I wish to pause just long enough to discuss China (not too long, because the headlines this morning are dire). 

In recent days Jennifer Zeng has released an audio that was made available to Lude Media and the Chinese dissident movement that seems to show that China is preparing for something big, whether an invasion of Taiwan or, some are saying, the United States itself.

I am increasingly separating China and Russia in terms of what is happening because I see one as a threat in its own right; the other not.

I am far more familiar with Russia because I know the language and have had some connections in the past.

I have been watching the Ukraine conflict closely for 8 years and have not a single doubt in my mind who is the aggressor – and it is not Russia.

Russia’s natural allies are in the West but Russia has been literally forced into the arms of the Chinese. Regarding China there have been leaks of documents which give material proof that China has designs on the United States.

This is shown by the 2003 secret speech of Chi Haotian in which he posits the use of a bioweapon to destroy America’s economy and ability to defend itself before actually invading the mainland USA.


That brings us to the latest audio of a meeting of CCP and PLA cadres in Guangdong that takes things further and strongly suggests nefarious aims on the part of the CCP. 

These documents exist and it is up to people to prove that they are false. In the case of the Chi Haotian speech I have seen no credible rebuttal and I doubt that there will be in this case.

By contrast, I have never seen a single document coming out of Russia that would show any of the aims that are ascribed to them.

I have never seen any proof that RT or Sputnik have faked things in the way the BBC or CNN do on a regular basis – such as passing off photos from another event (or even a video game) and passing it off as “proof” of Russian atrocities or whatever.


That brings me to N.J. Nyquist.

You cannot go far in right-wing circles without bumping into him.

N.J. Nyquist was the one who brought the Chi Haotian speech to light and has been appearing talking about the latest audio file. 

These are examples of material evidence that would encourage one to reach a conclusion based on fact. 

However, he makes some hair-raising claims during his discussion such as that hydrogen bombs have only a regional or local effect and therefore no as dangerous as the world believes.

While he does have something to back up with his claims.

However, when it comes to Russia he makes claims that make hawks look like doves. 

His views are derived from his interactions with a KGB defector, Stanislav Lunev who made claims that Russia has pulled the wool over the eyes of the West.

He states that the Sino-Soviet conflict in the 1960’s was a ruse and that the two countries were really working together to bring down the West. 

Nyquist posits an unbroken chain, beginning with Khrushchev’s KGB head, right through the collapse of the Soviet Union to Putin and the present day.

No documentary proof for any of this; just the reported claims of one Soviet defector that have been rejected by the US intelligence community and other Soviet defectors alike.

At best , I can not ascribe more than the most conditional credibility to; at worst, I have come to see Nyquist as a rather dangerous commentator.


The audio was released by Lude media and translated into English by Jennifer Zeng

EXCLUSIVE: Top-Classified PLA Meeting Audio Held on 14/5/2022 Has Been Obtained

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: The English translation of PLA’s audio is here. The audio is obtained by many brave Chinese people via our special intelligence operation on 14 May, 2022 – at the cost of their lives! We Chinese are fighting against CCP! Xi’s People’s War will fail!

Credit to Lude Media on YouTube.

You can read a transcript HERE

Dr. Li-Meng Yan – LEAKED PLA Audio – CCP’s Plan to Invade the World & Australian Federal Election

Here, Nyquist appears on Steve Bannon’s War Room

Here is a discussion between Nyquist, Dr. Yan Li-meng and Mike Adams


I learned about these papers by coming across this video

This is from Indian media

‘Shoot-to-kill for escape attempts’: How Xinjiang Police Files expose China’s claims about ‘re-education’ camps

Leaked photo shws security personnel engaged in an apparent anti-escape or anti-riot drill at the Tekes County Detention Centre in the Xinjiang Region of western China (AFP)

NEW DELHI: Xinjiang ‘training camps’ are among China’s worst kept secrets. It has been long alleged that over a million Uighur and other ethnic/religious minorities are forcefully detained in these centres and subjected to rights abuse of the worst kind.
China has steadfastly denied all that, claiming these are vocational training schools, attended voluntarily, and meant for “reforming and retraining” locals for a more meaningful economic role.
China’s defence seem to blow up in the face once again, following a huge cache of data hacked from police servers in the region and shared with several news outlets.

