David Icke interviewed by Brian Rose

David Icke interviewed by Brian Rose

FULL ROSE/ICKE 9: BANNED AGAIN – including David on Russell Brand and the ‘here but no further mainstream alternative media’ and where it refuses to go – REALITY CHANGING IN THE EXTREME

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Do you believe in our fundamental human right to free speech?

Do you believe in your fundamental human right to be allowed to hear anyone else speak their mind?

And finally, do you believe that these human rights should supercede any attempt by our digital platforms to limit this expression?

Then how is it fair to ban a YouTube channel after 12 years of creation, over 14,000 videos, and 2.3 million subscribers?

Would you agree it represents a violation of the law to deny someone’s constitutional right (and European Union right) to Free Speech?

Well that is exactly what has happened to both London Real and David Icke.

How can this be happening in this day and age when the Twitter files have shown us that our very governments that are sworn to protect our rights and meanwhile asking our technology companies to violate them?

Which is why we decided to hold this Emergency Broadcast where David Icke is returning to London Real Studios to join me for the ninth instalment in our landmark interview series: ROSE/ICKE 9: Banned Again.

This will be a “no holds barred”, “anything goes” session where I promise to drill down and get to the bottom of the deplatformings and digital silencings which is affecting so many creators worldwide.

Never has our fundamental right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press been so important to defend!!

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