A conference of Doctors for Truth, Moscow

A conference of Doctors for Truth, Moscow

I’m afraid I do not know what “covidobessie” is- perhaps the COVID scam??

Doctors for Truth: Conference Participants in Moscow Defeated Covidobesse, QR Codes and Compulsory Vaccination

Врачи за правду: участники конференции в Москве разгромили ковидобесие, QR-коды и принудительную вакцинацию


13 December,

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Last Sunday, the capital hosted a large-scale scientific and practical conference “Doctors for Truth!” entitled “Clinical and organizational aspects of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID-19.” The composition of the participants was like a selection: doctors, candidates of sciences, academicians and just honest doctors who did not buy either the whip or the budget carrot of the authorities. During the event, the reports provided a scientific and evidence base for the story, which has long been understood by those in the subject: the “fight” of the authorities against the covid by restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens and forced injections is not at all about caring for our health. Branding everyone with product markings in the form of a QR code is absolutely not about a guarantee of protection against covid. An attempt to defame and denigrate the key speakers of the conference in the federal media and social networks – not at all for the sake of the “battle for good” and “saving people”, who change their minds to be vaccinated. Much of what was said yesterday will echo more than once in the minds of the confused servants of the “party of covid”.

Dr. med. Vladislav Shafalinov, who became the moderator of the first part of the discussion, gave a good start to the meeting:

“The artificial division of people into“ vaxers ”and“ anti-vaxers ”is not to the benefit of the state and our society. They are trying to shove us, doctors who simply ask questions, into the “anti-Akser” field. I was invited several times to federal channels, ostensibly to discuss many exciting issues. But the discussion does not work out there – the opponents begin to speak in the language of slogans, switch to shouting, and in response, they do not want to switch to shouting. I hope that we will not share definitively on the “waxers” and “anti-axers” – it will not lead to anything good. Everything that happens is also connected with the great distrust of society towards doctors, scientists, and the health care system. This mistrust did not arise out of nowhere, and after all this trouble with the coronavirus infection is resolved, our main task will be to restore trust, ” – summed up Shafalinov.

Then the floor was taken by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, immunologist Vitaly Zverev with the report “Vaccines against COVID-19”. At the beginning of his speech, Zverev praised vaccine prevention in general, calling it “the main way to fight infectious diseases.” Smallpox, plague, poliomyelitis and other diseases – all of them have been defeated thanks to vaccine prophylaxis, and over the past century, mankind has acquired about 20 years of life thanks to the effective work of vaccines – this is the position of the scientist, and, as you understand, it will not turn out to call him an “anti-axer” ( adequate person, at least).

“People are familiar with coronaviruses, these are one of the first subspecies that we discovered and began to study in the last century. And SARS-Cov-2 in this sense does not fundamentally differ from its congeners. For example, we know that the overwhelming majority of people carry the virus in a mild form, children practically do not get seriously ill – they simply do not have a large number of receptors to which the virus is able to attach.

We have three types of immune response: innate, cellular, and humoral. Any antibodies formed in response to an antigen disappear over time. Just imagine what would happen to our blood if they persisted – to all infections that the human body faced. Our blood would be like a brick. At the same time, memory cells remain, and when the antigen again gets to a person, he produces enough antibodies to defeat him. Therefore, when we talk about vaccines, we must clearly understand where they will work and what they will create.

Long-term protection is able to form live vaccines – it is no coincidence that with a “live” vaccination against poliomyelitis, a person then, as a rule, does not get sick with it until the end of his life. Vaccinations against measles and mumps give 20-30 years of immunity. We simply took into account all the features of the formation of immunity in humans when we created these vaccines. Then there were killed (inactivated) vaccines, which trigger immunity in a completely different way. It is possible with their use to achieve an effect similar to live vaccines. They usually require an adjuvant (an enhancer to help trigger an immune response in a cell faster). For example, it is now said to be vaccinated simultaneously with mRNA / DNA vaccines against covid and a “dead” influenza vaccine. It will not work – immunity cannot simultaneously trigger a reaction in opposite directions.

