90 fresh new graves in a small town of 13,000 in New Zealand

90 fresh new graves in a small town of 13,000 in New Zealand

Oamaru is a small town in the South Island of New Zealand with a population of 13,000.

How can a town that size have 94 freshly-dug graves that don’t even have headstones yet?

It has been. pointed out that this is only burials and not cremations. 

You would have to be a special sort of person not to have noticed how many, mainly elderly, folk are dying.

Just in our own circle we are overwhelmed by reports of deaths and people saying that they have lost a lot of their clientele over recent months.

Several months ago a friend of ours, a gravedigger was reporting that he had seem a huge increase in the number of people he was burying.

He was sacked for refusing to have the jab.

Here are just a few apposite comments from the twitter thread.

The majority seem to be from trolls and bots.






This graph illustrates the situation. During the pandemic before the vaccination roll-out there were 27 deaths WITH covid. Now have a look at the current situation

This is from Worldometer. Note, these are ONLY deaths ascribed to covid and does not include the people dying from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots that are deemed by the authorities to be “coincidental”.


How long will it take before the jabbed majority twig on to the fact that there is a genocide going on and it is directly linked to the mRNA jab?

3 thoughts on “90 fresh new graves in a small town of 13,000 in New Zealand


    fingers in their ears
    cheerful chants of ‘safe and effective’

    The unjabbed:

    Terrified Silence when near the jabbed
    Nightmares of more bodies than people

  2. Worldwide genocide
    How she wishes they had listened
    Genocide she screamed
    Is coming
    Do not get jabbed

    Did they listen?
    Hell no
    A conspiracy wacko nutcase
    Is what they called her

    She screamed again
    It’s not about a virus
    It’s not a vaccine
    She screamed
    Again and again

    Someone whispered
    What is it then?

    Bio-digital tech convergence
    she whispered back
    Humanity is disappearing
    “They are hacking the software of life”
    A quote from the wizards of evil
    At Moderna

    What remains, no longer human
    God given DNA is being edited
    They are patented
    Bar coding
    For the purpose
    Of ownership of humans

    The children
    Four generations cursed
    Patented, the sin of the parents
    Passed on down
    So horrible, so cruel
    She whispered
    For the children

    Humans forever enslaved
    Soul catchers
    Waiting in the shadows
    They want souls
    The others
    want bodies

    They will trick you all
    The Beast is here
    She screamed one more time
    WAKE UP!!

    The veil is lifting
    Sadly so many can not see
    It’s too late for them
    She whispered
    Is anyone out there???

    Someone whispered back
    We are scared silent

    She no longer screams
    She no longer whispers
    She only cries
    So many tears
    So many funerals
    So much grief
    She wants no part of their new world
    For it is a world that will never know joy

    A final warning
    She said
    They are coming for us again
    They are not done with us, yet

    Another pandemic
    More of their injectable
    Secret sauce
    They will not stop
    As they no longer need us

    This is the last time
    They will do this
    They promised

  3. My apologies for the what is written above, it did not print out in the same format I wrote it in, it should have looked like the comment above mine. If you want to erase this one as there is no punctuation etc I understand. It looks terrible this way.

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