Do not think the war in Ukraine has gone away!

Do not think the war in Ukraine has gone away!

Preparations for a major war in the Baltic: Three aircraft carriers, 200 aircraft and 54 F-35s with B-61-12 nuclear bombs are mobilizing NATO!

Airlift to transport nuclear bombs to Britain from USA

NATO is preparing for war in the Baltic and Eastern Europe after the collapse of Ukraine. USA and Britain are preparing for the next conflict that will break out in the Baltic.

It is not only three aircraft carriers that are being deployed to protect mainly the Baltic but also the transfer of 54 USAF F-35 fighters to Britain all armed with B-61-12 nuclear bombs.

Today the certification of B-61-12 nuclear bombs was announced for the Dutch F-35s as well.

Recall that the US currently has two aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean-Persian without counting the surface forces of other countries.

NATO is already spread across all sea lanes and controls key points.

A very big war looms on the horizon… The US and Britain consider a Russian move towards the Baltic states and the Suwalki Corridor to join Russia with Kaliningrad as highly as possible.

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Avdivka destroyed the Ukrainian defense in Bakhmut: The Russians recapture Klisifka-Andreevka – The sacrifices of thousands of Ukrainians are in vain

Russians rip off all Ukrainian counterattack – Zelensky obsession killed Ukrainian Army

The Russian forces recapture all the territories won by the Ukrainians during the “counter-offensive”, giving the gratuitous shot to the strategy drawn up by those responsible for the destruction, V. Zelensky and V. Zaluzny.

It is a given that in Ukraine the discussion about responsibilities will begin. We remind you that the Americans several times asked them to stop the counterattack in Bahamut, seeing that it was pure suicide.

The Ukrainians had sacrificed at least one Brigade in the area to take 2-3 settlements which due to lack of resources and means they knew in advance that they would not be able to hold.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for the successful offensive actions of the Russian Armed Forces in this direction was the complication of the operational situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Avdifka. The Ukrainian command had to urgently transfer some units from Bakhmut, which weakened the local garrison and took advantage of the Russian Armed Forces.

What is happening shows that Ukraine is running out of both human resources and ammunition.

Zero hour in Ukraine: Zelensky does not send NATO weapons to frontline units for fear of rebellion

Shocking revelations from a Ukrainian prisoner of war

A Ukrainian prisoner of war sheds light on the reality of Western arms distribution.

Ukraine’s military units that have a larger number of conscripted civilians in their ranks are not receiving weapons or equipment from NATO aid as the Kiev military command fears a soldier uprising, said Yuri Kuzmich, a captured Ukrainian soldier from the 63rd Separate Motorized Brigade.

“There are zero NATO weapons.

We’ve heard of them, but no one actually sees them.

They brag about it on the Internet saying “Here, look what NATO gave us”…

They keep the weapons of NATO, because we can turn against them, against Kiev” , said the prisoner.

Kuzmich spoke of military formations with a large number of enlisted men.

Fear in the Ukrainian leadership

Kiev’s refusal to properly equip the troops can be attributed to a negative attitude towards the authorities among the personnel.

The course of the hostilities revealed that Ukraine took irrational actions at the front and was deceiving troops in its own ranks.

“Some brigades may move towards Kiev. They promise us one thing but in the end we see something radically opposite.

They are afraid to give us NATO equipment” , summarized the prisoner.

Ukraine has imposed martial law across the country, meaning men between the ages of 18 and 60 are now banned from traveling abroad.

Recruitment, most of it coercive, takes place everywhere even on the street and not only in recruitment offices.

People are arrested on the streets, in petrol stations and in cafes.

It is not only recruiters who hand out enlistment papers.

The candidate can be approached by an employer, a home owner in general by anyone, reports Sputnik.

A top NATO General is shocked: “Russia has applied the Clausewitz doctrine – It will go to Odessa with 350,000 soldiers”

The Russians are preparing for something very big…

The Russian military has defeated the Ukrainian Armed Forces and has built up a large reserve for a major offensive aimed at capturing Odessa, said the former head of NATO’s Military Commission, retired German general Harald Kujat.

“The losses of the Ukrainian armed forces are extremely high, especially during the offensive.

The Russian armed forces, in contrast, used defensive tactics and switched to a defensive strategy.

Their goal is not to hold territory at any cost, but to destroy the Ukrainian army, the Russians have a strategy of decimating the Ukrainian army…

This is Clausewitz’s basic rule: disarm the enemy – and then everything else will take care of itself.

This is exactly what the Russian armed forces have achieved.

For several days now, the Russians are even talking about active defense.

This means they are preparing a big attack,” said German general Harald Kujat.

