13 July

Russia ‘under attack’ with explosions heard near nuclear depot seized by Wagner in coup

Reports online claim the south west city of Voronezh has been attacked

Explosions have reportedly been heard on the outskirts of a Russian city with unconfirmed claims of an attack. People in Voronezh, southwest Russia, have reported “a loud explosion”, according to Twitter account Live: Ukraine

Bombs dropped close to nuclear facility seized in Wagner coup as ‘Russia under attack’

Explosions were heard near the Voronezh 45 nuclear weapons storage site allegedly accessed by Wagner units during their recent mutiny in Russia.

Nuclear Terrorism: NATO/Kiev Targeted Russia’s Kursk NPP in Drone attack

The Kiev regime does not stop attempts to hit Russian strategic rear areas. On the night of July 14, Ukrainian UAVs targeted two Russian border regions of Voronezh and Kursk, where the target of the strike was the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant.

Three Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed by Russian Air Defence Forces over the village of Maslovsky located on the southern outskirts of the city of Voronezh. The attack was filmed by several street cameras, which confirmed that Ukrainian drones did not reach their target.

According to the local governor, there are no victims, injured, no destruction in the area.

Another drone crashed at night in the city of Kurchatov in the Kursk region. The Kursk NPP is located in the industrial area of the city. The Russian military is yet to comment on the incident to reveal wether the UAV crashed because of any malfunction or it was intercepted by Russian air defence systems, electronic warfare means.

“None of the residents were injured. Strategic facilities were not damaged as a result of the drone crash and its subsequent detonation,” the head of the region wrote. According to the local officials, the attack resulted in damage to the facade and glazing in a multi-storey building in the city.

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

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Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

Photos of the wreckage revealed that the UAV was equipped with a Kingtech K-210 turbine, which is an expensive Taiwanese-made device, which costs up to several thousand euros, designed to be installed on aircraft models and homemade UAVs.

After the drone crash in the city of Kurchatov, the head of Rosatom Mr Likhachev assured that all measures to ensure the safety of Russian nuclear power plants have been taken, “the situation is under control.”

This is not the first attempt of the Kiev regime to attack the Kursk NPP. Earlier, in April, the drone attack on the Kursk NPP was repelled by Russian air defense forces.

On July 13, Russian border guards also landed Ukrainian FPV drone using electronic warfare means in the Sudzhansky district in the Kursk region. When the drone hit the ground, it exploded. The attack resulted in no damage and no victims.

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones
Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

Another Ukrainian UAV was intercepted over the Kursk region on July 10. It was equipped with a beacon designed to send the coordinated where the UAV was shot down to the Ukrainian military. It is used to track the location of Russian air defence systems.

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones
Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones
Nuclear Terrorism: Kiev Targeted Russian Kursk NPP With Drones

While Kiev accuses the Russians of allegedly preparing attacks on the Zaporozhye NPP, the Ukrainian military is constantly targeting nuclear power plants on Russian territory. For example, on July 10, Kiev forces targeted the Desnogorsk nuclear power plant in the Smolensk region. LINK

Ukraine tries to attack Kursk Nuclear Power Plant in Russia

Russian air defence systems are working effectively, Kremlin’s official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said commenting on the attack that the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted in the area of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant in Russia

A Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crashed at night in the town of Kurchatov in the Kursk region of Russia. The explosion of the drone caused damage to the facade of the apartment building. No one was hurt.

Kursk region Governor Roman Starovoit later confirmed the information about the drone attack. Critical facilities were not damaged as a result of the drone explosion, he said.

From RT

One dead in accident at world’s biggest uranium enrichment plant

A nuclear facility in Russia’s Urals has suffered a leak, which was contained within a single section, the plant operator said
One dead in accident at world’s biggest uranium enrichment plant

An accident at a nuclear enrichment facility in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region has left one worker dead, the plant’s administration said on Friday.

A cylinder containing depleted uranium tails ruptured after a pressurization failure at the Urals Electrochemical Plant (UECP), owned by Russian state nuclear energy firm Rosatom.

UECP, which is the largest uranium enricher in the world, described the incident as a “local” one, and stressed that the danger has been contained within the affected section.

A plant technician, aged 65, died after suffering a “fatal mechanical trauma,” the statement said.

All other staff who were in the section at the time the cylinder burst were evacuated and sent to hospital for medical checkups. Most have since been released and are “out of danger,” UECP said.

The plant administration gave assurances that the radiation level in the rest of the plant and in nearby areas remains “normal,” and that the radioactivity of the leaked material was even lower than that of regular uranium ore.

Rosatom also published data on the background radiation in the nearby city of Novouralsk, which it said remained within normal boundaries.

The leaked material, which is a byproduct of uranium enrichment, is used as a secondary uranium source in fuel production for nuclear power plants, as well as in the manufacture of industrial fluorine. It is classified as a nuclear substance and is subject to state controls in Russia.

UECP describes itself as the biggest uranium enrichment enterprise “not only in Russia but in the world.” Its facilities account for 48% of Russia’s enrichment capacity, its website says. The plant plays a key role in fuel production for both nuclear power stations and “other nuclear power systems,” it adds.

From Newsweek

Novouralsk Nuclear Plant Blast—What We Know as Russians Rushed to Hospital

More than 100 people have been hospitalized and one person was killed after an explosion at a uranium enrichment plant in Russia’s Urals region—the largest of its kind in the world—according to local media reports.

Russia’s state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, which owns the Ural Electrochemical Combine in Novouralsk, said a cylinder with depleted uranium hexafluoride was “depressurized” at around 9 a.m. local time.

Russian media outlets often use euphemisms such as “loud bang” or “depressurized” instead of “blast” or “explosion,” allegedly to avoid sowing panic and maintain a favorable information landscape.

In a statement, Rosatom assured that the incident was “promptly localized,” that there was no risk to people living nearby, and that background radiation at the plant “corresponds to natural values.”

Local news outlet E1 reported that the cylinder was “dropped.” Local residents have reportedly been asked to remain at home, while Vyacheslav Tyumentsev, the head of Novouralsk, asked residents not to panic and said the situation “is under control.”

One person, a 65-year-old “dedicated equipment maintenance technician,” was killed in the “tragic incident” at the plant, Rosatom told Newsweek in a statement.

“The General Director of Ural Electrochemical Plant, Alexander Dudin, together with the entire plant collective and the State Corporation ‘Rosatom,’ express heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased for their devastating loss,” it said.

More than 100 workers from the plant were being taken to a nearby hospital for examination and are likely not injured, according to the Russian news outlet E1, which added that doctors who were on vacation and not working were called in “urgently.”

Rosatom said the other workers present at the time of the incident “underwent medical examination at the Central Clinical Hospital No. 31 of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia in Novouralsk.”

“We are relieved to report that most workers have been discharged after undergoing decontamination procedures, and their lives and health are not at risk,” the statement said.

Rosatom said it has formed a “dedicated commission” to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. “Our priority is to identify the root causes and implement robust preventive measures to eliminate any chance of recurrence,” it said.

Urals Electrochemical Combine says it enriches uranium for use in nuclear power plants and is the largest of its kind in the world.

We know who is winning on the battlefield. If you want the details there they are.

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