A countdown to ….what?

A countdown to ….what?

The other day the British ambassador was summoned to the Russian MFA and handed the evidence that the British were responsible for attacks on the Nordstream pipelines and Russian ships in the Black Sea.

Since then, there has been near silence. The usual commentators, such as the Duran, have been silent about this.

It is very uncertain what is going on in Kherson with an obvious evacuation of citizens that seems to have nothing to do with an “advancing” Ukrainian army.

The video below shows citizens being asked to evaculate Kherson by 7 November.   

The American midterms are on 8 November. Is this a leadup to something major? 

The tension is almost unbearable.

Loudspeakers: “Leave the city ** BY ** November 7”

Something is hugely wrong and it appears something wicked is truly in the works.  Cars with loudspeakers are driving all through Kherson, warning citizens they must evacuate the city “BY November 7.”

Evacuation of the city has been ongoing for over a week.  The main administration building took down its Russian flag as seen in the image below:

City workers have been going door-to-door telling citizens “the Ukrainian army is coming and you must get out immediately.”

Russian soldiers have either left – or been ordered to leave- their checkpoint posts in Chornobaivka, Stepanivka, Bilozerka and Korabelnyi district south of the Kosheva river. Map below shows the now-empty checkpoint locations:

There is already widespread and rampant public speculation – even in media – that this may be an attempt by Russia to create a 15 – 30km “no man’s land” to lure the Ukrainians into a trap. 

The Ukrainians have had another go at the Kakhovka dam

Russia Says Major Dam Hit By US-Supplied HIMARS Rockets

Russia has announced Sunday that a major dam in the Russian-controlled region of Kherson was damaged in a Ukrainian strike using an advanced US-supplied system. 

“Today at 10:00 there was a hit of six HIMARS rockets. Air defense units shot down five missiles, one hit a lock of the Kakhovka dam, which was damaged,” Russian news agencies quoted local emergency authorities as saying. 

Kakhovka hydroelectric dam, file image

The Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in southern Ukraine has been in Russian hands since near the start of the invasion of Ukraine, considered a critical asset to the Russians given it supplies water to Crimea. This also makes it a potential target for the Ukrainian army, given President Zelensky’s prior pledges to “liberate” Crimea. 

An official with the Moscow-installed administration, however, said “Everything is under control. The main air defense strikes were repelled, one missile hit [the dam], but did not cause critical damage.” 

The Kakhovka dam has for months been at the center of competing accusations and claims, with President Zelensky saying weeks ago that Russian troops are plotting a ‘false flag’ detonation of the large structure in order to trigger cataclysmic flooding. 

Zelensky appealed to world powers to ensure the dam’s safe operation by sending an international mission to protect and operate it, pointing out that if the dam burst it would case a “catastrophe on a grand scale”.

“The dam of this hydroelectric power plant holds about 18 million cubic meters of water,” he said in statements last month. “If Russian terrorists blow up this dam, more than 80 settlements, including Kherson, will be in the zone of rapid flooding. Hundreds, hundreds of thousands of people may be affected.”

Source: Google Maps

He described that Russian forces previously kicked the dam workers out of the facility and now have complete control over it. “They have complete control over the station,” Zelensky added. “It is necessary to act immediately so that Russia does not have the opportunity to realize this catastrophe.”

The ongoing standoff mirrors that of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has also from the war’s start been under Russian control but has also suffered shelling, which if damaged severely enough could have catastrophic effects on the whole area, given the potential for radioactive fallout.

This is the last report from Alexander Mercouris

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