We now have many vaccine “platforms”, but almost all of them are based on the S-protein (spike protein) of the coronavirus, including vector vaccines. After the vaccines were made, we had many strains of covid. Since all vaccines target sites of the S protein (epitopes) that bind to receptors in human cells, naturally, when the virus itself changes, the vaccine cannot be as effective against new strains. In my opinion, vaccines based on S-protein alone do not form full-fledged cellular immunity, and the strength of the humoral response is quickly depleted. Now Pfizer says it needs to get his vaccine every 2-3 months.

And now let’s look at the WHO data – more than 2.5 million cases of complications in less than a year were recorded from covid vaccines (Katyusha made material about this –http://katyusha.org/view?id=17806 ). That’s 10 times more than flu vaccines in 50 years, and incalculably more than vaccines for any other disease. And the authors themselves admit that, for example, Pfizer’s vaccine efficiency against new strains is reduced by 40%.

Today, mortality and morbidity from covid is growing in Russia, despite the fact that the number of vaccinated people is growing in parallel. At the same time, a very interesting fact was revealed – in a number of countries where morbidity and mortality before mass vaccination were very low (Singapore, Mongolia, Cambodia, Seychelles), with the start of the vaccination campaign, the indicators skyrocketed.
I believe that vaccination itself must be proven safe and effective, it must be clear to whom and in what order it can be administered. And now, as a person involved in immunization, I see how the ranks of people who oppose vaccination in general multiply and multiply. It is very important for us to know the whole truth – what happens to the population after vaccination? So far there is no desired effect, and we need vaccines that would form a strong immune response.

Now they are talking about the omicron strain, from which no lethal outcomes have yet been recorded. This is normal – every virus at the end of the “pandemic” mutates into safer forms in order to survive. In Japan, in general, the covid “self-destructed” – it has mutations that prevent it from reproducing itself. In general, the virus has not changed so much in the human population over the past time, and we see that those who have recovered have strong immunity to it, but those vaccinated against the new strain are almost not protected. There are repeated cases of infection of those who have been ill, but this is a very small percentage of people with peculiarities of the immune system.

When we are told that those who have been ill should be vaccinated, I have nothing but indignation. Name me at least one infection for which immunity after vaccination will be stronger, longer lasting than after an illness. Well, there are none! People after the SARS virus have had a persistent immune response for 17 years, they do not need vaccination. It is necessary not for a year to postpone the vaccination for those who have recovered, but forever. We do not know what will happen to a person who has recovered if he is given a “live” vector vaccine.


And I really do not like the active promotion of vaccination of children against covid. I have two children and nine grandchildren. We have all had this infection, we all have antibodies. Children do not have so many receptors necessary for the virus, so that it does not get to them in large volumes. When children are called the main carriers, this still needs to be proved – after all, they have few receptors in the same nasopharynx, how can they massively spread the virus? Children with serious health problems die from covid – oncology, diabetes mellitus, obesity, systemic failures of immunity … But we do not vaccinate these children with other vaccines – we just take care of them. And it doesn’t matter whether they are in remission or an exacerbation of their disease. What are we, will we administer a vaccine to children every six months? And where will their vaccination calendar fly? Especially now they are already talking about children of 6-11 years old … I really, really do not like it.

As far as vaccination itself is concerned, I have always fought for it, but believe me, never and nowhere have I spoken about compulsion. If you want everyone to get vaccinated, convince them. And to convince, you need to show reliable results. It does not happen that everyone could get vaccinated – there are no vaccines without contraindications. And yet – here we are told that the children’s vaccine “Sputnik” is like for adults, but diluted five times. Do you know such people at all? We have measles vaccine, for example, in the same concentration is administered to a 40-year-old man, a one-year-old child, and an 80-year-old grandmother. There is no such thing as a “baby vaccine”, it should work on any organism. And if everything is tied to body weight, what is the difference between a 13-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl – they can be absolutely the same in weight.

