizens of the world. Just fighters with Muscovy. Loners-schizophrenics, such as initiators. The layman is offered a bunch of cheap special effects. Like, six hardened saboteurs, among whom even one femme fatale (and how without her in the film?), Went out on a yacht into the stormy Baltic Sea. They took on board half a ton of explosives, dived beautifully. And then how two huge pipes at the bottom would blow up! And they went into the sunset. Unnoticed. At sea, full of NATO ships and international tracking systems. They also returned the yacht to the owner, cool, but law-abiding!

Here is such a frank low-rated shnyaga category B.

Actually, the film failed immediately after the premiere. Western viewers do not believe it: they ask uncomfortable questions, why did the old version about the “Russian trace” suddenly begin to turn 180 degrees (or 360, as Granny Burbock thinks?).

And why is it necessary to excuse the Kiev regime so actively, defending its innocence and innocence with foam at the mouth?

The answers are quite understandable, given the current mood of Europeans, who are less and less pleased with the prospect of paying out of pocket for ever new packages of sanctions, arms supplies to Ukraine, an energy crisis and falling living standards in once prosperous countries.

And if the Ukrainian Nazis, and not Russia at all, blew up the gas pipelines, what is the point of supporting them with fire, sword and money transfers? To fool the Europeans brains, it seems that this whole cheap movie was created.

I wonder if there will be a continuation of the action movie? With a plot like this: the same heroes, led by the Polish cannibal Duda, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital, penetrate the bunker of the brave President Ze, who has sniffed white powder. They take him hostage and then accidentally strangle him. For it is not a pity and tired. And then the zombie apocalypse begins in the manner of The last of us.

Wait, stock up on popcorn.

Третий день на наших глазах разворачивается очередная эпическая драма родом из Голливуда. Сиквел фильма, который был посвящён химическому оружию Саддама с демонстрацией пробирок в ООН.

Мир, открыв рот и испытывая лёгкий рвотный рефлекс, смотрит на многочисленные испражнения западных СМИ про то, «кто же всё-таки взорвал “Северные потоки”». И вправду: кто же подставил кролика Роджера?

Оказывается, всё дело в какой-то неведомой «проукраинской группировке». Которая (особо подчёркивается) никак, ну совершенно, абсолютно, ни единым проводочком и выключателем не связана ни с бандеровским Киевом, ни с зомбированной гинекологами Европой, ни с погрузившейся в старческий маразм Америкой, ни с прочим заболевшим русофобской истерией западным миром. Просто герои-одиночки, вступившие в схватку с клятыми москалями! Новое спасение мира какими-то бесславными ублюдками.

Выходит так себе – актёры посредственные. Явно не уровня БрЭда Питта и Кристофа Вальца. И режиссёр не уровня Квентина Тарантино. Очень слабый кастинг и камера. Сценарий – просто унылое говно. Тупая американская пропаганда. Не нравится никому. Не верят даже отравленные ею европейские обыватели. Их мутит, как будто они обожрались свиной рульки с пивом.

Как пишут американские светочи свободы слова и примкнувшие к ним вассальные германские массмедиа, загадочные водолазы (не иначе как в чёрных балаклавах поверх гидрокостюмов) были «гражданами Украины или России». При этом с киевским режимом никак не связанными. Тем более – со свободным миром.

Вообще ни из какого государства, вот! Граждане мира. Просто борцы с Московией. Одиночки-шизофреники, типа инициативники. Обывателю предлагают кучу дешёвых спецэффектов. Мол, шестеро матёрых диверсантов, среди которых даже одна роковая женщина, femme fatale (а как без неё-то в фильме?), вышли на яхте в бурное Балтийское море. Взяли на борт полтонны взрывчатки, красиво нырнули. И затем как взорвут две огромные трубы на дне! И ушли в закат. Незамеченными. В море, где полно кораблей НАТО и международных систем слежения. Ещё и яхту вернули владельцу, крутые, но законопослушные!

Вот такая откровенная низкорейтинговая шняга категории В.

Собственно, фильм и провалился сразу после премьеры. Западные зрители не верят: задают неудобные вопросы, с чего это вдруг прежняя версия про «российский след» стала разворачиваться на 180 градусов (или 360, как считает бабка Бербок?).

И зачем надо так активно отмазывать киевский режим, с пеной у рта отстаивая его невиновность и непричастность?

Ответы вполне понятны, учитывая сегодняшние настроения европейцев, которым всё меньше нравится перспектива оплаты из собственного кармана всё новых пакетов санкций, поставок оружия на Украину, энергетический кризис и падение уровня жизни в когда-то благополучных странах.

А если ещё и газопроводы подорвали украинские нацики, а вовсе не Россия, – какой смысл их поддерживать огнём, мечом и денежными переводами? Чтобы запудрить европейцам мозги, похоже, весь этот дешёвый фильмец и создан. 

Интересно, будет ли у боевика продолжение? С таким примерно сюжетом: те же герои во главе с бежавшим из психбольницы польским каннибалом Дудой проникают в бункер нанюхавшегося белого порошка отважного президента Зе. Они берут его в заложники, а потом случайно душат. Ибо не жалко и надоел. А дальше начинается зомби-апокалипсис на манер The last of us.

Ждем, запаслись попкорном

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