A Great Reset Will Happen…With Guest Eckhart Tolle

A Great Reset Will Happen…With Guest Eckhart Tolle

A Great Reset Will Happen…But Not The One They Are Thinking Of” Eckhart Tolle Interview – #025 – Stay Free with Russell Brand

Here’s my Subcutaneous discussion with Eckhart Tolle. We discussed a vast range of topics that we are facing collectively around the world & how we can enlighten ourselves in dark times.

Find out more about Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Finding Inner Peace:
7 Days of Teachings and Meditations’, here 


One thought on “A Great Reset Will Happen…With Guest Eckhart Tolle

  1. Started listening to Eckhart Tolle in the video, the first time ever hearing his voice, but stopped because of distraction from an old memory of a somewhat distasteful encounter with a woman in the first year of the New Millennium, i.e., in 2001, a little after the attack on the twin towers in New York City.

    A friend and I were walking through an open space on the ground floor of a building (a parkade) in the west end of Vancouver, when she saw someone she knew holding court a short distance off with a small group of women. Knowing her and being on good speaking terms, my friend began to rush over while informing me of the woman’s name and that she was the assistant to Eckhart Tolle. I had heard of him and his already-best-selling book The Power of Now, which I hadn’t read (and still haven’t).

    Of course, I tagged along with my friend to the standing circle of women, and no sooner had we reached them that the assistant waved me off in such an exceptionally rude manner that I couldn’t help but see a great disconnect between the incident and the then-already-somewhat-famous personage of Eckhart Tolle who was now the embodiment of an ancient spiritual message smoothly packaged for millennial-era consumption.

    At the time, I assumed the disconnect was an accurate perception; but now am not so sure. I can see I might’ve been mistaken, that Tolle had the right sort of person to help him promote his book.

    Now, I did eventually get to read a few pages of his main work, but had to stop due to a growing feeling of intellectual indigestion. And that was the end of that. Later I saw somewhere the news of his adoration by Oprah Winfrey and a set of webinars of his she would promote. Then of his book appearing on The New York Times best sellers list for endless months on end. Thinking back on all that after suddenly seeing Robin’s blog turning up an item on Tolle, and noting therein that Tolle is still going strong, with a new assistant who is also a partner who probably has been groomed to his style, it has not failed to occur to me that Tolle must now be worth about a cool $50 million easily (because it’s now been a little over 20 years since the startup of his enterprise).

    When I mentioned all this to my friend Sol, he chided me with: “You’re not jealous, are you???” My quick response: “Who me, who’s fully happy with the less-than-our-province’s-minimum-wage senior’s pension???” And Sol’s in the same boat, and we’re both still quite safe from sinking; there’s some miracle keeping us afloat and satisfied with our lives as they’ve unfolded. Which miracle I would call: *The Power of Just Enough.*

    Now, I feel strongly there was a purpose in Fate having Robin choose to put the Tolle video on the blog, and the link to go with it. Because what really interested me was the spontaneous thread in my mind leading back to the WION video in that other article, where I commented on WION’s popular former broadcaster Palki Sharma leaving for greener pastures.

    Well, there are older videos where one may still see Palki Sharma that are really interesting, and here’s one in the following link which is apropos of the same ancient tradition in a new guise that Tolle is promoting, but which the Dalai Lama in the offered link below is ‘not’ promoting, because the DL is already (as the lineal reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama) the very epitome of that tradition, albeit of the Tibetan strain.

    By another interesting coincidence, having actually visited my soul friend Sol through our electronic hookup, I couldn’t help notice on the wall inside his residence a flag, which is the only flag he’s ever physically owned in his long life — and that is the Tibetan flag.

    So, here’s the link for the video titled “Gravitas Plus: The battle for the Daiai Lama’s soul,” with approximately 1,000,000 views 1 year after premiering — with lots of shots from the late 1950s at the time of DL’s escape over the Himalayas from pursuing communist Chinese military personnel and of his warm welcome in India, as well as a discussion of China’s plan to interfere with the selection of the new Dalai Lama (because the present one is now 87 years of age):

    —- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK74vT-q8bc —-

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