Freemasonry’s secret rituals exposed

Freemasonry’s secret rituals exposed

Freemasons TRIGGERED After Independent Journalist Infiltrates Lodge, Exposes Bizarre Rituals!

  • Undercover footage exposes bizarre rituals taking place inside Masonic lodges.
  • Freemasons send out internal letter warning others of independent journalist’s exposé.

Independent journalist Kyle Clifton has continued to expose the bizarre rituals taking place inside of Freemason lodges, with lodge members taking notice and warning he’s not to be trusted.

In recent undercover videos posted by Clifton to X (formerly Twitter), Freemasons at a lodge in Arizona are observed carrying out a ceremony preparing a member for induction into the third Masonic degree.

As explained in a previous Infowars article on the subject, the ritual involves Masons acting out the story of Hiram Abiff, an artisan and chief architect and builder of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem who was murdered by three ruffians after he refused to reveal the secrets of the Master Mason degree.

The ceremony continues in Clifton’s latest videos, with Masons pretending to attempt to revive Abiff from death using secret handshakes.

“The resurrection is done with the various secret handshakes to indicate that only a Masters grip will raise him from the dead,” notes Clifton.

“The masonic oath & penalties are sworn over, essentially a Jewish Talmud. The 3 lamps are illuminated to mock our Holy Trinity,” another clip of the ceremony shows, according to Clifton.

Evidently, Clifton ruffled some feathers within the organization and Masons are now sending letters to other members warning them of his videos and saying it exposes him as someone who cannot be trusted.

“One of our members has posted on social media videos of our ritual,” an internal letter obtained by Clifton reads. “This is a breach of trust and a violation of his obligation to the craft. He took an oath and could not keep it. The information he posted is not unknown to the internet; a simple search will find something similar. But his posting did expose him as someone who cannot be trusted more than it exposed our Fraternity.”

It continues: “The Grand Lodge is investigating this incident and will act upon the results according to the Arizona Masonic Code and legal advice from Grand Counsel. I request that you refrain from spreading any rumors, but if you have direct information about the posting send it to the Grand Secretary.”

We shudder to think what could happen to Mr. Clifton if he’s caught:

Clifton says he plans to continue releasing footage from inside the lodge, publishing one video every 24 hours.

Freemasonry’s secret rituals exposed in viral video published by undercover Catholic journalist

(LifeSiteNews) — An independent Catholic journalist has received scores of death threats after publishing footage of secret Masonic rituals.

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Clifton explained that he joined a Masonic lodge a number of years ago, with the intention of exposing their secrets. Clifton said that since filming the ritual, he has been baptised as a Catholic.

On November 16, Kyle Clifton began posting a series of video clips he made while attending a highly secretive Masonic ritual. Filmed with a concealed camera, his footage documents the induction ceremony of a third degree Master Mason, which is the highest degree of Freemasonry in the Blue Lodge, before members can choose to deepen their membership through more specific routes such as in the Scottish Rite. One of his videos has been viewed more than 7 million times on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Clifton told LifeSiteNews that when he was 18 years-old he decided he wanted to expose Freemasonry because he believed it to be influential in much of the evil in the world. He explained that as a young man  he was asking question such as: “Why is the world the way it is? Why is there so much degeneracy in this world? Who’s pushing all this pro-pagan

Watch the full video HERE

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