The documents, dubbed the Xinjiang Police Files, were leaked by an anonymous source to academic Adrian Zenz, an international expert on internal Chinese government documents. Zenz works for the US-based non-profit organisation the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

Interestingly, the leak comes as UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet was on a long-awaited and controversial trip to Xinjiang.

What’s there in the leaked files?
The trove of leaked internal documents contain more than 5,000 police photographs of Uighurs taken between January and July 2018, of which at least 2,800 are of confirmed detainees, the BBC said. They also include classified speeches by senior officials, internal police manuals, internment details for more than 20,000 Uighurs and photographs from highly sensitive locations.

The files, parts of which have been verified by multiple news organisations, also provide a window into life in detention facilities.
Photos appear to show officers restraining hooded and shackled inmates with batons, while other guards wearing camouflage stand by with firearms.
Interns in detention camps were blindfolded, handcuffed and put in shackles while being transferred between facilities or even to hospital, the leaked documents reveal.
Photos provide evidence that minors are also among the detainees in Xinjiang camps- the youngest only 15, and the eldest 73.

Tower 2

A security person watches from a guard tower around a detention facility in Yarkent County in northwestern China’s Xinjiang (AP)

‘Raped during interrogation’

Those who managed to flee the camps have reported horrifying accounts of physical torture and sexual abuse.
Some Uighur women said they were raped during interrogations by Chinese authorities, while also witnessing other fellow detainees being raped.
Tursunay Ziyawudun, a 42-year-old Uighur women’s camp survivor, told Voice of America that she was beaten, sexually abused and gang-raped during interrogations in an internment camp in Kunes county in northern Xinjiang in 2018.
“On four different occasions, I was taken to an interrogation room, where I was beaten, my private part was electrocuted unbearably by an electric baton and I was gang-raped,” Ziyawudun told VOA.
The Chinese foreign ministry, however, said there were no factual basis to these claims.
China peddles ‘religious extremism’ bogey
The leaked documents give an insight into how China’s leaders saw Xinjiang’s minority population as a security threat, with a minister warning that more than two million people in southern Xinjiang alone had been “severely influenced by the infiltration of extremist religious thought”.

The files include a 2017 internal speech by a former Communist Party secretary in Xinjiang, in which he allegedly orders guards to shoot to kill anyone who tries to escape, and calls for officials in the region to “exercise firm control over religious believers”.


Leaked photo of detainees guarded by police as they stand in line apparently reciting or singing at the Tekes County Detention Centre in the Xinjiang Region of western China (AFP)
Among those whose photos have been leaked are 17-year-old Zeytunigul Ablehet, detained for listening to an illegal speech, and 16-year-old Bilal Qasim, apparently sentenced for being related to other detainees.

Some others have been detained only for practising Islam or visiting a Muslim-majority country.
The documents reveal several instances of people being punished retrospectively for “crimes” from decades ago – with one man jailed for 10 years in 2017 for having “studied Islamic scripture with his grandmother” for a few days in 2010, the BBC says.
Some 16,000 mosques in Xinjiang- around two-thirds of the total- have been destroyed or damaged due to government policies mostly enacted since 2017.‘Xi’s direct hand in Xinjiang policies’
That Beijing’s policies in Xinjiang has the endorsement of the very top rung of Chinese leadership is also borne out in the recently leaked documents.
A 2018 internal speech by the public security minister mentions direct orders from President Xi Jinping to increase the capacity of detention facilities. Another document points at Xi calling for a more forceful crackdown in the region.
UN rights chief’s controversial Xinjiang tour
UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet visited China in late May for a six-day trip, including stops in Xinjiang.
Bachelet has come under fire from rights groups and Uighurs overseas, who say she has been suckered into a slickly choreographed Communist Party tour including a conversation with President Xi Jinping later portrayed in state media as a mutual endorsement of China’s high ideals on rights.
See the files HERE
China’s influence is of most concern to those living in the Pacific region.
From NZ media.

