1. Sadly, this has been ongoing for over 40 years. These guys were doing their very best to expose child sex traffic the USA. They had people dead to rights. It’s a really sad, disgusting doc… (Boys for sale 1981)
    Young boy’s bodies thrown in dumpsters, sexually abused to the point. They died from blood loss after being discarded. This report is just from the Huston area! Late 70’s… I don’t want to imagine the depravity.

    “…No pre-Trial hearing, No charges.
    -Wasn’t there another ring of um, tour guides, boy tour guides for congressmen?
    -Well, you may be referring to the case of representative Henson, Republican for Mississippi, who was found having sex with somebody in the men’s room of…”

    Call-in centers… Leave you credit-card and address. Your “Selection” will be delivered to you. In 1980! Abduction, abuse, murder. From the upper echelons. Including Doctors, Lawyers, Judges and many other trusted positions of power. It’s documented.

    Little St. James is the tip of the ice-berg. Shipping containers from Asia often have slaves too. I find it sad that this huge problem, has been flying under the radar for so long.
    Pizza-Gate was a knock-knock, remember me?

  2. Here’s one more clip from Boys for Sale. https://youtu.be/q3c5bOCt8tI?t=1224

    “So we’ve talked about legislatures, congressmen, senators. People in the highest ranks of government. At the local/state level. Now are these just aberrations or is this part of a widespread ongoing thing?”
    “I think it’s very widespread, and not just among powerful politicians, we’ve talked about politicians. But it seems to be the case, in all high-powered professions. Corporations, medicine, law, even the universities. Not necessarily professions with bloated salaries but, prestige, some power, influence and above all, pressure. The men involved are susceptible to this sort of deviation.”
    It’s hard to watch, even though it’s mostly 4 guys sitting in a room talking. The subject matter is very distressing to me. Some clips of blurred out boys, who have escaped.
    I recommend watching some, if you have never heard of “Boys for Sale.” If you can handle the disturbing subject. I had to watch it in 30-45 min spurts.

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