A bit of perspective on Russia’s “aggression”

A bit of perspective on Russia’s “aggression”

In part, this is an attempt to deflect from the fact that Russia IS mobilising ON ITS OWN BORDERS.

How Russia ‘Weaponized’ 111 Times

Moon of Alabama

5 April, 2021


Last night Bryan MacDonald, an Irish journalist currently working for RT, picked up on a theme we previously noted here.

Bryan MacDonald @27khv – 19:21 UTC · Apr 4, 2021With the US/UK press in full Russia hysteria mode, right now, it’s time for a thread on things the Anglo-American media has accused Moscow of “weaponising.”
We shall start with Charlie Sheen.
Yes. Really. Not a joke.
Take a bow, @ak_mack & @ForeignPolicy

Bryan MacDonald’s thread is a good opportunity to update our list of all the issues, ideas and things Russia has weaponized.

Even while the list below now includes 111 entries – like robotic cockroaches, postmodernism and 14.legged squids – it is likely far from being complete.

  1. Was Noah Green the weaponized target of the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) masked as the FBI Cointelpro?
       Russia News, April 2021
  2. Congress Can Do Better to Fight Weaponized Corruption
       Foreign Policy, April 2021
  3. WAR ON THE WEST West on brink of vaccine ‘world war’ as Putin ‘weaponizes’ Sputnik V jab to ‘attack’ the EU, warns Macron
       Sun, March 2021
  4. Secret Is Out: Russia Weaponized and Trained Dolphins and Whales
       National Interest, January 2021
  5. Russia ‘is researching how to weaponise deadly Ebola virus as part of a catastrophic doomsday project’, experts fear
       Daily Mail, December 2020
  6. Vladimir Putin wasted no time in weaponizing Trump’s election conspiracies to spread Russian propaganda
       Busines Insider, November 2020
  7. How Russia Tried to Weaponize Charlie Sheen
       Foreign Policy, September 2020
  8. ‘Beijing & Moscow have weaponized space through killer satellites, directed energy weapons’: Defense Sec
       Sociable, September 2020
  9. Russia Weaponizes Increasingly Sophisticated Disinformation
       AFCEA, September 2020
  10. China and Russia ‘have weaponised space with killer energy weapon satellites
       Daily Star, September 2020
  11. Russia’s Weaponization of Tradition: The Case of the Orthodox Church in Montenegro
       CSIS, September 2020
  12. Will Russia Weaponize Its Wheat As the World Combats the Coronavirus?
       National Interest, July 2020
  13. Russia Weaponized (Again) with Anthony Leonardi
       OAN (video), July 2020
  14. Putin’s Russia has weaponized World War II
       Atlantic Council, May 2020
  15. Russia has weaponized ideas of Samuel Huntington
       The Hill, February 2020
  16. How Russia weaponized social media, got caught and escaped consequences
       Washington Post, November 2019
  17. How Russian Hybrid Warfare Has Weaponized Disinformation
       Daily Signal, November 2019
  18. Russian Hybrid Warfare Has Weaponized Disinformation
       Ohio Star, November 2019
  19. Russian Hybrid Warfare Has Weaponized Disinformation
       Tennessee Star, November 2019
  20. For Russia, Even the Language Can Be a Weapon
       Bloomberg, November 2019
  21. Russia Unveils ‘Unique’ Weaponized Icebreaker as It Eyes Arctic Oil and Gas
       Newsweek, October 2019
  22. The Weaponization of Postmodernism: Russia’s New War with Europe
       LSE, July 2019
  23. The Russians weaponized laughter!
       David Peck/Medium, February 2019
  24. How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon
       BBC, December 2018
  25. Weaponizing an Economy: The Cryptoruble and Russia’s Dystopian Future
       U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), November 2018
  26. Weaponizing Religion: Putin’s Philosopher Ivan Ilyin
       Daily Kos, November 2018
  27. The Russians Are Weaponizing Health Information
       History News Network, September 2018
  28. Russian trolls are weaponizing the vaccine “debate” to divide Americans
       Big Think, August 2018
  29. US Accused Russia Of Weaponizing Space Due To “Abnormal Behavior” Of “Mysterious” Satellite
       Raw Conservative Opinions, August 2018