Statements of officials and representatives of the WHO that herd immunity is formed only by vaccination have nothing to do with science. These are purely commercial decisions, as are the shortening of the clinical trials of experimental vaccines.
If you ask me about QR codes, of course I am against it. They only divide people and have nothing to do with the fight against infection. This is a Western notion, not ours. Let the American scientists leave us alone with their advice, it somehow surprises me that they suddenly began to worry about our children, ” 
Zverev summed up.

Doctor of Veterinary Science Vladislav Laskavy told the audience about transmissible (i.e. highly contagious) swine gastroenteritis, the study of which he devoted 30 years of his life. The causative agent of this disease was the coronavirus, which swept the whole world and was observed in all countries with developed animal husbandry from 1954 to 2005. While solving the problems of preventing this disease, he is able to draw many parallels with the current COVID-19 infection that humanity is facing.

“Measures for vaccination of sows before farrowing only exacerbated the course of infection in piglets, up to 100% of newborn pigs in the population died. It is known that the human placenta, unlike the pig, leaks antibodies. In case of recovering from illness, and especially with active immunization of pregnant women from COVID-19, the fetus will form with ready-made antibodies and with subsequent possible complications due to the manifestation of an immunocytolysis reaction in the presence of a large number of antibodies, when children become infected in orphanages. Ultimately, this will lead to the occurrence of autoimmune reactions and the manifestation of various pathologies in children.

The study of this infection in older age groups in dysfunctional farms using specific means of prevention led to an increase in mortality and forced slaughter of animals. Various vaccines were used: live, inactivated. Activities aimed at the production of class G immunoglobulins aggravated the course of the disease. Data from various sources that we received on the incidence of COVID-19 in England, France, Turkey, Israel, Belarus, South Korea, Japan, individual republics and regions of the Russian Federation confirm a similar situation with COVID-19. The analysis unambiguously showed a direct dependence of mortality, mortality and morbidity on the increase in the level of vaccination against COVID-19. Research results for some countries have been published in the media ( https://www.nakanune.ru/news/2021/10/15/22624851/).

An American military doctor studied the statistics of acute respiratory infections in personnel, and found that people vaccinated against the flu have a significantly higher chance of contracting infections from the coronavirus family. Similar studies by our group also confirmed this theory.

Based on the foregoing, I believe that viral transmissible gastroenteritis of pigs is a biological model of COVID-19, their epidemiological and infectious processes are similar. The developed approaches in veterinary medicine can help develop solutions and for the treatment of current infections in humans, use the current results in honey. practice “.

Doctor Laskavy also spoke about the immunomodulator drug “Dibenorm” he developed, which is registered in Belarus, but continues to receive obstacles for registration in Russia. According to him, he is guaranteed to help against COVID-19, but so far the regulatory authorities are in no hurry to let him into the Russian Federation. Which is not surprising, because we officially have one “panacea” for the virus – a fashionable liquid from Gunzburg, Golikova and others like them.

Dr. med. Pavel Vorobyov, chairman of the Moscow Scientific Society of Physicians, considered it important to expose the “terrible myths about the covid.”

“The first myth: COVID-19 is a terribly contagious disease. It is certainly no more infectious than the flu that is mowing down kindergartens and schools right now. The second myth is a terribly serious illness. 80-90% of patients experience it easily. If they die from it, then very little. But from nosocomial infections and failure to provide assistance on time – very, very many die. The third myth is that covid cannot be treated. It is treated perfectly, if you do not play the fool. The fourth myth – covid can only be defeated by vaccination. So far, no one has succeeded.
COVID-19 infection causes vasculitis with the development of thrombosis, which leads to damage to various organs and systems. The disease often becomes protracted, which is associated with an autoimmune response. Complex therapy of disseminated intravascular coagulation is often life-saving. Second-line therapy, if there is no pronounced effect of anticoagulants – corticosteroid hormones. The overwhelming majority of the covid patients who came to us have recovered or have pronounced improvements today.

