A database of vaccine injury in New Zealand

A database of vaccine injury in New Zealand


We have a team of almost 50 volunteers working with the Health Forum.

One of our teams spend hundreds of hours a week (cumulatively) creating a database of TEMPORALLY RELATED deaths after the Pfizer (and now Astra Zeneca) injections in New Zealand.

We are unable to tell you if these people died FROM the jab.

We can confirm 100% that each of them received 1, 2 or 3 doses of the jab, and some time in the hours to weeks following they died suddenly and unexpectedly.

This database has been sent to CARM, Jacinda and MOH 3 times now.

All we receive is a letter of receipt….a proforma.

NZDSOS write a covering letter of concern.

In response there is silence

COMMENT:  Just like the official data is incredibly inaccurate I would assume that even this database is conservative as it relies on people contacting the Health Forum.

See the database HERE

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