A dire prediction

A dire prediction

model cited by Hal Turner 

predicts by Feb. 16th, China 

will be
virtually “done.”

is what Hal Turner is saying. He seems to have some intel available
to him that we don’t. Whatever, the news is all bad. Apparently
they have had (fro memory) NINE doublings since this broke, or
doubling every 3 or so days.

we getting a lesson about exponential change that we are not getting
from abrupt climate change because it is comparatively slower (
although at breakneck speed on the geological scale)?


Model used by Intelligence Agencies to predict real-world situations

that by Feb. 16th, China will be virtually “done.” It
will be a collapsed country.

Model also says when China collapses, the global economy will
collapse. Financial people are calling this a “Black Swan

respect to the United States and Europe, the Model says the US and
the EU, by February 16th, will see first cities put into quarantine
(or attempting to), leading to mass panic, riots, looting, all the
other “cool” stuff that takes place when people panic.

horrifying, the Model says that by mid-April, the world as we know
it, in terms of availability of food, supplies, goods and services,
will be history. Massive infrastructure failures from lack of
maintenance and/or lack of control, staffs thinned-out from sickness
or dying off , basic services failing, and the like. The shear number
of dead will have a tremendous impact on life as we know it.

really hope the Model is wrong, but the model has been spot-on since
Wuhan was Quarantined; and what I have just told you is what the
Model predicts.

the model holds this week as it did until today, it can no longer be
wrong, especially if US and the EU do not stop all traveling by Feb.

some lucky twist of fate will change things. Perhaps it won’t.

you grasp this? The world as we know it, will effectively collapse.

have the rest of this week to prepare. After that, based on the
Model, things start coming apart at the seams. FAST.

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