As for vaccination against covid, here it is necessary to recall the quote from 317-FZ “On immunization”. Preventive vaccinations, like immunobiological drugs, must create a specific immunity to infectious diseases. Genetically engineered drugs based on a viral vector are not an immunobiological agent by definition. They do not have the main property – to protect against virus infection. They did not pass the necessary test phases required for registration, they are registered under the accelerated scheme. There is no systematic study of complications in the short-term period caused by the introduction of these drugs, despite the fact that they clearly have a different spectrum of complications.

At the most conservative estimates, about 250 thousand people died from the H1N1 flu virus in the country, but no one closed the cities, did not run with insane restrictions. Let’s use medicine here, not politics. Masks, mittens and other lockdowns have nothing to do with the case. The time has come to return to the Pirogov movement of doctors – the authorities simply stopped hearing our voice, “
 Vorobyov concluded.

Dr. med. and social activist Alexander Redko began the conversation not with medical topics, but with how the USSR was destroyed 30 years ago by deception, by means of information weapons:

“We have lost fellow citizens in this war five times more than in the Second World War. We lost a huge number of territories that we had been collecting for centuries, and we watered every piece of it with our blood. We left the first world rankings in almost all areas. We have filled the vacant ideological niche with the “philosophy” of money. There is no man as a value in capitalism, therefore people are deliberately limited in their rights, freedoms, consumption, and the dignity of citizens is humiliated. Under the guise of the fight against coronavirus, the laws of the state and the Constitution were overnight. The bulk of the population is affected in rights, small and medium-sized businesses have been destroyed, traditional medicine and education have been abolished. The standard of living of citizens was sharply reduced, and at the same time the profits of the parasitic superstructure soared, in which there were no longer any citizens of the Russian Federation.

According to the classics, the final stage of capitalism is … fascism. It is characterized by cynical disregard for laws and citizens’ rights, the abolition of moral criteria, negative personnel policy, when not moral characteristics are the basis of career growth, but proximity to the “Duce”, criminal experience and lack of principles. A characteristic feature of the regime is the penetration of criminals into power, the subordination of capital to its political interests. In the conditions of fascism, the highest rate of profit growth was observed, this seems especially alarming. We have a new type of capital – digital, which has pushed aside all others and directly promotes transhumanist “values”. A person with his own interests has ceased to be irreplaceable for him. A cynically declared goal has appeared – to reboot the entire planet.

When fascism was Nazi, Jews were first forbidden to drink coffee in coffee houses, then to sit on benches in parks, and then they were simply burned in stoves. When medical fascism was born, segregation began with lockdowns, vaccinations, today QR coding is approaching us. The digital stigmatization of healthy people who want to be placed on reservations is the most disturbing fact on the eve of the adoption of the law on QR codes. In St. Petersburg, we achieved parliamentary hearings on this issue, the hearings were to take place on the eve of the Legislative Assembly voting. Many doctors were already on their way and wanted to take part in them, but they were canceled at the last moment. And the voting took place without taking into account our opinion, although 12 people voted against. Although at least 82% of the people oppose stigmatization, the authorities support it. And our legislators have already become concerned with the issues of evacuation and the issues of burial. This is called the “green agenda”, it is one of the factors of today’s politics. According to one green agenda, 80 billion people can live on earth – with humane cohabitation with each other and love for nature. And there is an inhuman green agenda – to dispose of 6 billion. We are faced with just this.


