The Middle East: Everything that can go wrong, Is.

The Middle East: Everything that can go wrong, Is.

I have found TruNews again. Here is their coverage.

Knesset Member Calls for Old Testament-like Elimination of Palestinian People

The world is witnessing in real time a genuine mass slaughter of humans. The carnage in Gaza is rapidly descending in horror on the scale of the Nazi slaughter of Jews in World War 2 and the Turk’s genocide of Armenian Christians in 1915. Western nations are applauding Israel’s bombing rampage in Palestinian neighborhood, churches, mosques, and hospitals. American Evangelical church leaders are using the Old Testament biblical scriptures as justification of Israel’s bloodlust to kill off 2.5 million Palestinian men, women, and children. Today, a member of the Israeli Knesset openly endorsed genocide and proposed the complete destruction of every city and town in Gaza.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 10/26/2023

Pentagon preps for mass evacuation of 1 million Americans in Middle East

There are significant World War 3 developments today. Russia announced military training for carrying out a nuclear attack. Prime Minister Netanyahu told to delay Gaza invasion until US military is prepared for all-out war. And the Pentagon is making preparations for a mass evacuation of up to one million Americans living in Middle Eastern countries. Let’s start with the Russian nuclear strike training.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 10/25/2023

BREAKING! It’s starting, Israel begins Gaza ground invasion


4 thoughts on “The Middle East: Everything that can go wrong, Is.

  1. Hello Robin
    Disturbing times indeed. I still maintain this will not turn into the Armageddon many are expecting. Canadian Prepper seems to me to be a bit of a panic mouse & don’t watch his videos.
    With regard to your comments above about what the Nazis did to the Jews in the lead-up to, and during WWII – it pays to remember the victors write history. Check out the following and then poke around more of his articles for a more complete history on what appears to be a massive fraud regarding the history of WWII. Quite possibly the same applies to Stalin – not to excuse him in any way. I just want the truth and one should not ignore documents and evidence that does not support the official narrative.

    Hope you enjoy it. Just downloaded your autobiography and have to say I’m looking forward to reading it after sampling a few pages.

    Cheers, Davi

  2. There is/was one good thing about the Covid hoax. It knocked off ‘The Holocaust’ as the biggest lie in history. For DECADES ‘The Holocaust’ was the King-of-the-Hill of myths. I was going to post this link before I came to and read Davi’s post.

    I like and respect Health Ranger Mike Adams, but he apparently believes in the Holohoax narrative. I’ll have to contact him sometime soon about it.

    Thanks, Robin. Please consider a link to this information on your site.

    After witnessing the slaughter of Palestinians, one thing I can do is educate as many Americans as I can about these shysters.

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