The Ukrainians threw in a white towel: In the suburbs of Avdifka, the Russians – The Russian armies converged on the “sides” of the city, causing chaos & hundreds of dead

Ukrainian forces withdraw inside the city! – The tongs closed again

The developments on the Avdifka front are stormy as the Russian armies are converging from the north and the south at a faster rate than Kiev had anticipated. The Russians caused chaos in the ranks of the Ukrainian ED and hundreds of casualties.

Today the Russian canal was closed by 1.5 km and now 5 km remaining for a natural encirclement of Avdifka.

Practically, the Russians have already surrounded the city as all escape and supply axes of the Ukrainian Guard are within artillery range.

Ukrainian soldiers have thrown in the towel. They face serious problems with ammunition shortages and many soldiers refuse to carry out orders with the Zelensky-Zaluzny feud at its height.

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Video: Soldiers of the 110th Assault Mountain Brigade suffer heavy casualties in infantry attacks in fighting in the waste pile. They complain that the leadership has abandoned the city and is still sending scores of them to their deaths every day.

The Russians continue their advance on Avdifka

Russian troops again successfully advanced and captured several positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This is also recognized by Ukrainian military analysts who publish maps.

“Northeast of Vodyanoye, the Russian Armed Forces advanced in the direction of Avdifka. Active hostilities continue in the direction of Severnoye, Avdeevka and north of the Novoavdeevsky headquarters.

West of the Avdeevsky dump, southeast and east of Stepovoye, active military operations continue along and behind the railroad.”

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in its morning report that in the zone of responsibility of the Tavria command and control unit in the Avdeevsky direction, the Russian army does not give up its efforts to encircle Avdifka.

The Russian Armed Forces are carrying out offensive operations in the areas of the villages of N. Keramik, Stepovoye, Avdeevka, Severnoye, Pervomaiskoye.

SHOCK! Zelensky Rejects Secret Peace Talks as Ukraine’s Negotiation Position Worsens!

NBC News reports that U.S. and European officials have been “queitly” talking Ukraine into peace negotiations with Russia. Ukrainian Zelensky rejected this on TV this weekend. On Meet The Press, he said he doesn’t “think that this is a stalemate.” Ukraine had promised that the counteroffensive that began in June would put them in a better negotiation to negotiate? That plan didn’t work out. They’re in a far worse position to negotiate having gained no ground and lost at least 70,000 soldiers. Zelensky seems woefully unaware of this.

From Zero Hedge

Pentagon Is Starting To Restrict Flow Of Military Aid To Ukraine As Money Runs Out

No more green for Zelenskyy.

With war funding for both Ukraine and Israel now seemingly snarled up beyond repair in Congress, on Thursday the Pentagon said that funding delays have forced the US to begin restricting the flow of military assistance to Ukraine, and the Pentagon has only $1 billion left to replenish stocks of weapons that were sent to the country, according to a spokeswoman.

“We have had to meter out our support for Ukraine,” Deputy Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters. “We’re going to continue to roll out packages but they are getting smaller.”

Singh urged Congress to break a deadlock and approve the Biden administration’s $61.4 billion request for emergency funds for Ukraine’s fight against Russia, part of a masive $106 billion package that would include aid for Israel and the US-Mexico border, but which now has virtually no chance of passing. House Republicans have sought to separate the aid for Ukraine and Israel, an idea both the Senate and the White House oppose.

Singh said the US had burned through about 95% of previous funding for Ukraine, which she said also totaled more than $60 billion; of course, much of that $60 billion was then rerouted back to the Military Industrial Complex and Deep state back in the US, where it served to boost various military companies, and their political supporters and assorted hanger-on lobbies.

She said the remaining $1 billion is part of a program that allows President Joe Biden to send existing US military hardware to Ukraine and replace it with new orders.

Singh’s warning was only the latest from the administration, which has said repeatedly it’s scrambling to keep military aid flowing for President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s forces. Last month, the Pentagon’s comptroller said a government shutdown, which is also looming later this month, would slow the pace of replacing weapons stockpiles sent to Ukraine.

Perhaps realizing that Ukraine’s military forces are about to expire, Telegraph reported that Russia has amassed an estimated 40,000 troops around the key battlefront in Avdiivka as it prepares for a third wave assault on the shattered eastern town, the Ukrainian military has said.

“They are building up reserves. They’ve brought in about 40,000 men here along with ammunition of all calibres,” said Anton Kotsukon, spokesperson for the 110th separate mechanised brigade. “We see no sign of the Russians abandoning plans to encircle Avdiivka.”

Russian forces, he said, had surrounded the town on three sides and were “playing cat and mouse”, sending up “huge numbers” of drones to scout out Ukraine’s defences.

Ukrainian forces regard the town as a gateway for future advances to recapture territory in the east; alternatively the Russian army expects capture of the town to allow to penetrate deep into Ukraine territory.

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