Moldova President To Allow Ukraine Troops Entry into Country to Attack Transnistria

Moldova President To Allow Ukraine Troops Entry into Country to Attack Transnistria

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We all have war fatigue.

It looks as if things are heating up and the strategy of the Ukrainians may be to attack in different directions, so they are distracted by actions on the eastern border, the Belsrussian border and Transnistria, which may be where they decide to attack because it is not well-defended and headlines have come out that Moldova will allow Ukrainian troops into their country to take the huge Soviet-era munitions storage facility there.

Reports from Hal Turner. I have left out any photos or video footage. Click the link to see the original.

United States Is Now Withholding From Russia Notifications Required Under The START Treaty!

Things just reached a new and dangerous level between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine situation. Beginning today, June 1, 2023, the United States is withholding from Russia notifications required under the START treaty, including updates on the status or location of treaty-accountable items such as nuclear missiles and launchers.

New START is a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation with the formal name of Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms. It was signed on 8 April 2010 in Prague, by then US President Barack Obama and then Russian Federation President, Dmitry Medvedev, pictured above in Prague in April, 2010.  

After ratification it entered into force on 5 February 2011.

New START replaced the Treaty of Moscow (SORT), which was to expire in December 2012. It follows the START I treaty, which expired in December 2009; the proposed START II treaty which never entered into force; and the START III treaty, for which negotiations were never concluded.

The treaty calls for halving the number of strategic nuclear missile launchers. A new inspection and verification regime will be established, replacing the SORT mechanism.

It does not limit the number of operationally inactive nuclear warheads that can be stockpiled, a number in the high thousands.

Today, June 1, 2023, the US State Department announced the United States is withholding from Russia, notifications required by that Treaty.  Here is a direct link to the US State Department announcement (Click Here)

This is yet another, dangerous, step by the United States toward Russia, in which the two nations are on a nuclear war collision course over the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

With this announcement today, the US is officially halting a NUCLEAR WEAPONS Treaty requirement.    

Emphasis on “nuclear.”

Prepare as best you can with emergency food, water, medicine, an electric generator, fuel for that generator and for your vehicles, communications gear like a CB radio in each vehicle, and ONE AT HOME, TOO, along with a Shortwave radio (HF Band) so you can get international information and not rely on the lying, US news media.

UPDATED (AGAIN) 7:29 PM EDT — ***** FLASH ***** Moldova President To Allow Ukraine Troops Entry into Country to Attack Transnistria

The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, said publicly just moments ago she is ready to grant permission to Ukraine to send troops into Moldova to grab the gigantic weapons storage depot in Transnistria which is under Russian protection.

“If it is necessary for the Ukrainian army, we are ready to give the right to enter our territory in order to deal with warehouses, weapons and personnel. This is a gesture of solidarity,” she said.

The map below shows Moldova:

Transnistria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), is an unrecognized breakaway state that is internationally recognized as a part of Moldova.

Transnistria controls most of the narrow strip of land between the Dniester river and the Moldovan–Ukrainian border, as well as some land on the other side of the river’s bank. Its capital and largest city is Tiraspol.

Transnistria has been recognized only by three other unrecognized or partially recognized breakaway states: Abkhazia, Artsakh and South Ossetia.

Transnistria is officially designated by the Republic of Moldova as the Administrative-Territorial Units of the Left Bank of the Dniester.

In March 2022, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution that defines the territory as under military occupation by Russia.

The region’s origins can be traced to the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which was formed in 1924 within the Ukrainian SSR.

During World War II, the Soviet Union took parts of the Moldavian ASSR, which was dissolved, and of the Kingdom of Romania’s Bessarabia to form the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1940.

The present history of the region dates to 1990, during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic was established in hopes that it would remain within the Soviet Union should Moldova seek unification with Romania or independence, the latter occurring in August 1991. Shortly afterwards, a military conflict between the two parties started in March 1992 and concluded with a ceasefire in July that year.

As part of the ceasefire agreement, a three-party (Russia, Moldova, Transnistria) Joint Control Commission supervises the security arrangements in the demilitarized zone, comprising 20 localities on both sides of the river.