And another sign of fascism is a total lie. The more monstrous it is, the more willingly they believe in it, as Goebbels said. So far, not a single scientific journal has published the results of the third phase of clinical trials of “Sputnik V”, all refer only to preliminary data. Gunzburg said that 85% of those vaccinated by “Sputnik” bought certificates, which is an accusation of a crime of 40 million citizens. Is this not a slander against our people? Is the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee also accused of criminal inaction? Is there a deliberate lie in this statement?

Why did it happen that the decisive factor in determining the strategy for combating covid for us was the circulars of the World Health Organization, funded by our probable strategic adversary? Only on the basis of moral principles can a strong Russia be built and maintained. But is our government busy with this? The reasons for rejecting morality lie in the lack of education and individual modesty of officials. Our main problem is not the covid, but the fact that we are being led by non-professionals at the direction of our enemies. We propose to create an international movement of moral solidarity, we need to unite people all over the world from the very bottom. And the foundation of the future society should in fact be our medical principle “do not harm yourself and others, 
” finished Redko to a standing ovation from the audience.

Dr. med. Denis Ivanov, speaking in the second part of the roundtable, spoke about open data from international studies of covid and covid vaccines:

“I have no moral right to say that vaccination against covid is taking place in the world, because these experimental injections have nothing to do with vaccination have. We recently published an article in the VAK journal, and this publication existed exactly until the moment when it was referred to when applying to the State Duma. We referred there exclusively to official data and concluded that any organizational decisions (for the treatment of covid) can only be made after analyzing the data. The security officials immediately ran to the editorial office and asked: “How did you miss such an article?”

So what did we do? Statistics were collected from official sites. Please note – in March 2020, we paid attention to the number of countries where the infection first occurred: 138 countries. And we were told that the incubation period of the virus is from 2 to 14 days. It was just a speech by the head of the WHO, who does not have honey. education, which seemed to us like a pandemic. And immediately after his words, there was a sharp increase in recorded cases of covid. There can be only two explanations for this: first, PCR tests with fake data have already been distributed, and the second explanation is artificial distribution. But not 138 countries at the same time. As soon as we said about this on the YouTube channel, the video was immediately blocked – they do not like the truth there.

The calculations that we did in the future are based on the principle of fractals. And we see an upward trend with a constant increase in the number of diseases. Moreover, a stormy surge began on June 16, when the President of the Russian Federation met with the President of the United States on Lake Geneva, and Russia announced compulsory vaccination. If you look at the mortality graph, we have an upward trend, mortality has actually grown to 3%. But we are stepping up the vaccination campaign. What is the reason for this? With the next omicron? With omicron +? And a similar picture in other countries – the USA, Israel. New waves of vaccination “accelerate” new waves of the disease.

And here is the publication in the foreign press, the headline “Investigation shows a 278% increase in deaths from heart attacks in football players around the world in 2021” – UK Statistics Office. I don’t like England – here my colleagues from Israel are talking about a 500% increase in deaths of football players from heart attacks. More information from the United States – the state of Vermont, the most vaccinated in the country (91% of those aged 12 and older are at least partially vaccinated). And we have a growing percentage of morbidity and mortality – there is no positive effect from vaccination.

Now to the question of childhood vaccination. Let me tell you my opinion right away: those who will make this decision regarding the start of vaccination of children, without taking into account these data, will actually be criminal decisions, for which punishment should follow. The average child mortality rate in Britain is about 17 healthy children usually die per year. They started injecting, got + 52% of deaths per year in all healthy children over 12 years old. This is information from the UK Statistics Service. And here is an article from our Asian colleagues in Hong Kong – 1 in 2680 vaccinated young people developed acute myocarditis / pericarditis. Now multiply that by a million and take into account how serious this pathology is. I emphasize once again that those who make the decision to vaccinate children in the Russian Federation will be responsible for it,
 ”Ivanov repeated.

Dr. Vladislav Rybachenko described specific cases of death of people shortly after revaccination by Sputnik-Light in his native Murmansk region, noting that there are many such cases and the course of the disease in the dead suggests “vaccine-associated covid”. These cases in hospitals are not investigated or interpreted as consequences of vaccination.

