A focus on China’s silent takeover of the United States

A focus on China’s silent takeover of the United States

Since the “outbreak” of SARS-covid2 and China’s involvement in that I have had to modify my stance about China. Perhaps it is true that BOTH sides are out to destroy each other and in the case of China this might have been the case for some time.

Definitely worth a listen!

 China’s Silent Takeover While America’s Elite Slept

Retired Bigadier General Robert S.Spalding is an establishment figure and explains the Trump administration’s position towards China better than anyone else.

He also gives a pretty good explanation of 5G and why it is important as he explains that the US tech companies have adopted the CCP line and are hand-in-glove with them.

Here is the entire interview.

Although he adopts an Establishment point-of-view and does not address US aggression towards China and ignores everything that was revealed by Edward Snowden about NSA spying on the entire world there is much to be gained by listening to this interview.

General Robert S.Spalding is not a nobody. He has a pedigree.


Here is his book

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