4 thoughts on “A Buddhist monk speaks out

  1. This monk demonstrates Buddha Mind, which of course is tantamount to Buddha HeartMind. We cannot expect heads of state, of state organizations and so on, and slaves to those entities, to demonstrate same.

    This is not to say this dedicated individual is wasting his time articulating wisdom. Because if he manages to awaken one of the hazy-eyed being addressed, that will be a worthwhile accomplishment.

    Must rush off now, having listened to only the first few minutes. Intend to return to hear the rest.

    Well, actually, before I go, am being reminded of a nagging thought of late… something I’ve brought up before very briefly, and will dwell on it further at some other time. I, and my soul friend, also, feel that the 9th (10th, 11th, & 12th) of January 2020, when transiting Saturn and Pluto conjoined astronomically in space in the astrological zodiacal sign of Capricorn (in its 23rd degree, if I recall that correctly)… the 9th being the very day the Chinese government in Beijing formally announced the presence of the coronavirus in Wuhan city and area — we both now feel the world finally crossed over into the Aquarian Age. That point was the marker for Great Civilizational Change (yes, the covering aspect of the Great Reset).

    My friend says this is the approximate 2,125-year period when the Collective will reign and the ‘rights of the Individual’ will go begging.

    Therefore, more than ever before, the Individual will by necessity be required to demonstrate, at least within him or herself, Buddha HeartMind (and likely will have to shut up about it).

    1. So, now, back after 3 days absence, and intently listening right from the beginning, can say, am sure his well-paced msg, shorn of all ego considerations, is the bare-faced truth of the danger his dharma colleagues will succumb to (must it be repeated ?; ‘dehumanization’) if they are not true to the path they’ve chosen for their life journey.

      But danger also is there if they finally see their hypocrisy in riding the wave of the status quo, and then decide to speak, as this monk has, truthfully on the nitty-gritty of our current global physical and social condition.

      For that’s the meaning of the heavy energy now at work, symbolized by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the 2nd week of January 2020 — damned if we do and damned if we don’t, as we course between that rock and hard place (Saturn and Pluto) —- but not really or seriously damned, if we see and accept our ‘responsibility.’

      It’s important to note that, e.g., mainstream CBC never interviews medical personnel who refuse to get vaxxed. Assistants, nurses, and even some doctors. All must have their reasons; a good number most likely would find agreement is this fine monk’s words. His eyelids would be drooping lower had he not been able to unload his long-held burden of thoughts.

      [— PS for Robin: before starting to reply to my first (and lone) comment above, I noticed just under the article title at top, it said ‘2’ comments ————- is that because another person tried to post … and for some reason, maybe a glitch, it didn’t take? … as happened to me once a few weeks back (haven’t looked yet for the copy I made then) —]

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