For the President of Moldova to openly announce she will grant permission to Ukraine to use Moldova territory to attack Transnistria, is a blatant violation of the Ceasefire Agreement and of the three-party Joint Control Commission.  This violation could simply mean the ceasefire is now over, which would not bode well for Moldova.

Moreover, Moldova’s military NEUTRALITY is enshrined in its Constitution!   How the President can do something like this is utterly unimaginable!

Of course, one need not look too far to figure out who is influencing this woman; she is pictured below at a World Economic Forum gathering with non other than Klaus Schwab:

Although the ceasefire has held, the territory’s political status remains unresolved: Transnistria is an unrecognized but de facto independent presidential republic with its own government, parliament, military, police, postal system, currency, and vehicle registration.

Its authorities have adopted a constitution, flag, national anthem, and coat of arms.

After a 2005 agreement between Moldova and Ukraine, all Transnistrian companies that seek to export goods through the Ukrainian border must be registered with the Moldovan authorities. This agreement was implemented after the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) took force in 2005.

In addition to the unrecognized Transnistrian citizenship, most Transnistrians have Moldovan citizenship, but many also have Russian, Romanian, or Ukrainian citizenship. The main ethnic groups are Russians, Moldovans/Romanians, and Ukrainians.

Transnistria, along with Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Artsakh, is a post-Soviet “frozen conflict” zone. These four partially recognized or unrecognized states maintain friendly relations with each other and form the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations.


There are already thousands of Romanian troops (i.e. NATO)  inside Moldova, since August last year.

With today’s announcement by the Moldovan President, Ukrainian troops will now be able to also enter Moldova, to begin planning to forcibly take the gigantic weapons depot in Transnistria.   There are enough weapons stored there, to supply the entire Ukrainian Army for slightly more than a YEAR!

If Ukrainian troops in Moldova, move against Transnistria, then they might get bombed by Russia, which has to protect Russian citizens in Transnistria and protect that weapons storage depot.

If Romanian troops are along side those Ukrainian troops, and get bombed by Russia (accidentally or otherwise) NATO might use that as an “attack upon NATO” and an excuse to enter the Russia-Ukraine war.


Last night Polish Air Force transport aircraft landed in Moldova to deliver weapons and ammunition.  Here are photos:

It is said that MOST of this gear is for Moldovan POLICE.  Which means the President of Moldova KNOWS that the Russians in her country, and in Transnistria, are likely to RIOT over her decision, and they’re gearing up to shoot them all.

Weapons Storage Depot at Cobasna, Transnistria

It is now clear that Ukraine is desperate to get its hands on the weapons storage depot at Cobasna, Transnistria.   Here’s an overhead of that GIGANTIC weapons storage depot:

Here is a scalable GOOGLE Map:

And here is a small sampling of photos from INSIDE that storage depot:

It is a wellspring of all types of ammunition that Ukraine now DESPERATELY needs.

I suspect Ukraine will go “hot” on Transnistria very quickly, and I also expect to see Russia take the gloves off and utterly smash both the Ukraine troops, and anyone from Moldova – including Romanian (NATO) Troops, that try to grab that arms depot.

Things over there are getting exponentially worse, very, very fast.


Romania has made a statement that they won’t participate in the war if Russia INVADES Moldova.


Poland is transporting very much MORE ammunition to Moldova. Delivered now by six (6) transport aircraft (two C-130E Hercules and four CASA C-295M aircraft).

Seems like a second front is ready to open. How do Moldovan people allow themselves to be sucked into a conflict like this?


Ukrainian forces have entered Shebekino, Russia, which is in the Belgorad Oblast, and heavy fighting is reported to be taking place in the streets.

At this point, it appears Russia deployed all their Belgorad troops into Ukraine, so the defense of Russia is being done by Russian Police, Border Guards, and FSB.  Russian military units are reportedly on the way, but will take some time to arrive.

The scalable map below shows Shebekino and can be zoomed in or out to familiarize readers with the area where this is taking place:

Developing fast, check back for updates. . .

UPDATE 11:52 AM EDT — in Shebekino, the main administration building has been destroyed.

Reports of heavy street battles between Ukrainian forces and Russian forces in Shebekino city in Russia. Looks as though  Ukraine figured out Russian forces from Belgorod are all in Ukraine thus leaving region mostly undefended.