  30. It’s been 5 months since a Putin critic was found murdered in London, but almost nothing’s happened since — and Russia is weaponizing the silence
       Buisiness Insider, August 2018
  31. Russia Accused Of ‘Weaponized’ Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Attacks
       PrepForThat, August 2018
  32. Weaponizing hypocrisy, in Russia and beyond
       Columbia Journalism Review, July 2018
  33. America’s racism has long been Russia’s secret weapon
       CNN, July 2018
  34. How Russia Is Weaponizing International Students in the New Cold War
       Alternet, June 2018
  35. Russia, Facebook & Cybersecurity: Combating Weaponized FUD in the Social Media Age
       Information Week, June 2018
  36. Polish PM Calls Nord Stream 2 ‘Weapon’ Of Hybrid Warfare
       RFERL, May 2018
  37. Weaponizing culture: “civilizationism” and nationalism in Putin’s Russia
       NED, March 2018
  38. Vladimir Putin Outwitted Megyn Kelly by Weaponizing Incompetence
       The New Yorker, March 2018
  39. Britain accuses Russia of ‘weaponizing information’ with 2017 cyberattack
       New York Post, February 2018
  40. #PutinAtWar: How Russia Weaponized “Russophobia”
       DRFLab/Medium, February 2018
  41. Is Russia Weaponizing The Giant Squid?
       Alltime Conspiracies, January 2018
  42. Putin weaponizes sheep, launches hybrid attacks on US bases in Romania
       The Duran, January 2018
  43. Russian army demonstrates latest weapon: Cuddly puppies
       Associated Press, January 2018
  44. The Weaponization of Tedium Is Putin’s New Strategy (Op-ed)
       Moscow Times, December 2017
  45. Fake news and botnets: how Russia weaponised the web
       Guardian, December 2017
  46. How Russia Weaponized Social Media With ‘Social Bots’
       NPR, November 2017
  47. Russia has weaponized the energy sector in war against the West
       The Hill, October 2017
  48. Russia’s Facebook ads show how Internet microtargeting can be weaponized
       Cornell University, October 2017
  49. ‘Russia weaponizing Facebook‘ is a tipping point for how much we rely on tech, says author
       CNBC, October 2017
  50. How Russia Weaponized Primetime
       Coda, October 2017
  51. We’re learning more about how Russia weaponized Facebook, Twitter, and Google — and it was remarkably easy
       Business Insider, October 2017
  52. Putin threatens the world with weaponizing terrorism
       Ukraine Military Pages, September 2017
  53. Russia weaponized Twitter to sway election
       CNN, September 2017
  54. Russia Has Weaponized Energy
       August 2017
  55. Postmodernism Weaponized: Russia’s Assault on American Science
       American Council on Science and Health, August 2017
  56. How Vladimir Putin weaponized the internet
       The Week, June 2017
  57. Weaponizing Kleptocracy: Putin’s Hybrid Warfare
       Hudson Institute, June 2017
  58. Russia Has Weaponized Fake News to Sow Chaos
       The New Republic, May 2017
  59. Shaheen Says Russia ‘Weaponizing’ NatGas, Calls for More Sanctions
       Natural Gas Intelligence, May 2017
  60. How Russia Weaponized Social Media in Crimea
       Strategy Bridge, May 2017
  61. Eurovision, Russia, and weaponized disability
       Euromaidan Press, March 2017
  62. Russia Is ‘Weaponizing Misinformation,’ Says UK Defense Secretary
       NBC News, February 2017
  63. ‘Meet The Press’ Roundtable: Russia Weaponizing Intelligence; Replacing Obamacare
       Real Clear Politics, January 2017
  64. Schiff: Russia ‘weaponized’ computer hacking
       Washington Examiner, January 2017
  65. Rep. Schiff: Unlike China’s Hacks, Russia ‘Weaponized’ Data
       Newsmax, January 2017
  66. Believe it or not: Western media uncovers Putin plan to ‘weaponize’ 14-legged squid
       RT, December 2016
  67. Russia Weaponized Social Media in U.S. Election, FireEye Says
       Bloomberg, December 2016
  68. Russia is Weaponizing culture in CEE by creating a traditionalist “counter-culture”
       Stop Fake, December 2016
  69. Is 14-legged killer squid found TWO MILES beneath Antarctica being weaponised by Putin?
       Express, November 2016
  70. Russia has weaponized the American press
       Vice, October 2016
