Russell Brand stands accused of rape

Russell Brand stands accused of rape

This is all over the news in Britain while the Bidens go unpunished (and Hunter posted videos of himself raping Chinese girls), the truth of Jeffrey Epstein has not been fully exposed and the British media establishment shields pedophiles. 

Political, anyone?

Russell Brand yesterday

Comment from Shaun Atwood

You can get all the salacious details at the Daily Mail

Alice’s story: ‘Russell Brand groomed me when I was 16. He forced his penis down my throat, called me “the child” – and when I told him I was a virgin he got aroused’

  • Russell Brand has been accused of rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse
  • He also faces allegations of controlling, abusive and predatory behaviour 
  • He denies the allegations and says all of his relationships were consensual

From the British media that shielded Savile for years and whose second name is HYPOCRISY

Listen to moment Russell Brand tells Jimmy Savile he will bring along an attractive naked female assistant who will give him a massage when they meet

Russell Brand told Jimmy Savile he would bring along a naked female personal assistant who would give him a massage when they met.

Among the explosive revelations reported by The Times, the paper notes a live telephone call with the Jim’ll Fix It presenter aired on Brand’s radio show in May 2007.

When Brand asks if he will meet him, Savile says: ‘If you have got a sister you could meet me by bringing her along. I don’t usually meet fellas but if you have got a sister then that’s okay.’

Brand disgustingly says his assistant will give Savile a massage

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