5G in WUHAN, China… and in MILAN, Italy

5G in WUHAN, China… and in MILAN, Italy

When I started looking at this I tried posting an official article from Chinese media about 5G in Wuhan, China I was refused several times and told it did not meet its “community standards”

Here is another link


And, as if by coincidence, they have 5G in Milan, which has just been locked down because of coronovirus.

Vodafone Italy turned 

Milan into an extensive 5G 



with Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, Vodafone won a
tender 18 months ago to create an extensive 5G testbed in the city of
Milan. Since then, it has collaborated with 38 partners to develop
close to 50 separate use cases, investing €90 million in the
process. Vodafone says all the partners were interested to understand
not just what 5G would bring to their own businesses, but also to
society in general. It quickly discovered that 5G brings with it a
new way of working, with real collaboration to co-develop and
co-create services with completely different business models. The
challenge now is to transform these trials into actual commercial
products with end to end service assurance.

at: 5G World, London, June 2019


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