“Vector vaccine” Sputnik Light “has the ability to develop an antibody-dependent increase in infection in humans. Vaccine developers must provide evidence of vaccine safety at the preclinical stage of research, ” Rybalchenko summed up.

PhD, abbot of the Nizhny Novgorod monastery, Fr. Oleg Osipov:

“My report is based on full quotes of articles by Russian and foreign authors – there is not a single thesis of mine, except for the final conclusion. Moscow pulmonologists note that in 94% of all diseases of children in China, at the peak of the spread there, covid had an asymptomatic, mild or moderate course. Only one child died. In general, about 600 pediatric patients have been described in the world, the mortality rate among whom was 1-3%. Over the past weeks, about 25 minors have been admitted to hospitals in Moscow and other regions, most of whom were discharged home two weeks later. According to American scientists, the death rate of children from covid is 0.02% of the total number of cases. In hospitals in Omsk, for example, there were 0 severe cases among hospitalized children. Italians write that they had 44 infected newborns in a year.

Studies in China and Italy have shown that men are more susceptible to the influence of the new coronavirus on the reproductive organs of men. The testicle is a high-risk organ, it can be attacked by the coronavirus. The consistency of the reproductive potential in male patients who have had covid disease should be studied in dynamics. So far, there is very little information on this topic. It can be assumed that the amount of the produced enzyme to which the covid is attached is minimal in young boys, therefore, the risks of damage to the reproductive system are less.

As for the probable PVR, one of the consequences of protein vaccines is an antibody-dependent increase in infection, which is usually caused by vaccine-associated antibodies. Another undesirable effect is an increase in autoimmune diseases in the lung tissue. Also dangerous is the potential integration of DNA from vaccines into the host genome with unknown consequences. In vector vaccines, the viral genome can be integrated into the human genome, a similar effect was observed in vector vaccines carrying the measles virus. RNA vaccines also have disadvantages – the action of interferon released during a reaction to components can provoke autoimmune reactions.

The interaction of the S-protein with a number of antibodies can negatively affect some health indicators, and can cause symptoms of infection similar to that of COVID-19 infection. Human immunity after vaccination for a month is in a vulnerable, practically inoperative state (the production of interferon is suppressed). One of the conclusions of the work is the need to consider the long-term effect of vaccination against covid on the human body as a whole.

If we compare the risks I voiced from the consequences of vaccination with the likely negative consequences of covid for children, the conclusion suggests itself. Vaccination of children against this virus is ill-considered, exceeding all levels of acceptable risk, significantly exceeding the potential protective effect of the procedure. It is necessary to study the effect of vaccines on the child’s body for a long time before approving this procedure, 
”the priest emphasized.

All speeches simply do not fit into the format of the article, the entire conference can be viewed here ( https://vk.com/cifroskeptik?z=video-181511287_456240427%2Fa83f35be19eb440be1%2Fpl_wall_-181511287). The meeting of like-minded people turned out to be very bright, and the theses expressed sounded much more reasoned and honest than the ideas of Ginzburg’s comrades. It is a pity that none of the opponents took part in the controversy, although they were actively invited. As a result, the Rossiya channel only had the intellect for a disgusting underground reportage, for which federal journalists disguised themselves as bloggers who were filming a coffee break and did not include ANYTHING from the speakers’ speeches.

Dr. Shafalinov summed up the results of the meeting, thanking all the participants, especially the doctors, who had to “step through the system” for this. A minute of silence was observed in the hall in memory of all comrades-in-arms who have passed away over the past year. And they gave their word to continue the struggle, be sure to unite kind, decent and conscientious people at their sites. Doctors for the Truth has decided to hold similar meetings-conferences every month – and this is a wonderful initiative that will be a breath of fresh air for the majority of Russian citizens.

RIA Katyusha

Watch the video with the speeches HERE


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