Russia will likely have to remove forces from Ukraine to reinforce Belgorod or give Ukraine a free hand in Belgorod.

From Russian media

Tanks and infantry tried to break into Russia after shelling the city of Shebekino. What is known about the fighting near the border with Ukraine?

Tanks and infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to break into Russia after the shelling of the city of Shebekino

Up to two motorized infantry companies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reinforced with tanks, attempted to break into Russia in the Belgorod region near the settlement of Novaya Tavolzhanka and the Shebekino international automobile checkpoint. This was announced on Thursday, June 1, to journalists at the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The selfless actions of Russian servicemen repelled three attacks by Ukrainian terrorist groups. […] Violations of the state border are not allowed

Ministry of Defense of Russia

Ukrainian forces attempted to invade Russia around 3 a.m.

Ukrainian forces attempted to enter Russian territory around 3 a.m. Moscow time, the Defense Ministry said. It is noted that this was preceded by massive shelling of civilian facilities in the city of Shebekino.

In repelling the attack of the Ukrainian forces, the units of the state border cover of the Western Military District and the FSB of Russia took part. As a result of their actions, “the terrorist formations of the Kyiv regime, having suffered significant losses, were driven back,” the military department stressed.

“Army aviation of the Western Military District inflicted eleven strikes on the enemy. Rocket troops and artillery carried out 77 fire missions, two hits were delivered by heavy flamethrower systems, ”the Defense Ministry said.

As a result, more than 30 participants in the invasion attempt were killed on the border territory from Ukraine, as well as four armored combat vehicles, a Grad multiple rocket launcher (MLRS) combat vehicle and one pickup truck were destroyed.

Shebekino was under massive shelling

On June 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shelling the city of Shebekino with Grad MLRS shells, said Vyacheslav Gladkov, Governor of the Belgorod Region.

“In the [city] district [Shebekino] there is one victim – a man with a shrapnel wound to his right foot. Also, from a direct hit of shells, the hostel building is on fire, there is destruction in the administration building. There is no electricity in the city,” he said.

Earlier on June 1, he said that because of the shelling in Shebekino and the surrounding villages, the administration was organizing the evacuation of people, and denied the information about the urgent evacuation.

The head of the region also said that another settlement, the village of Novopetrovka in the Valuysky urban district, was fired from artillery from Ukraine. Two teachers of the local school were injured – they had shrapnel wounds.

Bus hit by fire

In the Shebekino area, a bus came under fire, but Vyacheslav Gladkov denied the information about the dead and injured passengers. According to the head of the region, this is not confirmed either by the head of the city district or by the ambulance staff who examined the bus, which turned out to be empty.

It is also reported that the city’s dormitory on Lenin Street was damaged by Ukrainian forces. The published footage shows that the roof of the building caught fire.

Local residents report that the shelling of the city of Shebekino has been going on for the past few days. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that head of state Vladimir Putin is aware of the situation in the city.

Shebekino is located in the south of the Belgorod region, six kilometers from the border with Ukraine. It is home to 39 thousand people.

From yesterday

***** FLASH ***** Numerous Russian Military Executive Jets Traveling from Moscow to Underground Bunker Area in Ural Mountains

As of 5:00 PM today, 31 May 2023, numerous Russian military executive jets (TU-134A) are traveling from Moscow to the huge government underground Bunker facility in the Ural Mountains near (or beneath) Mount Yamantau.

It is not known which government officials are on those flights or why they are heading to their underground Bunkers.

Moscow is seven hours AHEAD of U.S. east coast time, so as this story is written, it is about 1:00 in the morning over there.  A very odd time for such flights.

Here is Alexander Mercouris’ report

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  1. Oh my, extensive article. Lot’s of updates and full paragraphs of info. Thanks!
    Instead of MSM’s 7-10 words.
    Transnistria… They’re Soviet-like are they not? They are not recognized by most countries as a nation. They have a large standing army, stockpiles and heavily fortified positions, in the mountains, from years of war preparations/invasion defenses.
    Not a front I would open up, unless I was Russia.
    What, are Moldavian railways going to bring fresh troops and equipment, to Western Ukraine? Nah… This is just war drums.

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