China, Pacific security deals: Chinese politics specialist warns of NZ being ‘blockaded’ as Niue latest nation expected to ‘deepen cooperation’

Niue appears to be the latest Pacific nation eager to sign a cooperation agreement with China after Samoa inked an economic and technical pact with Beijing at the weekend.

China foreign minister Wang Yi is currently on a tour of the Pacific, seeking a 10-nation deal on security and trade.

“Visiting state councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi and Niue’s Premier and foreign minister Dalton Tagelagi met via video on May 29, with both sides pledging to deepen bilateral cooperation including on the Belt and Road Initiative,” China’s official Xinhua news agency said.

“While pledging continued commitment to the one-China principle, the premier noted that his country expects to deepen cooperation with China in various fields and work together to promote peace, development and prosperity.

“During the virtual meeting, the two sides also exchanged views on the cooperation between China and Pacific Island countries and agreed to jointly work to ensure the success of the second China-Pacific Island countries foreign ministers’ meeting.”

Anne-Marie Brady, a Chinese politics specialist from the University of Canterbury, called China’s strategy in the Pacific a “blitzkrieg”.

“Things are moving very, very fast and China is doing exactly what our defence analysts predicted,” she told AM. “Unfortunately, our Government does move slowly and same with the Australians – and our defence forces are simply not equipped… what we need to do now is defend our own massive maritime territory.” 

Prof Brady warned China’s strategy could see New Zealand and Australia as well as other Western powers cut off from defending Pacific Island nations.

Anne-Marie Brady.
Anne-Marie Brady. Photo credit: Newshub.

“A country that has an intention to change the strategic order, which has benefited from peace for more than 70 years… then that could be used to blockade and cut off Australia, New Zealand, France and the United States from defending the Pacific.

“That’s the point of having control or dominance in these islands.”

Prof Brady told AM host Ryan Bridge China was using its economy as an appeal to smaller nations – but is really after a strong security force amid growing tensions with Taiwan.

“[China is] pursuing a military agenda in the Pacific,” she said. “It’s just unfortunate for all of us that our geography is strategically important to China – as it once was to imperial Japan and the Soviet Union.”

