A discussion on co-governance

A discussion on co-governance

I discovered that Julian Batchelor is an evangelist who we are taught, are the least rational people anywhere.

Isn’t it a strange world when “irrational” people carry the truth and speak rationally!

Co governance with Leader of New Conservative and Julian Batchelor

In response to what excellent leader Helen Houghton says, Julian raises some very important issues. As he said, it’s his view that if the New Conservatives focussed on expunging co-governance from New Zealand, they would get their 5% off votes without too much more effort. The Public are now searching the policy statements of all the parties to see their stance on co-governance. It’s the major political issue. National is confused about this issue and they muddy the waters, not knowing which way to jump. If this was a horse race, and all the Parties the horses, each representing their anti co-governance stance, and the finish line the election, then Act is ahead by a length or two. National is at the back of the field. There is no reason why New Conservatives, like any party, can’t come from the back and finish gloriously.

Hear another interview HERE

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