  71. Putin ‘Weaponizing’ WikiLeaks to Help Trump: Clinton Campaign
       Bloomberg, October 2016
  72. A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories
       New York Times, August 2016
  73. Commentary: Hybrid Business — The Risks In The Kremlin’s Weaponization Of The Economy
       RFERL, July 2016
  74. Putin weaponizing Judo by distributing 7 million free copies of his book
       SOTT, July 2016
  75. Latvia Decides Putin Is Weaponizing Names – Bans Russian Names for New Babies
       Russia Insider, June 2016
  76. Putin is Weaponizing Popularity: Newsweek is not Amused
       Off Guardian, June 2016
  77. Putin Weaponises Crosshairs, Foiling Plans to Keep Romania & Poland Safe From Iranian WMDs
       The Blog Mire, June 2016
  78. Migrant crisis: Russia and Syria ‘weaponising’ migration
       BBC, March 2016
  79. UK Says Russia Weaponizing ‘Brexit’ – Russian Embassy Slams Charge
       Russia Insider, March 2016
  80. How Russia Is ‘Weaponizing’ Migration to Destabilize Europe
       Bloomberg, March 2016
  81. Is Putin Weaponising Stupidity?
       The Blogmire, March 2016
  82. NATO commander: Russia ‘weaponizing’ Syrian immigrants
       World Tribune, March 2016
  83. Russia Is Weaponizing Dolphins – Europe Quakes In Terror
       Russia Insider, March 2016
  84. Russia accused of ‘weaponizing’ Syria refugees
       CNBC, February 2016
  85. Is Russia ‘Weaponizing Refugees‘ To Advance Its Geopolitical Goals?
       RFERL, February 2016
  86. Russian Hackers Used Weaponized Word Files to Infect Ukraine’s Power Grid
       Softpedia, Jan 2016
  87. Russian Hackers May Have Weaponized The Grid, And It’s Got US Intel Spooked
       Daily Caller, January 2016
  88. Russian “Weaponized Default” Will Cause Financial Collapse Of Entire Western World
       Satu Insan, January 2016
  89. Russia’s Population Is Being Weaponized
       RealClearWorld, December 2015
  90. From commodification to weaponization: the Russian language as ‘pride’ and ‘profit’ in Russia’s transnational discourses
       International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, December 2015
  91. “Weaponizing” Federalism? Russia and the Debate on Federalism/Decentralization in Ukraine and Other Post-Soviet States”
       Ukrainian-Canadian Congress, December 2015
  92. Weaponized AK47 NAILGUN – Russian Life Hack (vid)
       Youtube, November 2015
  93. Russia is Weaponizing Culture
       Integrity Initiative, November 2015
  94. Weaponized Default: Russia’s Ultimate Answer to Western Aggression?
       Russia Insider, September 2015
  95. Russia May Soon Have Weaponized Robotic Cockroaches
       Modern Notion, September 2015
  96. Russia Has Weaponized Its National Trauma
       ReadRussia, September 2015
  97. Putin Has Weaponized Soviet History
       Newsweek, July 2015
  98. WEAPONIZATION OF FINANCE: Russia is turning to the Chinese yuan
       Business Insider, June 2015
  99. How Vladimir Putin Weaponized Russia’s Media
       Defense One , April 2015
  100. Hearing: Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information
       Foreign Affairs, April 2015
  101. How the Media Became One of Putin’s Most Powerful Weapons
       Atlantic, April 2015
  102. Russia’s “Weaponization” of Information
       Heritage Foundation, April 2015
  103. Weaponizing Weather: Russia And North Korea Might Be Able To Control The Weather, CIA Allegedly Fears
       Inquisitr, Feb 2015
  104. The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes InformationCulture and Money
       The Interpreter, November 2014
  105. Russia Has Weaponized Ebola
       Fortuna’s Cornor/Morgenpost, August 2014
  106. Russia Is Weaponizing Jedi Mind Tricks
       Vice News, April 2014
  107. The Russians Have Weaponized Photoshop
       Global Voices, March 2014
  108. Whistleblower says Russians got antigravity weaponized spaceships
       Lunatic Outpost, August 2012
  109. Weaponizing the Russian language in Latvia again
       Thoughts From Latvia, December 2011
       International Law Journal, Summer 2010
  111. More on Neo-Soviet Russia Weaponizing Psychiatry
       Publius Pundit, August 2007

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