3 thoughts on “A FOCUS ON CHINA

  1. Dear Mr Rocks, let me begin by saying that I follow your works – that tell humanity that you are a caring human being with a conscience. Your work is VITAL to the internet space (with lots of junk in it). I ask your permission that this comment be published here. Let the truth come out, let us not fear it – whatever it will in the end, TRULY be.
    Everyone who reads your site daily – and you as the author – do not believe in the MSM and the Deep State organs’ news and perspectives. BY DEFINITION, anyone who believes the MSM message, and even some clandestinely influenced ALT sites, will find much of what you write – unacceptable and even disinformation. You know that. You are not writing to influence these people – because you know you cannot as they have already put their opinions in their genes. But you and your readers seek to know the truth – but not as the liars purport. But, the liars know that the best way to lie is to take parts of truth that has happened in the past, individual mistakes, corruption, and make it WIDESPREAD and all of China. The reason is they are PAID to produce propaganda to frame China in a certain way to “MOST” people in the west so as to make them have automatic visceral reactions – to make them into lemmings that will automatically make them uncompetitive in the New World (i.e. selected out of existence). All the information you provided above have specks of truth in history crouched in a larger misinformation paradigm. But let me make more points by asking important questions:
    1. Has anyone including you who have the views above ever sit down with a FOREIGNER (not Chinese) who has LIVED in China for over 20 years (not 20 days), and went point by point – Do you think this is true and why so, and so on? The answer is NO. Or, you will find out that certain people who are “owned” by certain organizations who pay them a lot of money to say things above….3 letter alphabet agencies. Seek these people out and read their perspectives. I suggest Larry Romanoff. Link. https://www.unz.com/author/larry-romanoff/; I also suggest Metallicman, (Robert V), metallicman.com. Have the courage to do the research and then seek to understand both sides
    2. Did you know that China as a country has the HIGHEST IQ in the world (not including the special people who have an average IQ of above 117)? That in 20 years China literally did a ROCKET shot to become the largest economy in the world? They have done so by using the best systems in place, right? Why would they tie anvils around their necks by using “slave labor” and violent suppression of minorities, when they can more easily BRIBE minorities inclduing Tibetans and Xinjiangnese to be law-abiding, happy and yes, obedient (i.e. giving them FREE education in vocations that actually make money like food vending, car repair, internet commerce, and also give them PREFERRED college entrance credits; opening up economic routes that bring prosperity using BULLET trains [er, how many bullet train systems do you have in NZ heading to the aboriginals reserves?]). These are FACTS. Just search these. Better still GO TO CHINA and ask questions like these. Talk to the minorities in universities in the First- tier cities and ask them about how the government treats them, their families and their communities. The fact that you are asked to do this to find the truth – means what? The truth is AFRAID to be found out by you? ASK. REALLY, ASK!
    3. That you can read Russian and understand what hitjob the west has done on Russia and Putin who is a righteous leader (is he not, to you?), does not make you suspect that maybe whatever the west that unfairly criticizes Russia, might also do the same with China? Analysts look for embedded truth by using triangulations… The million dollar question. If Putin is a righteous leader, and a smart one, too, why would he shake hands with another leader Xi, and hand the future of Russia to a lifepartnership with China, unless Putin is sure that Xi is competent and honorable? That just as the average Russian is a normal human being, and that the average Chinese would also be compatible in searching for a civil partnership of nations?
    4. If you believe in the views above, would you not now QUESTION the wisdom of Putin befriending the government of Xi, if all the machinations and motives you have above are true?
    5. Why would the most prosperous nation in the world, with 50% of the world’s USD billionaires, China, risk a nuclear war with the US, to invade US? How many Chinese soldiers would have to DIE, in order to take over the United States? You must ask every mainland chinese if they or their sons and daughters are willing to die to conquer the US, while they suffered so greatly in the Second World War at the hands of the Japanese, where it was believed a minimum of 20 million Chinese died as a result of war and famine? ASK as many mainland chinese as you can if they are so challenged to bring up HIGH IQ children that they will sacrifice them to TAKE OVER THE US. Don’t think. ASK A MAINLAND CHINESE if he will do this. There should be a few mainland chinese in NZ. Find them. ASK THEM right to their face. ASK AS MANY AS YOU CAN.
    6. Mr. Rocks, you are a good man. I mean this. Consider a favour from the Great Power in the Universe that seeks to help you become a even more complete person, by publishing this comment, and do the actions suggested. Truth will come. I guarantee it. Thank you. And may the Great Power in the Universe bless you and all who read this. Discernment is true power.

  2. HI! You may not even read this, but it’s fine. I append a very interesting part of an article from here: https://metallicman.com/number-six-the-prisoner-asov-toad-the-wet-sprocket-ukraine-war/ somewhere around 1/3 of the article. INteresting reading I know, you’re in NZ, and this is taking part in AUS. As this is written by a full-blooded WHITE AUSSIE Prof, it pretty well describes how people in White Oceania views China and Chinese. I am appending this in full. I do not expect anything from you. Hope you find it interesting.

    Subject: What Australia did to China
    Professor James Laurenceson, Director,
    Australia-China Relations Institute, UT Sydney.

    Dear Dr. Laurencson,

    In your recent ACRI newsletter you asserted, “After all, in 2020 it was Beijing’s decision and Beijing’s decision alone to respond to political disagreements by cutting off senior level dialogue and hitting Australia’s exports”.

    A dispassionate review of our behavior, including our unprovoked invasions of four of China’s neighbors, suggests that Beijing’s response is fully justified. Let us count the ways.

    In late 2017, the Solomon Islands featured in aggressive Australian efforts to influence the award of the contract to lay internet cable between Honiara and Sydney. Said the Lowy Institute’s Jonathan Pryke: “This was seen as a red line that Australia would not cross and so we jumped in with a better deal providing the cable as a grant that would be implemented with a procurement partner of Australia’s choosing – that wouldn’t be Chinese.”

    Our stigmatizing normal cooperation and imposing restrictions, like the revocation of Chinese scholars’ visas, caused a scandal in China, as did our intimidatory predawn searches and reckless seizures of Chinese journalists’ homes and properties without charge or explanation.

