A dire warning: Jacinda’s government is buying time

A dire warning: Jacinda’s government is buying time

This video confirms what I have suspected for some time.

Jacinda Adern is partially unsupported by the army and police but she has much bigger bosses and people in the movement need to know they have bigger enemies than the police.

Police from China, anyone?

Message for NZ Protestors, Gov buying time, watch your 6 #Wellingtonprotest

Just because Jacinda Ardern said she we need to “Talk” with the protestors doesn’t mean that anything will come from it.

The NZ Government is buying Time. Based on what has already rolled out in Canada and don’t for a minute think it couldn’t happen in super chill peaceful NZ.

You ALL need to be very aware of the possibility of anything happening when you least expect it.

NZ Protestors, You ARE the Political Solution !!!

I just wanted to show my support and gratitude to ALL the protestors in Wellington for the awesome job they’re doing. After what I saw playing out in New Zealand while living there from March 2019 to April 2021 I had to start making videos to try and show Kiwi’s just how out of control the NZ Government had become. New Zealand has been ran by a one party dictatorship for many years that has been selling the country out at every turn. You sincerely have more support from around the world than what you realise.

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