    Then the CSIRO told staff it will not renew its climate research partnership with the Qingdao National Marine Laboratory, following an unsupported ASIO assertion that ocean temperature modelling could assist submarine operations against Australia–a pronouncement met with robust criticism by Australian scientists.
    We targeted China with one-third of our ongoing WTO actions and two-thirds of current measures, despite our Productivity Commission finding ‘no convincing justifications for the measures,’ and imposed hefty duties on their steel (144%), aluminium, and chemicals. China consistently lowered tariffs on our products to the point that ninety-five percent of our exports enjoyed zero duties, yet we initiated one-hundred six anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations of Chinese products, complaining bitterly when Beijing finally resorted to the WTO, for the first time, with barley and wine tariffs.
    When Rep. Shaoquett Moselmane repeated the WHO’s praise for China’s coronavirus response, Mark Latham MP called his approval ‘disgusting’ and, at dawn on June 26, 2020, forty police arrived at Moselmane’s home and stayed until 1:30 am the next morning. They brought sniffer dogs, took hair and dust samples from his car, searched the car engine and door rubbers, had a helicopter hovering and raided his parliamentary office, and froze the Moselmane family’s bank accounts. Despite Peter Dutton’s obvious, public allegiance to the United States, he told Ray Hadley, “You can’t have an allegiance to another country and pretend to have an allegiance to this country at the same time”.

    Our international attack on Huawei, however, was particularly cruel, since it is China’s first international tech leader. Malcolm Turnbull loudly campaigned against its domestic adoption, contravening our trade agreements on unjustified, unstated ‘national security’ grounds, then lobbied the British Government on the specious grounds that Beijing can compel companies to provide information. This ignores identical Australian, American, European laws and the technical impossibility of so doing. We further revealed our hypocrisy by ignoring Huawei’s offer to base its network security division in Australia.

    When China listed its concerns, Canberra concealed China’s fourteen concerns from public scrutiny, and DFAT lied: “The fourteen items identified by the Chinese embassy document are seen by the Department of Foreign Affairs as key to Australia’s national interest and non-negotiable.. the government makes sound decisions in our national interest and in accordance with our values and open democratic processes”. No democratic process was involved, of course. The points, still unanswered, are

    In contravention of ChAFTA, we rejected a dozen Chinese investment projects, and restricted areas like infrastructure, agriculture and animal husbandry on ambiguous, unfounded (and ludicrously insulting) “national security concerns”.
    We launched 107 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations of Chinese products, more than any of China’s other trading partners.
    We politicized and stigmatized normal exchanges and cooperation, created barriers, and imposed restrictions like revoking visas for Chinese scholars, in parallel with America’s identical, failed witch hunt.
    Though Covid-19 was endemic in Europe and the US before it reached China, PM Morrison loudly demanded a weapons-style inspection into its Chinese origins–then fell silent when the US refused to sign the UN resolution to investigate its source.
    We spearheaded a crusade against China in multilateral forums.
    We legislated against Victoria’s participation in BRI.
    We paid anti-China think tanks to spread false reports, and peddle unsubstantiated allegations about Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
    Canberra funded investigations into so-called ‘China infiltration’ designed to manipulate public opinion against the country.
    Our police made pre-dawn searches and conducted reckless seizures in Chinese journalists’ homes without charge, explanation, or apology.
    Our politicians made repeated, false allegations about Chinese cyber attacks.
    We condoned and repeated government-funded NGOs’ outrageous condemnations of the governing party of China.
    We shrugged off hundreds of racist attacks against Chinese and Asian people.
    We permitted our media to repeat unfounded reports about China and made no effort to correct them.
    We were the first non littoral country to condemn China’s behavior in the South China Sea at the United Nations.

    The Chinese see a pattern of bad-faith dealings, discrimination, and unprovoked hostility, best illustrated by our consistent opposition to their United Nations initiatives:

    I am curious as to why you have not discussed any of these matters in your newsletter. Could it be that doing so would jeopardize your job?


    Godfree Roberts

    No response was ever returned.

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